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Rendering Lard

Kitchen projects excite me. While many think I may be a bit “off my rocker” as they say, for driving an hour to a farm more than a little off the beaten path to pick up 10 pounds of pig fat, then coming home to render the fat – which in turn casts a pig… Read more »

Oven-Fried Onion Rings …

… and a killer pickled garlic scape tartar sauce – if I do say so myself. I’m not one to shy away from fried foods. What I do tend to avoid are large stinky messes. Fried foods are notorious for producing an enormous mess. The bubbly caldron of hot oil leaves a lingering smell which… Read more »

Greek Nachos


It happened about a month ago. It was a typical day – casually following Twitter – laughing at the wittiness of those whom I follow and clicking through the links that caught my attention. As it was quite some time ago I don’t remember the exact words that @bittman used to lure me in but… Read more »

Strawberry Balsamic Shave Ice

I have casually rolled my eyes and silently scoffed at the woes of fellow Seattle dwellers who have complained about the heat. I may not have joined in this pitty party before because I have been sitting comfortably in a cool-climate controlled basement while we are still in house-hunting/buying transition. But lately my compliance with… Read more »


Sometimes I take pictures with the intention of turning them into paintings. Sadly I haven’t produced a painting since my two little boys arrived but when I do get around to cracking the seal on the ol’ tubes of acrylic I have a mighty supply of subjects to chose from. My love for apricots began… Read more »

Hibiscus Marshmallows

I have been inundating the blog with sweets lately (well, at least my last post had bacon). I guess that is a testament as to what I have been eating lately. For example, currently I am sitting in bed with a large pan of brownies, a half pint of raspberries and a fork. It’s no… Read more »


Before we get to our regularly (or not-so regularly) scheduled blog post I have a few announcements and/or links that I thought you may enjoy. First of all in case you missed it and care to read it, the Times Online recently posted an interview with yours truly. Everything you ever wanted to know about… Read more »

Bacon Caramels

I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. My grandfather came to America at the age of 18 from the Netherlands. He spoke no English but was fully equipped with determination and charm as he managed to woo and marry my grandmother within his first year in the states. He is a brilliant and generous… Read more »

Summer Berry Salad

I grew up in raspberry country. Otherwise known as Western Washington. The fields were perfectly stacked with rows of raspberry bushes creating a dizzying pattern as I stared out the window of our old station wagon (complete with exterior wood paneling). Growing up around here it was expected that once you hit a certain age… Read more »

Golden Crunch Cake


Quite often I break one of the cardinal rules of parenting; “Never wake a sleeping baby.” After the often drawn out and complicated process of actually getting them to sleep – waking them would be so very wrong. Why would anyone do this?! Here is why I do it. Our youngest child came out of… Read more »

Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes are a thing of beauty. We haven’t known each other very long but I am already in love. We met last Summer. It was a beautiful day in June – a Tuesday actually. I always anticipated Tuesdays as a heaping box of fresh produce landed on my door step around noon every other… Read more »

Making Danish

I didn’t have children so that I could have a crew of sous chefs ready and waiting to assist me with the day’s menu or follow me around with a mop and broom cleaning up all my inevitable disasters. But as it turns out that is in fact one of the MANY perks of having… Read more »

A Picnic Primer

The sun is upon us in the Evergreen state – for now at least. For those of us who live in the lush green land of the Pacific Northwest you have to understand that sunshine is a big deal. When it’s out, we’re out – and that is one of the (many) reasons why I… Read more »

Food, Inc.

