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Roman has arrived!

Baby boy #2 has finally come and we couldn’t be happier. We just arrived home from the hospital this afternoon. So far he is eating great and sleeping wonderfully as well, although he only has one night under his belt so I won’t get too cocky yet. Thanks to everyone for your support, prayers and… Read more »

I Twit!

In these crucial days of expecting baby I don’t always have time to blog but Gabe and I both have been trying to update our Twitter. If you are interested in following along with our labor/delivery check out my Twitter (or Gabe’s as he might be updating as I am laboring). You can see the… Read more »

Having a Pity Party!

Husband and Sherry Thanksgiving 2005 My pity party morning began with a super yummy, gooey cinnamon roll. I washed that down with orange juice and donuts. Next on the menu I am planning on indulging in a super juicy, laden-ed with-special sauce- cheese burger, crinkle fries and possibly a milkshake. Why all the festivities you… Read more »

A Few Photos as Promised

The almost finished garden project. You can see a few barely blooming starts on the lower right hand side. I managed to plant most of the rest of the garden on a rare sunny day a couple of days ago… after the snow had passed… finally!! Two of our three chickens. We used to have… Read more »

3 weeks to go… but who’s counting?!

I am!! I am counting the days. Pregnancy is truly an amazing experience. The body knows exactly what to do and how to care for the precious baby inside a woman’s belly. The process is so perfectly designed that near the end a pregnant woman is so sick of being pregnant that they actually look… Read more »

An Interview with Sweet Melissa

First of all an update is in order. In my last post I talked about the nesting phase of pregnancy that I am now in. I told you about knowing where to draw the line in reference to my cabinets. Well dear readers, I am here to confess that this passed week I crossed that… Read more »

On Nesting

There is something phenomenal that happens near the end of a pregnancy. Some call it nesting, my husband probably calls it “Ashley’s – crazy – hormonally – charged – let’s – get everything – done – RIGHT – NOW – time” It truly is a remarkable thing. I feel as if I have no energy,… Read more »

Pictures from the Farm – BEFORE

Here are a few pictures to show our progress. Hopefully very soon our pictures will show quite a bit more progress! Our friend Garrett, the tree pruner, trying to bring some life back to this old apple tree. The future garden spot. The chicks. The garden almost ready to be planted. My little budding farmer… Read more »


It feels rather Spring-like around our house these days and I am loving it. I think I have come down with a severe case of “nesting” because I seem to have given a sudden boost in motivation to get things done in and around the house. It has been rather exciting and productive but I… Read more »

A Meme about Me

While on vacation I was tagged for a Meme by the very lovely Aran from Cannelle et Vanille. Now that I am back getting settled into my non-vacation life I thought it was time for me to sit down and figure out what exactly is a Meme. This particular meme asks me to divulge 5… Read more »

Sunny and 70 in San Diego

Gabe, Baron and I along with my parents are enjoying a relaxing week on the beach of Mission Bay. I think of it as a sort of last hurrah before baby #2 arrives. Not to say that when he comes our lives are over, but rather life will become all the more hectic. Packing our… Read more »

Skillet Street Food – Seattle, Wa [guest post]

Great Food from an Airstream Trailer Roaming around Seattle Written by Gabe Rodriguez – husband and guest blogger Somewhere along the line I heard about some creative people that had turned an Airstream Trailer (which Ashley and I dream of owning one day, indeed we do… is that weird?) into a roaming and mobile restaurant…. Read more »

Course Confusion

My Valentines dessert took a savory twist. After hours of looming over recipes, photos, blogs and more I finally came up with a concept that could have, in concept, appeared to be more appropriate for a lunch menu than dessert. But in application it was more sweet than savory and more decadent than dinner –… Read more »

Chocolate Overload

I have been devouring fellow baker’s blogs, websites, cookbooks, and magazines searching for the perfect chocolate dessert to serve at tomorrow’s Valentine’s Dinner. What a task this is! Dessert is the final impression. The last taste that these romantic diners will have in their mouths before they go home to do who knows what. It… Read more »

