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Brussels sprouts with white beans and pecorino


It’s really a shame that Brussels sprouts have had such a bad reputation. I regretfully admit that I myself have spent the majority of my life pulling up my nose in disgust at the mear mention of them. I blame the steam bath my Brussels of the past received before ending up on my plate… Read more »

Dinner in Fifteen


I can’t stop thinking about the article, The Life Reports II, that I recently read in the NY Times. (Thanks, Kasey for pointing me there). It really has nothing to do with this sandwich but we’ll get there. In the article the author asked people over the age of 70 to write on the things… Read more »

Preserved lemons: to give or keep


Chicken tagine with preserved lemons and olives prepared at a cooking class at the Atlas Kasbah near Agadir. It always seems to catch me by surprise. Before I realize it we have managed to find ourselves in the midst of the holiday season with tasks of getting a Christmas tree, wrapping presents and baking cookies… Read more »

Day 3 and thanks


The coastal town of Essaouira. Famous for kite and wind surfing. One of my favorite stops on the trip with rich history, stunning beaches, vivid culture and friendly camels. I’m thankful for the experience of a new culture. For the reminder to maintain simplicity in order for life to be most fully lived. I’m thankful… Read more »

Dating My Husband: How To


An in home date is not equal to that of one usually including fancy shoes (or shoes at all) and red lipstick. There is something about leaving the house and all the responsibilities tied to it that frees you up to talk about the things in life that extend a bit deeper than normal dinner… Read more »

Argan Oil


A herd of goats eager to climb the branches of the argan tree The room opens to reveal a half dozen women sitting around its edges using colorful carpets and blankets to soften the blue and white check floor on which they sit. Their ragged hands move in a way that informs that they have… Read more »

Morocco, Day 2


Mazagan Beach Resort When I first came to Morocco I expected this to be an incredible opportunity for me to be able to say that I came. I didn’t have plans to return and didn’t expect to make any. By day three I was plotting my next visit – where to take the kids and… Read more »

Morocco, day 1


The door on my balcony sits wide open allowing the cool, unfamiliar breeze to come in and out of my hotel room as it pleases. Outside I hear the large waves crashing and lapping on the shore and that same breeze rustling the leaves of the palm trees that line the paths. Next to me… Read more »

Nutmeg pot de creme


In so many ways I’m like a child. The very things that cause me to raise my voice or think less-than-pleasant thoughts toward them, I myself do. Sleeping in past 7:00 am, using a fork, sitting still for longer than thirty seconds, managing to keep a straight face while saying the word “underwear” – these… Read more »

Random Acts of Cookies – revisited


It’s happened several times since that day I decided to bake my way out of self-pity. Things happen, or they don’t, and suddenly I’m swimming in thoughts of doubt and self-loathing. Such a completely unnecessary and useless place to be. Rather than take residence in that spot I reach for the butter. The process is… Read more »

Dinner in 15


If you’re like me, chances are it’s 15 minutes until dinner and you are scouring the Internet hoping to find inspiration. And like me, your probably getting distracted with things like Pinterest, Twitter, and three little children who are on the verge of a complete and total breakdown caused by hanger (pronounced: hane-ger – It’s… Read more »

Roasted apples


The first taste of apple when its season hits is almost as paramount as a first kiss. There is a longing that builds throughout the Spring and Summer months and, in my opinion, there is no better taste than that first one. It’s a ritual that merits the suspension of time. This year it was… Read more »

Tomato Pesto


Sometimes you need a segue. Not one of those vertical scooter-like vehicles that automatically prompts a chuckle with visions of Paul Blart or Gob awkwardly motoring along (I apologize if you have not seen Mall Cop or Arrested Development. I also apologize for admitting that I have). A segue that gracefully closes the door on one thing while getting… Read more »

Making salt


You may have guessed by the title of this blog that I have a thing for salt. Resting on a little ledge in the kitchen, always within arms reach, are at least three different salt varieties. In the inside pocket of my purse I carry with me a small container that contains a modest amount… Read more »

Fall’s sandwich


So this is the first week of homeschooling for us. There is still a part of me that can’t believe I just typed that. Never would I have thought homeschooling would feel like the best option for our family. To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t wait until our kids were school age. FINALLY I could… Read more »

a place for leftovers


If you could see the inside of my fridge right now you’d be horrified. I am not naturally an organized person. Having three kids has forced me to improve on my organization skills but the fridge is still one area in which I need great improvement. There are random jars of pickled peppers, capers, and… Read more »

Video: Gradient Cake


I couldn’t decide on the perfect cake to celebrate my little girl turning one. So I did what any normal person would do – I made three cakes. It’s possible I regretted this decision as I frantically frosted while the list of things yet to do grew longer and longer as time went on. But… Read more »

Film Friday: Polaroid Edition


Film is back this week but something’s different. Instead of the usual Canon A1 I’ve been playing with a Polaroid Land Camera that my parent’s found at a flea market in Pasadena for a mere $10. I’m in love. There is something so exciting and satisfying to press the trigger than moments later be able… Read more »

Cardamom Honey Caramel Pears


or apples. Apparently it hit me. Last week I was urging Summer to stay and for the cool days of Fall to be a distant reality.  Then I started to see Gravensteins pop up along country roads in farm stands that are only attended by a black box with the words, “honor system” painted on… Read more »

she’s one + a giveaway


Contest closed. The winner was selected via Comment #47, Alanna! Congratulations. Thanks for entering. This was fun. Let’s do it again sometime. She came into our lives a year ago today. Because of her there has been more pink, more ruffles, more rosy cheeked dolls, more kisses, more love, and more joy. Because of… Read more »

Film Friday: So long, Summer


It’s Friday, which in most cases means I post some recent images I’ve taken on film. Here are other Film Fridays to peruse at your leisure. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. All images were shot using Kodak Portra 400 using a Canon A1 50mm 1.4. I really hesitated to put that title… Read more »

Nigel’s Yogurt Brulee


My preference is for pie in the morning. A deep dish loaded with seasonal fruit lightly sweetened with sugar wrapped in a buttery crust – a perfectly balanced meal I’d say. I often wake up with the first thought of the morning leaning towards pastries. At home scones are practically a sixth member of the… Read more »

Film Friday: in his garden


It’s Friday, which in most cases means I post some recent images I’ve taken on film. Here are other Film Fridays to peruse at your leisure. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. All images were shot using Kodak Portra 400 using a Canon A1 50mm 1.4. “To find the universal elements enough; to… Read more »

(mostly) Film Friday


It’s Friday, which in most cases means I post some recent images I’ve taken on film. Here are a few other Film Fridays to peruse at your leisure. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. All images were shot using Kodak Portra 400 using a Canon A1 50mm 1.4. Digital images at the bottom of… Read more »

Dating My Husband: Peanut Butter Pie


It had been on the calendar for over a week but in an instant this date night felt particularly important. Last Sunday a dear blog friend lost her husband. One moment he was a husband and father to two sweet, young girls and then suddenly he was gone. Hearing this news took my breath away…. Read more »

Homemade Mascarpone and broiled peaches


More time has passed than I had planned when I made a passing promise to give you a lesson in homemade Mascarpone. We used it together when making this Asparagus Tart. And if you had been holding out on that tart until the publication of this post , I am so very sorry. Because now… Read more »

Behind the scenes

photo by gabe Did I ever tell you about the time I filmed a TV commercial?! I had been keeping it a little secret but now it’s time as at any moment you may be seeing my face plastered over your tv, if you haven’t already. I wanted to give you a glimpse of what… Read more »