In a few short weeks a film is going to hit select theaters that has the potential to change the way so many of us look at our food. I couldn’t be more excited. In April I was invited by the director, Robert Kenner, to attend a screening of Food, Inc. in Los Angeles. I… Read more »

Rockin’ for a cause

Photo courtesy Gabriel Boone Photography Seattle folks – not only do we get killer farmer’s markets, lush green foliage and buses that can traverse both land and sea (actually I think a lot of towns have these but our Duck’s really know how to quack) but now we also have an incredible opportunity to drink… Read more »

Fresh Pea Soup

Hello again. I can only stay for a minute. I’m sorry but I am oh so tired. My husband, myself and many wonderful helping hands have been busy moving our entire life out of our home. Hopefully by the end of this week or the beginning of next all the i’s will be dotted and… Read more »

Ice Cream and Sorbet without a machine

Look at you. Being so patient. Really I’m not tease. The past 2 1/2 days have been consumed with the International Food Blogger’s Conference. It was both incredibly thrilling and exhausting. I’m sure I’ll be saying a bit more on that soon. But I just can’t bare to make you wait for your ice cream… Read more »

Vegetables first

Before we get to the ice cream it is only appropriate that we eat our vegetables first. My mother taught me well. While the color of this dish might be one that only Oscar the Grouch approves of don’t let the murky-brown hue taint your taste buds. This dish is rich and incredibly satisfying. The… Read more »

working on

If you follow me on Twitter then you may have read last week that I was testing some sorbets and ice creams with out the use of an ice cream maker. Well, friends… it can be done! Just look. I will be posting the recipe very soon. In the mean time I hear the cries… Read more »

How I cook.

With a fridge full of produce and a pantry loaded with the essentials (grains, oils, vinegars, salts & spices) I see limitless dinner possibilities. In my kitchen it is rare to find a cookbook propped open on the counter. There is no weekly meal planning, although I have tried that but I always revert back… Read more »

Asparagus 101

It’s here! Bu da da dom! Asparagus is the trumpet fanfare that precedes the progression of late Spring and Summer’s bounty. I welcome the tall and slender stalks with open arms and a hot grill. With so many ways to prepare the brilliant green spears … Shaved Asparagus Salad Crostini¬† with Asparagus Cream and Smoked… Read more »

Do good. Eat well.

In a rare moment of calm, while Roman (age 1) slept, I taught Baron the art of tasting chocolate. At three I figure it’s never to early to start discovering how to savor and tune in to one’s taste buds. Baron’s ears perked as my lips uttered the word chocolate. He is a self-proclaimed “chocolate… Read more »

Get Fresh

In our first years of marriage, Gabe and I soon realized that we ate a lot of fresh rolls. Every time we went out for Thai food, which was quite often, we would make sure to order a plate full of the rice wrapped bundles of fresh flavor. We thought it our mission to find… Read more »

an egg story

Once upon a time there was a fancy egg who was friends with that fancy egg. They didn’t really get along with these fancy eggs but they were cordial and made pithy egg conversation while sitting next to each other in the carton. The fancy eggs were happy with their beautiful marble coat but they… Read more »

Just hatched

Spring has officially arrived and it feels oh so heavenly. While it may have just turned Spring-ish outside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest it has been Spring in our kitchen for weeks. Each new season brings its own excitement. Rich Hot Chocolate in the Winter, loads of pumpkins and squash in the Fall and enough… Read more »

Shaky and Stirred


I jumped into the professional food scene feet first. Newly married and months away from graduating I was re-thinking the original plan. That June I graduated with a degree in Studio Arts and needed two quarters of student teaching to receive my Secondary Education Certification. Maybe it was the fact that as soon as I… Read more »

Dirty Carrots

Vegetables have been given a bad rap. Joan Jett may not give a damn about her bad reputation but vegetables deserve more than to be pushed to the side of the plate and fed to the dog. It is because of our mistreatment of them (and where we buy that from – but that’s another… Read more »

Welcome to Not Without Salt

“Where would we be without Salt?” – James Beard Salt has preserved when refrigeration was impossible. It has created and destroyed empires. Salt has “caused mass population shifts and exodus, attracted invaders and caused wars.” (wiki) It has been used as a way of removing bodily toxins and in the preservation of food, allowing early… Read more »