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A Return

This week was the first time I returned to the kitchen since Ivy was born. Today she is one month old. Before you call the authorities let me assure you that I did not let my family starve for the past month. Night after night we have been blessed with food from our dear family… Read more »

Sister baby is here!

I don’t remember exactly when Baron started referring to our little bun in the oven as sister baby but it stuck and now that she is finally here I get a huge grin every time the boys see her and say, “hi sister baby”. They then proceed to give her a hug and a kiss… Read more »

Pancakes With Blueberry Butter

Pancakes have a way of making mornings feel special. One can’t help but smile as they bite into a pile of fluffy, pillow-like cakes that are made moist with a bath of syrup. Around here we have pancakes quite often. I guess we like our mornings to feel special. Or I just love how excited… Read more »

Homemade Potato Chips


In a recent cooking class I taught we made homemade potato chips. We then sprinkled said chips with a spice mix composed of fennel seeds, coriander, fennel pollen and salt and pepper. Since that class I can’t stop making these chips. Please, help me stop making these chips. They are light and airy, fried to… Read more »


Although I’ve let this place go quiet I wanted to let you know about a few things I’ve been working on that are floating around the internet. First let me introduce you to one of my favorite Summer treats. Coffee Granita. You’ll find the recipe on (in fact you can find several of my… Read more »

Some baby clothes

I promise more food to come soon. This week is a flurry of testing recipes for various articles, classes, etc. There will be plenty of food to share. But I wanted to bring you something while I had a moment to spend with you. So please indulge me while I show you that I’m learning… Read more »

Recycled Crayons

There’s nothing better than taking something that’s old, haggard and about to end up in the garbage and making it new and exciting all over again. Especially if the project involves crayons! The other day my boys and I were feeling a little crafty. I have also been feeling a little bit of the nesting… Read more »

Chocolate Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting

I recently received an email from a sad baker. She was attempting to make buttercream in the midst of a rather hot day. Her kitchen was nearing 80* leaving the butter a melty mess. Oh how I’ve been there. In my wedding cake making days I would constantly worry about dripping buttercream on hot days…. Read more »

Zucchini Whoopie Pies

The bags are mostly packed, the food is prepped and I have enough sewing projects and reading material to keep me busy for the next month – all of this can only mean one thing… it’s VACATION time! There will be toes dipped into the ocean, sand found in every nook and cranny and plenty… Read more »

Quick Pickled Red Onions


Quick. It’s not too late. In fact, don’t rush – you still have time – this recipe is fast and easy. I am having such a hard time believing that 4th of July is this weekend already. Excuse me one moment – MY BABY GIRL IS GOING TO BE HERE SO SOON! WAHHOOOEEE!! Okay thanks…. Read more »

The Newlywed Kitchen Potluck

So I have a great idea for a Summer – or anytime – party. Step 1. Pick a cookbook. Step 2. Invite fellow food-loving folk. Step 3. Tell invitees to prepare one recipe from the book of choice. Step 4. Set out dishes. Step 5. EAT! I can’t take credit for this brilliant idea which… Read more »

Chocolate Chip Cookies Revisited

4701644904_c90309a748_b (1)

Alone in the fridge there sat a roll of freshly made chocolate chip cookie dough. It meant to join us for the weekend as the husband and I were enjoying a quiet weekend away, otherwise known as our babymoon. For those of you unfamiliar with this odd term let me explain – it’s a last… Read more »

A quilt in shades of pink

It has taken me a long time to embrace the role of wife/mother/homemaker. I have a few other jobs too such as writing this blog and teaching many of you lovely people how to be more confident bakers,  but my primary responsibility is taking care of my family and our home. It is how I… Read more »

Mint, basil, cucumber & lime fizz

Here is my plan for the Summer – me, comfortable chair, kiddie pool, feet dangling, kids content, green grass, flourishing garden, sitting, big pregnant belly and an endless pitcher of this mint, basil, cucumber and lime fizz. So basically what we have here is a variation of a virgin mojito – if you aren’t growing… Read more »

Perfect Pizza at home

With Delancey (incredible pizza restaurant with famed owners Brandon and Molly – of Orangette) right around the corner from us it seems so silly to even bother making pizza at home. Call me silly. Whenever a challenge presents itself, such as creating crispy, chewy crusted pizza at home, I take it head on and am… Read more »

How to Shuck an Oyster

I was asked to photograph oysters. Typically I photograph food that I eagerly speed through the photo making process so I can eat my subject. This shoot was different. I’m not much of an oyster fan. I’ve tried and am continuing to try – although I give myself a free pass when I’m pregnant. I… Read more »

Quinoa : the perfect picnic grain

Picnic season is upon us and for this I couldn’t be more excited. So excited in fact that the first day we had legitimate sunshine around here I got a sunburn. The gentle burn on my skin still causes me to smile and dream about all the days of laying on the grass and the… Read more »

New Summer Classes Added!

We are so excited about our June classes, featuring CAKES and MEXICAN FOOD, two of our favorite things! Email to reserve your spot! *A second cake class has been added! We will be having a “Cake Walk” on June 9th as well for those of you who didn’t get in to the class on… Read more »

Vanilla Salt : a homemade gift


Mother’s Day is approaching rapidly and while I’ve already unwrapped my present in the form of two beautiful and large vegetable beds that my sweet husband made for me, I have the perfect handmade gift for the mother who likes to spice things up in the kitchen. Vanilla Salt. It’s unique, incredibly easy to make… Read more »

Baguettes at Home


The other night we sat down to a dinner that was so simple it went from in my head to on the table in under 15 minutes. So I couldn’t help but laugh when my husband commented, “this is my favorite dinner in a long time.” – or something to that effect. He fumbled his… Read more »

Rhubarb Ice Cream with Oatmeal Shortbread

It was Monday afternoon and I was pacing my living room. My dear friend and cooking class partner, Julie, arrived to watch our boys while my husband and I headed off to the 20 week ultrasound. Those of you who have been down this road before know that this is probably the best appointment there… Read more »

Market Finds

Sunny and 65* in Seattle demanded a trip to Pike Place Market. We relished the morning as we played tourist in our own city. We each had our own mission. I was determined to pick up some vital ingredients to appease some pregnancy cravings – butter, goat cheese and chocolate cake. At DeLaurenti I found… Read more »

Chocolate chip Banana Bread


Grandma always goes overboard at Christmas. With 14 grandchildren and by now I’ve completely lost tract of the number of great-grandchildren – just this year there will be three new babies (ours included), yet she blesses us abundantly. But no Christmas bag is complete without a fresh baked loaf of Grandma’s banana bread. This year… Read more »

always in bloom

In Seattle we had nearly two weeks where the sun tempted us with Spring. Green buds emerged, soft pink cherry blossoms covered the bare branches and in the anticipation of our Summer garden we covered our window sills with starts soon to be planted in the rich soil. Now the rain has returned and continues… Read more »

I’m back. Well, almost.

I knew I liked all of you but after all those kind words of congrats and encouragement over the exciting news of our family expansion – well, now I know you folks are the best there are and I like you A LOT. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. These have been… Read more »

Why I’ve stayed away from food

I have some explaining to do. It’s happened a few times in my blogging career where I seem to just slip off into an unknown void. Without an explanation my words, pictures and food cease to exist in cyberspace. And I hate coming back here apologizing to you kind people for my absence because you… Read more »

New Classes added

I may not be updating the blog regularly but I did just update my classes page! Check it out and sign up. If you happen to be in the Bellingham area I’m teaching a class near you tomorrow (Wednesday 2/10) and there is still space. Thanks all. I will be back to my regular posting… Read more »