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Roasted broccoli hummus

It appears to me that if you were to scan through my blog you might think I eat one of three things on any given day. 1. Sugar. 2. Fried foods. 3. Liquor. You are most likely right and perhaps if it has been a rough day, all three. While I do probably eat more… Read more »

Rhubarb iced tea

(photo by my husband, gabe) She’s on the move. My little girl, at 7 months is crawling, chewing on cables, pulling herself up and putting every little crumb and Lego into her mouth. It’s a constant eyes-on-Ivy phase. Good thing she is so darn adorable. Remember last year? There was rhubarb and there were my… Read more »


I love getting questions from you people. It reminds me you’re there and you are listening. Some of you reading may be asking yourself, “Wha?! I asked her a question months ago and she never responded.” It’s true. I’m sorry. In the jungle of my inbox I have been known to let a few emails… Read more »

banh mi with pork meatballs

A mere 30 minutes north of our cozy home there is a little shop in a little strip mall in a fairly little town. In this shop they make and sell one of the best sandwiches in and around Seattle. You can be the proud owner of said sandwich for around $3.00. It’s Banh Mi…. Read more »

Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs

Last week I had my first taste of rhubarb and asparagus. For me those two tastes symbolize Spring more than the presence of Tulips or the gentle warmth of sun (still waiting for that). The tangy tart bite of rhubarb combined with a buttery shortbread crust and cool whipped cream. The bitter taste of a… Read more »

Simple Spaghetti with tomato sauce

I like simple things. I even like the word. It is in and of itself simple. Two syllables easily rolling off your tongue and landing into an ear of one who immediately sighs relief. Simple is comforting, reassuring, and hard to achieve. Naturally I am not a simple person. I’m complex; full of nooks and… Read more »

road trip – portland

Day 1. Heart Day 2. Barista Day 3. Coava Don’t get me wrong, I love Seattle. We have so many wonderful things to toot a horn about. I mean afterall we are the birthplace of coffee. Kind of. But Portland has stepped up their coffee game – as you may have noticed with these last… Read more »

Road Trip – Portland

This is day two of our coffee field trip in Portland. First stop was Heart Coffee Roasters. Next stop Barista. Classic gray, rainy day in Portland. Perfect for coffee. It was 9 am so I decided to stick with the coffee. Look at those two. She wants the Ethiopian beans but he is trying to… Read more »

Road Trip – Portland

Our taste buds determine the route and this time they were screaming for coffee. Portland has become a mecca for good tastes and lucky for us it is only a few hours away by car. Timed perfectly those three hours could be a pleasant, stop-less drive, giving Gabe and I plenty of time to talk… Read more »

Focaccia with red sauce

When life is unsteady and a sudden thrust of unsettling news unexpectedly hits I am faced with the uncomfortable reality that life is fragile. A smile from my sweet baby becomes more precious, the happy shrieks from the boys makes me joyful rather than annoyed, and the popcorn kernels littering my floor continue to reside… Read more »

Coffee Pudding

What’s better than coffee – black as sin with brushes of hot steam tickling your nose and teasing you with its black currant and tobacco notes before your lips ever touch the edge of your favorite mug? Not much. May I dare suggest a slightly thickened version of your favorite beverage that rivals a hot… Read more »

Fried Penne

Leave it to Martha and her people to come up with the idea of frying pasta. (It’s quite possible they weren’t the first ones to add pasta to hot oil but it was their site where I first saw it which is why I am giving them credit). Seriously, genius. Pasta=good. Frying=good. Pasta+frying= double good… Read more »

Homemade Rainbow Chip Cake


It’s become tradition. Each year for Gabe’s birthday I make him a boxed cake. Rainbow chip. It’s his favorite. A couple years ago I made the horrible mistake of buying Funfetti. Not the same. The following year we went to several different grocery stores until we found Rainbow Chip. Well worth the effort. The lure… Read more »

His Snickerdoodles

Gabe’s in the kitchen baking. Let me just say that again. Gabe. My Gabe. My sweet husband, is in the kitchen baking. While I sit on the couch doing absolutely nothing except letting my mind shut-off and unwind from a rambunctious, albeit, typical day. You see, my husband doesn’t do a lot of baking, let… Read more »

Toasted flour shortbread

If you’ve taken a class from me or you are my husband, you have heard me say “color equals flavor”. It is my anthem. I will sing it from the rooftops. I really should get t-shirts made. For this very reason my puff pastry teeters on the edge of burnt as I adore the golden… Read more »

Hoping for chocolate

I had plans to bring you chocolate today. It is Valentine’s day after all. I have plenty of ideas as to what I was going to make you but when it comes right down to it I would rather someone else make it for me today. Of course you all know how much I love… Read more »

little ones

I have three children – still getting used to that. Of course I love them all so dearly but I love them differently. Each child is an individual, different from one another, interpreting and interacting with the world uniquely. Baron is creative. Sensitive and tender. A raised voice causes him to crumble, a gentle touch… Read more »

how I valentine

The thrill of Valentine’s day in elementary school was enough to make me melt into a puddle of candy hearts. I would rip into my store-bought Valentine cards plastered with the faces of Jem, Rainbow, and Strawberry Shortcake on them. Eagerly reading the words from my classmates I would consequently read into the words from… Read more »

dating my husband


We got engaged in Rome. I had been living in Italy for 5 months when Gabe flew in to meet me in Rome for the weekend. I knew the ring was coming. Maybe it was because I had designed it before I left for Italy to study art history or maybe it was because the… Read more »

that’s me, next to cat cora

I feel like I should have my mom write this post. She does a much better job of talking about me than I do. So I won’t say much but she would be quite upset if I didn’t share this with you all. See that little photo of the blond with the glasses? That’s me…. Read more »

Maple Bacon Party Mix


Isn’t there some sort of sporting event this weekend? I’m pretty sure there is and it’s a big one. I kid. Of course I know it’s the Superbowl. I watch it every year. Wait. Scratch that. I watch the commercials every year. I eat all the delicious and bad-for-me party food while the game is… Read more »

Simple home coffee roasting

You may remember we like our coffee around here. Here, here, here, and here. I know, how cliche. Seattlites who like coffee. But I might even say that we out-Seattle many Seattlites. Since we last spoke about coffee we’ve added two more brewing systems to our collection. I believe we are now at seven. Stepping… Read more »

how to be not without salt

It seems an utter shame that so many restaurants continue to utilize table salt as the means by which we diners salt our food. Maybe their hope is that the food is perfectly seasoned when it lands in front of you. And quite often it is. There are times, however, when I find myself in… Read more »

Dating My Husband


Growing up Gabe was tagged as “the picky eater,” often refusing to try new things. If it even resembled a tomato he wouldn’t go near it – unless it was salsa. For some reason salsa tomatoes are acceptable. Our first fight as a young, dating couple revolved around his eating habits. I approached him feeling… Read more »

chicken chili

I don’t eat healthy unless it first and foremost tastes great. I will not choke down dry bread just because it’s laden with nuts, seeds and whole grains. I refuse to gulp a green smoothie that tastes more of compost than fresh fruit. Maybe in the past I would have but I’ve tasted too much… Read more »

what a difference a year makes

It was January and cold. Washington can get frigid too but New York had a bitter chill that made my entire body feel as if it was experiencing the effects of brain freeze. My body was also experiencing the effects of being 6 weeks pregnant. I was tired, nauseated and freezing but I was in… Read more »


I love new starts. My mind reels with possibilities of what to do, what to accomplish and how to make that happen. I’ve always been a big dreamer. I adore and loathe this about me. I’m very rarely content as I am always striving for something new but my life is also far from boring… Read more »