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His Snickerdoodles

Gabe’s in the kitchen baking. Let me just say that again. Gabe. My Gabe. My sweet husband, is in the kitchen baking. While I sit on the couch doing absolutely nothing except letting my mind shut-off and unwind from a rambunctious, albeit, typical day. You see, my husband doesn’t do a lot of baking, let… Read more »

Toasted flour shortbread

If you’ve taken a class from me or you are my husband, you have heard me say “color equals flavor”. It is my anthem. I will sing it from the rooftops. I really should get t-shirts made. For this very reason my puff pastry teeters on the edge of burnt as I adore the golden… Read more »

Hoping for chocolate

I had plans to bring you chocolate today. It is Valentine’s day after all. I have plenty of ideas as to what I was going to make you but when it comes right down to it I would rather someone else make it for me today. Of course you all know how much I love… Read more »

little ones

I have three children – still getting used to that. Of course I love them all so dearly but I love them differently. Each child is an individual, different from one another, interpreting and interacting with the world uniquely. Baron is creative. Sensitive and tender. A raised voice causes him to crumble, a gentle touch… Read more »

how I valentine

The thrill of Valentine’s day in elementary school was enough to make me melt into a puddle of candy hearts. I would rip into my store-bought Valentine cards plastered with the faces of Jem, Rainbow, and Strawberry Shortcake on them. Eagerly reading the words from my classmates I would consequently read into the words from… Read more »

dating my husband


We got engaged in Rome. I had been living in Italy for 5 months when Gabe flew in to meet me in Rome for the weekend. I knew the ring was coming. Maybe it was because I had designed it before I left for Italy to study art history or maybe it was because the… Read more »

that’s me, next to cat cora

I feel like I should have my mom write this post. She does a much better job of talking about me than I do. So I won’t say much but she would be quite upset if I didn’t share this with you all. See that little photo of the blond with the glasses? That’s me…. Read more »

Maple Bacon Party Mix


Isn’t there some sort of sporting event this weekend? I’m pretty sure there is and it’s a big one. I kid. Of course I know it’s the Superbowl. I watch it every year. Wait. Scratch that. I watch the commercials every year. I eat all the delicious and bad-for-me party food while the game is… Read more »

Simple home coffee roasting

You may remember we like our coffee around here. Here, here, here, and here. I know, how cliche. Seattlites who like coffee. But I might even say that we out-Seattle many Seattlites. Since we last spoke about coffee we’ve added two more brewing systems to our collection. I believe we are now at seven. Stepping… Read more »

how to be not without salt

It seems an utter shame that so many restaurants continue to utilize table salt as the means by which we diners salt our food. Maybe their hope is that the food is perfectly seasoned when it lands in front of you. And quite often it is. There are times, however, when I find myself in… Read more »

Dating My Husband


Growing up Gabe was tagged as “the picky eater,” often refusing to try new things. If it even resembled a tomato he wouldn’t go near it – unless it was salsa. For some reason salsa tomatoes are acceptable. Our first fight as a young, dating couple revolved around his eating habits. I approached him feeling… Read more »

chicken chili

I don’t eat healthy unless it first and foremost tastes great. I will not choke down dry bread just because it’s laden with nuts, seeds and whole grains. I refuse to gulp a green smoothie that tastes more of compost than fresh fruit. Maybe in the past I would have but I’ve tasted too much… Read more »

what a difference a year makes

It was January and cold. Washington can get frigid too but New York had a bitter chill that made my entire body feel as if it was experiencing the effects of brain freeze. My body was also experiencing the effects of being 6 weeks pregnant. I was tired, nauseated and freezing but I was in… Read more »


I love new starts. My mind reels with possibilities of what to do, what to accomplish and how to make that happen. I’ve always been a big dreamer. I adore and loathe this about me. I’m very rarely content as I am always striving for something new but my life is also far from boring… Read more »

Homemade truffles


Tradition tells us to leave Santa a tall glass of milk with a heaping plate of cookies. While there is nothing wrong with cookies I just have to wonder if maybe Santa is bored. I can’t help but think that he rolls his eyes while reluctantly reaching for yet another chocolate chip cookie leaving only… Read more »

quick puff pastry


You all must know by now how much I love butter. Particularly in its puff pastry form. I’ve written about quick puff pastry before but as often as I make this recipe I thought it deserved another spot on the blog – a more in depth tutorial-like spot. Making classic puff pastry should be on… Read more »

Dating My Husband

photo by James Moes If you needed a restaurant recommendation in Seattle my husband and I were the ones to ask. After we were married, nearly every Friday night we would have “date night”. For days in advance I’d scour magazines, the Internet and newspapers trying to decide which restaurant to try. We never went… Read more »

Sweet and Savory spiced nuts


Life requires balance. Long days of work insist on subsequent days off to re-energize and inspire. Non-fiction reading and classic literature demand the occasional trashy romance novel thrown into the reading mix once in awhile. And most importantly when the sugar intake is high – as is often the case during this season – then… Read more »

Snow Day

See snowball. See snowball hit child. This is how we’ve been spending our Thanksgiving week. Snow ball fights, a continues pot of apple cider bubbling on the stove ready to sluff off the chill and a immense amount of gratitude for having a warm home. Right now I’m making the last additions to my grocery… Read more »

Roasted Red Onions

Something’s missing. I mean sure you have the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes but still something’s missing. Don’t worry though, I’ve got you covered. What’s missing is a large platter of sweet and tangy caramelized onions. Your plate is screaming for the addition of roasted red onions with a bright gremolata… Read more »


Yes that’s me in the middle holding up my freshly plucked duck. See that smile? I’m quite proud of myself. On that day I killed my dinner. It’s hard to say that without sounding sadistic especially paired with that huge smile sprawled across my face. It was Duckfest that led me to my first experience… Read more »

Gluten-Free Chocolate Biscotti

I was both honored and slightly frightened when Shauna (Gluten-Free Girl) asked me to bake a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving recipe. I’ve made a few gluten-free items before but they were completely flour-free. This time I wanted to challenge myself and have fun playing with completely new-to-me flours. I love a good challenge. Now I understand that… Read more »

“it tastes like Almond Roca” candy

I will be attending three Thanksgiving dinners this year. I will be wearing stretchy pants at each meal (and probably a cute little dress to cover up the fact that I’m wearing stretchy pants). It may surprise you to know that I don’t do a lot of cooking on Thanksgiving. It’s not that I don’t… Read more »

Rough week, Great books

I’m not going to lie. This past week has been very difficult. Like so many of us do, I tried to be the woman who could do it all; maintain a fairly clean home, keep the laundry pile at a level that wouldn’t swallow up one of the children if they happen to fall in… Read more »

Pumpkin Rice Pudding

No one was more happy to smell the scent of cinnamon wafting up from a steaming sauce pan than my oldest brother. Peering over my mom’s shoulder he would stop for a moment to watch the rice dance about in the bubbling milk. For us it was milk rice and it was dinner. I liked… Read more »

Honey Roasted Peanut Butter

Our little family of five has nearly wiped out an entire orchard of Honeycrisp apples this season. There is rarely a Fall day that passes without me returning to the kitchen several times to cut up more. And while the naked slice of a Honeycrisp is the perfect snack – sweet, tangy, floral and crisp… Read more »

Homemade Twix Bars


If you don’t want gaggles of children beating down your door on Halloween night then look no further. If you’d rather not be the most popular house on the block then continue on your Internet search. If you aren’t a fan of a cookie crust so tender it shatters in your mouth, or a creamy… Read more »