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Yeasted Buckwheat Pancakes


Even though they had sat in a hotel warmer for longer than I had been awake those little Dutch pancakes or Pannenkoeken (trying saying it, it’s quite fun) were something special. Lightly sweet and airy in an unfamiliar way. Usually I hail pancakes for their fluffiness, these are not fluffy at all, rather they delightfully… Read more »

Bruges, Belgium


  Less than 24 hours in Bruges, Belgium – what do you do? Eat as much as you possibly can, of course! My Bruges (don’t ask me how to pronounce it, I practiced for a week which evoked many laughs and odd hacking noises) to-do list was as follows: 1. Drink a Belgian beer 2…. Read more »



I’m home. I may not be for long but it feels good to be here. So much to process from this trip, as is the case with any trip, but this one in particular felt different from any other. My dad summed it up pretty accurately as he reflected on his last trip to the Netherlands,… Read more »

Dinner in 15: Harissa Chickpeas with spinach


My bags sit empty, the cameras are not packed, and I have yet to secure the final book reading list. But before I head off to the Netherlands for a week I wanted to say a quick hello and goodbye. It didn’t seem right to keep these chickpeas from you any longer and I didn’t… Read more »

Dinner in 15: a lighter caesar


It’s a rare move when I swap out ingredients in order to preserve calories. My philosophy, after years of learning through mistakes, has become quality over quantity. It’s actually become somewhat of a motto for my husband and myself becoming a daily practice in the kitchen and beyond (I find it particularly helpful in the… Read more »

Dating My Husband


If I could to speak to myself on the day of my wedding over eight years ago, this is what I would say… I understand you’re a bit scared. You’re young and you are about to make a decision that will affect the rest of your life. You think it’s the right choice, you think… Read more »

Caramel Walnut Tart


*that is not my kitchen in the video. I wish it was, however. Before saying hi to the cows casually grazing in the field, or giving the ponies much attention, before gathering a few garden scraps for the sake of making the chickens happy or giving much of a hello to my parents, I headed… Read more »

Reliving the details: Morocco


Atlas Kasbah, Agadir Anticipating what is said to be one of the worst snow storms that Seattle has seen in decades I find myself sitting on the couch, waiting for the snow with a beer in hand and falling deeply back into the images from Morocco. I have so much more to share with you… Read more »

Jalapeno and lime marinated kale tostada


I really just want you to have this. I could make you wait another day until I can successfully start AND finish this post with a tale or a thought that might actually make sense OR I could let you have it now. And I really just think you need this as soon as possible…. Read more »

grapefruit salad with sweet milk granita


In the weeks leading up to my trip to Morocco it was the tagines and fragrant spices that I anticipated. Thoughts of fatty, braised chunks of lamb studded with apricots and warming harissa made the days before I left move at a pace that would make a snail appear as a sprinter. As one can… Read more »

Goodbye 2011


For the first time in my life I’ve kept a journal. I have repeatedly tried and with great excitement I would carefully select a fabric bound notebook with hundreds of blank pages and infinite possibilities. I dreamed of the words that would fill those pages with images of an older me reflecting on the memories… Read more »

Cocoa Nib Coffee Cake


The stockings are nearly full, the gifts are either wrapped or en route to our home, and countless cups of cocoa have been consumed. There has been Christmas music playing for weeks, opening of advent doors, and readings of a humble birth. We’ve seen lights, reindeer, a Space Needle all lit up, and a camel… Read more »

Maple Hot Cocoa


The cookies, cakes, candies and chocolate barks are fine indeed. The crusted roasts still pink and tender inside cozied up to potatoes layered with cheese and bathed in cream satisfy deeply. I will never deny a leftover piece of gently spiced pie for breakfast – pumpkin is a vegetable after all, but the holidays offer… Read more »

