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Thai-Style Salmon Chowder

Thai-Style Salmon Chowder // Not Without Salt

Unsure how to proceed I set my sea-blue dutch oven on top of the stove. Regardless, of the uncertainty I turned on the flame and poured in a bit of oil. What I did know was that I wanted a soup much like, Tom Yum – bright, tart and fresh – but with salmon because that’s what my… Read more »

Toasty Oats with Coconut

Toasty Oats with Coconut // Not Without Salt

“I do so much for you guys and THIS is the thanks I get?!” Ugh, I hated how mom-like I sounded as I heard those words come from my mouth. I snapped. It happens, more than I’d like to admit. The cause this morning? It was the coconut that pushed me over the edge. You… Read more »