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Vegetables first

Before we get to the ice cream it is only appropriate that we eat our vegetables first. My mother taught me well. While the color of this dish might be one that only Oscar the Grouch approves of don’t let the murky-brown hue taint your taste buds. This dish is rich and incredibly satisfying. The… Read more »

working on

If you follow me on Twitter then you may have read last week that I was testing some sorbets and ice creams with out the use of an ice cream maker. Well, friends… it can be done! Just look. I will be posting the recipe very soon. In the mean time I hear the cries… Read more »

How I cook.

With a fridge full of produce and a pantry loaded with the essentials (grains, oils, vinegars, salts & spices) I see limitless dinner possibilities. In my kitchen it is rare to find a cookbook propped open on the counter. There is no weekly meal planning, although I have tried that but I always revert back… Read more »

Asparagus 101

It’s here! Bu da da dom! Asparagus is the trumpet fanfare that precedes the progression of late Spring and Summer’s bounty. I welcome the tall and slender stalks with open arms and a hot grill. With so many ways to prepare the brilliant green spears … Shaved Asparagus Salad Crostini  with Asparagus Cream and Smoked… Read more »

Do good. Eat well.

In a rare moment of calm, while Roman (age 1) slept, I taught Baron the art of tasting chocolate. At three I figure it’s never to early to start discovering how to savor and tune in to one’s taste buds. Baron’s ears perked as my lips uttered the word chocolate. He is a self-proclaimed “chocolate… Read more »

Get Fresh

In our first years of marriage, Gabe and I soon realized that we ate a lot of fresh rolls. Every time we went out for Thai food, which was quite often, we would make sure to order a plate full of the rice wrapped bundles of fresh flavor. We thought it our mission to find… Read more »

an egg story

Once upon a time there was a fancy egg who was friends with that fancy egg. They didn’t really get along with these fancy eggs but they were cordial and made pithy egg conversation while sitting next to each other in the carton. The fancy eggs were happy with their beautiful marble coat but they… Read more »

Just hatched

Spring has officially arrived and it feels oh so heavenly. While it may have just turned Spring-ish outside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest it has been Spring in our kitchen for weeks. Each new season brings its own excitement. Rich Hot Chocolate in the Winter, loads of pumpkins and squash in the Fall and enough… Read more »

Shaky and Stirred


I jumped into the professional food scene feet first. Newly married and months away from graduating I was re-thinking the original plan. That June I graduated with a degree in Studio Arts and needed two quarters of student teaching to receive my Secondary Education Certification. Maybe it was the fact that as soon as I… Read more »

Dirty Carrots

Vegetables have been given a bad rap. Joan Jett may not give a damn about her bad reputation but vegetables deserve more than to be pushed to the side of the plate and fed to the dog. It is because of our mistreatment of them (and where we buy that from – but that’s another… Read more »

Welcome to Not Without Salt

“Where would we be without Salt?” – James Beard Salt has preserved when refrigeration was impossible. It has created and destroyed empires. Salt has “caused mass population shifts and exodus, attracted invaders and caused wars.” (wiki) It has been used as a way of removing bodily toxins and in the preservation of food, allowing early… Read more »

Storyville Coffee

At our house coffee is a morning ritual not to be messed with. We wake to the shouts of “Mommy, Daddy?!” and “waahhh mehhh mama” – which is baby for “Get me out of this cage, give me a bottle warmed to 99.4 degrees and change this extremely dirty diaper.” One of us tends to… Read more »

Drink Green!

What better way to celebrate then with a Grasshopper Milkshake?! (Not quite the same as the Shamrock Shake…. BETTER!) In a blender combine some mint chocolate chip ice cream (two cups), whole milk (1/2 cup) and creme de menthe (2 tbl.) Blend until smooth. Serve with a mint chocolate cookie. If you had more restraint… Read more »


First of all let me apologize for my delay. We are embarking on the exciting roller coaster ride that is selling and then consequently buying a home. My husband and I decided to move back to Seattle for numerous reasons (this being one just for starters). Our life is on hiatus at the moment as… Read more »

Add this to your collection…

Last night I stayed up far to late devouring Molly’s ( book, A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table. If you haven’t already ordered your copy, what are you waiting for? There are so many recipes that I can not wait to try. One in particular are the fruit-nut balls. Like Molly,… Read more »

Strong Cheese

I made this recipe all the way back in January and I can not believe that I have waited until now to post it. Do not let my dilly dallying rub off on you. Raid your cheese drawer and make this recipe a.s.a.p. Frugality is not something I excel in. Being a passionate foodie I… Read more »


For the past couple of days I have walked around with a spring step and my head in the clouds. The Times Online selected Artisan Sweets as one of the top 50 food blogs in the world. I am so incredibly honored to be in the midst of blogs that I have admired and gleaned… Read more »

Tasting Chocolate

Many people suggest that the first year of marriage is the hardest (I’ve also heard the seventh is a tough one – we’ll see about that) but I look on that year with great fondness. My husband and I made it our mission to try nearly every restaurant in Seattle. We kept a notebook about… Read more »

Chocolate Love

I know a lot of people who are sickened by Valentine’s day. They shrug it off as an attempt for the candy and card industry to make a few bucks. But for me, any excuse to eat chocolate and tell someone you love how much you love them and then to hear it in return… Read more »

the last chocolate chip cookie…

4701644904_c90309a748_b (1)

You better believe me when I tell you that you have just found the last Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe you will ever need. I know. I am not the first person to claim this weighty statement. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that this recipe was spreading as quickly as that nasty stomach virus… Read more »

In honor of Pie.

Happy PIE DAY!! I like pie. Which is quite evident by the amount of times I have talked about it here. In honor of the holiday I’ve compiled a list of my pie resources. Chocolate Pecan Pie My Favorite Crust Recipes Pie Science More Pie Pregnancy and Chocolate Cream Pie And still more Pumpkin Pie… Read more »

Corn Flakes and Cookies: An old recipe

My Great Aunt Abe loves to play Uno and evidently she loves to bake as well. Recently I went through some of my Aunt Abe’s things that were gathered from her home as she is now moving to assisted living. In the box of miscellaneous items I chose a set of hand stitched pillowcases that… Read more »

Toot toot.

I am so excited about the current issue of Seattle Metroplitan Bride and Groom that I just had to share with all of you. My little chocolates made lovely models. Photos taken by Angie Norwood Browne

Some thoughts on Peppermint Patties

Remember these little beauties I pointed you to? I finally made them. I am such a sucker for conventional products that I realize can be easily made myself. A few examples to make my point… I make my own laundry soap and dishwashing detergent. And of course you all remember the marshmallows and the kettle… Read more »

The Christmas Cookie that never was…

In all honesty this past week was one of the hardest weeks our little family has had. First I was sick and I am not talking about *cough* *cough* *sniffle* sick. It was more horrific than that, but I will spare you the details. Then poor little Baron came down with it. Gabe watched in… Read more »

Kettle Cooked

It is quite cold here these days. The kind of cold that manages to find its way into your bones so deep inside that the only cure is a long, scalding shower. It is gray too making everything outside a somber, monochromatic tone. I do enjoy this time of the year with all the excitement… Read more »

Roasted Grape Tart

Are you tired of hearing me talk about puff pastry yet? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Who could ever tire of the wonderfully flaky and butter filled pastry with its ability to create thousands of different culinary masterpieces? Today I bring you another use for puff. A recipe that is so simple while also being… Read more »