Roasted potatoes with minted spinach pesto


Today is the kind of day where chocolate tastes sweeter, silence feels more poignant, and laughter makes me ache with even more joy. Today is the sort where the mess can wait, craft projects pile on top of one another, layered with empty cups of hot cocoa and sticky fingerprints. It’s the kind of day… Read more »

Fresh Mint Hot Chocolate


Our days are filled this time of year. So much extra activity and traditions to cross off the list I’m finding myself more than ever longing for days that extend to 36 hours rather than 24. I’m not complaining one bit. When the activities include; Eating, Christmas tree acquiring, cookie decorating, eating, hot chocolate drinking,… Read more »

Brussels sprouts with white beans and pecorino


It’s really a shame that Brussels sprouts have had such a bad reputation. I regretfully admit that I myself have spent the majority of my life pulling up my nose in disgust at the mear mention of them. I blame the steam bath my Brussels of the past received before ending up on my plate… Read more »

Dinner in Fifteen


I can’t stop thinking about the article, The Life Reports II, that I recently read in the NY Times. (Thanks, Kasey for pointing me there). It really has nothing to do with this sandwich but we’ll get there. In the article the author asked people over the age of 70 to write on the things… Read more »

Preserved lemons: to give or keep


Chicken tagine with preserved lemons and olives prepared at a cooking class at the Atlas Kasbah near Agadir. It always seems to catch me by surprise. Before I realize it we have managed to find ourselves in the midst of the holiday season with tasks of getting a Christmas tree, wrapping presents and baking cookies… Read more »

Day 3 and thanks


The coastal town of Essaouira. Famous for kite and wind surfing. One of my favorite stops on the trip with rich history, stunning beaches, vivid culture and friendly camels. I’m thankful for the experience of a new culture. For the reminder to maintain simplicity in order for life to be most fully lived. I’m thankful… Read more »

Dating My Husband: How To


An in home date is not equal to that of one usually including fancy shoes (or shoes at all) and red lipstick. There is something about leaving the house and all the responsibilities tied to it that frees you up to talk about the things in life that extend a bit deeper than normal dinner… Read more »

Argan Oil


A herd of goats eager to climb the branches of the argan tree The room opens to reveal a half dozen women sitting around its edges using colorful carpets and blankets to soften the blue and white check floor on which they sit. Their ragged hands move in a way that informs that they have… Read more »

Morocco, Day 2


Mazagan Beach Resort When I first came to Morocco I expected this to be an incredible opportunity for me to be able to say that I came. I didn’t have plans to return and didn’t expect to make any. By day three I was plotting my next visit – where to take the kids and… Read more »

Morocco, day 1


The door on my balcony sits wide open allowing the cool, unfamiliar breeze to come in and out of my hotel room as it pleases. Outside I hear the large waves crashing and lapping on the shore and that same breeze rustling the leaves of the palm trees that line the paths. Next to me… Read more »

Nutmeg pot de creme


In so many ways I’m like a child. The very things that cause me to raise my voice or think less-than-pleasant thoughts toward them, I myself do. Sleeping in past 7:00 am, using a fork, sitting still for longer than thirty seconds, managing to keep a straight face while saying the word “underwear” – these… Read more »

Random Acts of Cookies – revisited


It’s happened several times since that day I decided to bake my way out of self-pity. Things happen, or they don’t, and suddenly I’m swimming in thoughts of doubt and self-loathing. Such a completely unnecessary and useless place to be. Rather than take residence in that spot I reach for the butter. The process is… Read more »

Dinner in 15


If you’re like me, chances are it’s 15 minutes until dinner and you are scouring the Internet hoping to find inspiration. And like me, your probably getting distracted with things like Pinterest, Twitter, and three little children who are on the verge of a complete and total breakdown caused by hanger (pronounced: hane-ger – It’s… Read more »

Roasted apples


The first taste of apple when its season hits is almost as paramount as a first kiss. There is a longing that builds throughout the Spring and Summer months and, in my opinion, there is no better taste than that first one. It’s a ritual that merits the suspension of time. This year it was… Read more »