Winter Wedding Cake

I have a love/ hate relationship with wedding cakes. I think it is quite silly to try to create a delicious, moist cake that is vertical and structurally sound. At the same time I absolutely love the challenge. I always tell my clients that taste comes first. I will never serve a dry piece of… Read more »

Orangette is coming

Author of the very popular food blog is coming to teach a cooking class! Molly Wizenberg of Orangette will be teaching two classes in our brand new kitchen. The first class is this Tuesday and we are so honored to welcome her. She and new husband, Brandon Pettit will be teaching a course on Misunderstood… Read more »

Light Desserts

Tomorrow I will be teaching a class on how to execute tasty, light desserts while still using “real” ingredients. What do I mean by “real” ingredients? While still using butter, eggs, flour, sugar, chocolate, etc. rather than imitation sweeteners and flavors, I want to create delicious and satisfying sweet treats. I never liked the idea… Read more »

Baby, Book & Baking

I sincerely apologize for the longest pause in posting in Artisan Sweets history. In the past two months life has drastically changed. From the craziness of catering, baking, mothering and wife-ing of the Summer to all-day sickness, constantly tired and a disdain towards food that comes with being pregnant. That’s right, bun number two is… Read more »

happy birthday blog

One year of sweets. One year of writing. One year of meeting amazing fellow bloggers, bakers and cooks. I have learned so much from all of you and have had so much fun sharing recipes and my baking successes and flops. What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a makeover?  I hope you… Read more »

Pie Pie Pie

This weekend I am creating a pie buffet! What could be more fun?!! Peach, apricot, apple, and berry just to name a few of the selections so far. Classic flavors with subtle flavor twists like ginger, honey, and lemon. Pie dough is something that pastry chefs take great pride in. It can be the bane… Read more »

Kind words from a respected blogger

It is an honor to work with a company that creates food that is both gorgeous and delicious.  With menus that are never repeated and working with people who live for food, I am continually reminded of how blessed I am to be a part of a mini food revolution in our wonderful community. Thank… Read more »

A cheesy evening with Max Mc calman

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a cheese and wine tasting with Max McCalman, author of Cheese: A Connoisseur’s Guide to the World’s Best and The Cheese Plate. Quel Fromage hosted this wonderful event and graciously asked me to provide the desserts. I was a bit intimidated by the guest of… Read more »

Baron loves blackberries

One of the many joys of summer for me is picking fresh berries straight from the vine. Lucky for us our new house has an abundance of blackberry bushes filled with beautiful berries ripe for the picking. Baron and I had a great time picking and eating and hopefully tomorrow we will find the time… Read more »

Thanks C&H!

Check out this fun article from the C&H Newsletter. I am honored to be included among a list of such talented bloggers and bakers!!

Making Chocolate at home: From bean to bar

For your viewing pleasure we have put together this highly instructional video on how you too can make chocolate at home. All you need are a few ordinary items you most likely already have around the house and some cocoa beans. I learned this process from the Chocolate Alchemist when Gabe and I visited his… Read more »

Culinary School?

You might want to read this article first from the New York Times. (read it soon as after a week it will cost you to access their database). I have had many people ask me about my opinion on Culinary Schools. I often hesitate to give it because of my insecurities for not having that… Read more »

Happy Birthday Monkey!!

We recently celebrated Baron’s 1st Birthday!!! Everyone always warns us how fast they grow up…. well I guess they were right! I can’t believe my baby is a year old. Gabe and I decorated paper cups for the festivities. In these festive cups we served… Banana Orange smoothies 1 frozen banana 1 1/2 c. whole… Read more »

A classy farewell to a classy lady

Nearly everyday for 20 years my mother walked in the doors of Gary’s (fifteen minutes early of course) and sold beautiful clothing and accessories to the men and women of Bellingham. She would happily dress those who were not quite as fashionably savvy as she was and she took so much joy seeing how her… Read more »