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Super Sweet Treat

The other day I wanted something sweet. But this wasn’t my usual daily sweet craving….typically I long for treats that just hint at being sweet, where the complexity of taste is covered with layers of flavors… tart, slightly salty, and gentle whisper of sugary sweetness. But this day I wanted something super sweet… I mean… Read more »

Ratatouille for Dinner

Thanks to this recipe we had an amazing dinner the other night. And thanks to my husband we have some amazing pictures to show for it. The next night I had some of the leftover vegetables that were sliced but not cooked. I caramelized some onions then added some chopped tomatoes and cooked that down… Read more »

Ice Cream Float to knock your socks off!

Still on my ice cream kick I wanted to share another killer ice cream recipe. I found a version of this recipe online and thought it was pretty genius. In my typical fashion I tweeked it and made it my own. I think my favorite part about it is that the variations are endless. Without… Read more »

Frozen Dessert Recipes

French Ice Cream –  a very rich ice cream which is made from an egg custard. Contains a high ratio of cream to milk to eggs. Yum. Gelato – is also custard based but contains more eggs and milk and less cream. Because of this less air is incorporated in the process of churning which… Read more »


Basil Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Soup and a Panini I’m working on my next class…. “Beating the Summer heat with some tasty frozen treats.” That’s not really the name of the class I just thought of that right this very moment…. which is actually quite impressive since my brain feels like a big pile… Read more »

and now….

the recipes! PIE DOUGH: Grandma’s Pie Dough 2 cups Flour ½ tsp salt ½ cup oil ¼ cup milk ¼ tsp vanilla Combine in that order. PERFECT PIE CRUST 200 g all-purpose flour 125 g salted butter, diced (frozen) 1 T Cornstarch 1 egg 1 t Champagne Vinegar Pulse dry ingredients in a food processor…. Read more »

Pie Science.

Here are the notes from my class as promised. I will post the recipes soon but first you must understand the science behind the process. With a basic understanding of the ingredients involed in pie and tart making then you can better access the problem if something does happen to go wrong and you can… Read more »


I apologize, for this is now the second consecutive unsweetened post I have written. But I just wanted to take a moment and show all of you some of the veggies of my labor. This being my first year of attempting to grow a plentiful garden I am so proud of this image. These snow… Read more »

So Proud.

My extremely talented husband and his equally talented brother had the honor of photographing Sherry Yard’s wedding in May. They posted a number of photos and a link to her album on their blog. Sadly, as many of you know, I can not say that I attended the wedding because I was to preggo to… Read more »

My mind is on Pie

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you may have noticed that I have a crush on pie. The way the crust shatters as I bite into to it makes me swoon. The endless variety of fillings makes me giddy. My quest for the perfect crust recipe has been a daunting but delicious… Read more »

There is hope…

Just a quick update… In Bellingham we are fortunate enough to have a large local garden that supplies gorgeous produce to thousands of residents. I anticipate the opening of Joe’s Garden every year and with much excitement, I read the billboard that tells me what they are selling currently every time I drive by the… Read more »

hmm… Strawberries.

hmm…. I have managed to find a few spare moments where both children are quiet, fed and the house is somewhat in order. But in these precious moments my mind is empty. Here I sit eager to write a new post, (which I know is overdue) I don’t know where to start because apparently four… Read more »

A Sweet Entry Into The World

It has been seven days since Roman entered the world. Seven days of recovery, rest, restlessness, craziness, confusion and complete joy. If you had been following my Twitter at all you would know that I was done with pregnancy. I had had enough aches, plenty of restless nights, more than enough outbursts of uncontrollable sobbing,… Read more »

Roman has arrived!

Baby boy #2 has finally come and we couldn’t be happier. We just arrived home from the hospital this afternoon. So far he is eating great and sleeping wonderfully as well, although he only has one night under his belt so I won’t get too cocky yet. Thanks to everyone for your support, prayers and… Read more »

I Twit!

In these crucial days of expecting baby I don’t always have time to blog but Gabe and I both have been trying to update our Twitter. If you are interested in following along with our labor/delivery check out my Twitter (or Gabe’s as he might be updating as I am laboring). You can see the… Read more »

Having a Pity Party!

Husband and Sherry Thanksgiving 2005 My pity party morning began with a super yummy, gooey cinnamon roll. I washed that down with orange juice and donuts. Next on the menu I am planning on indulging in a super juicy, laden-ed with-special sauce- cheese burger, crinkle fries and possibly a milkshake. Why all the festivities you… Read more »

A Few Photos as Promised

The almost finished garden project. You can see a few barely blooming starts on the lower right hand side. I managed to plant most of the rest of the garden on a rare sunny day a couple of days ago… after the snow had passed… finally!! Two of our three chickens. We used to have… Read more »

3 weeks to go… but who’s counting?!

I am!! I am counting the days. Pregnancy is truly an amazing experience. The body knows exactly what to do and how to care for the precious baby inside a woman’s belly. The process is so perfectly designed that near the end a pregnant woman is so sick of being pregnant that they actually look… Read more »

An Interview with Sweet Melissa

First of all an update is in order. In my last post I talked about the nesting phase of pregnancy that I am now in. I told you about knowing where to draw the line in reference to my cabinets. Well dear readers, I am here to confess that this passed week I crossed that… Read more »

On Nesting

There is something phenomenal that happens near the end of a pregnancy. Some call it nesting, my husband probably calls it “Ashley’s – crazy – hormonally – charged – let’s – get everything – done – RIGHT – NOW – time” It truly is a remarkable thing. I feel as if I have no energy,… Read more »

Pictures from the Farm – BEFORE

Here are a few pictures to show our progress. Hopefully very soon our pictures will show quite a bit more progress! Our friend Garrett, the tree pruner, trying to bring some life back to this old apple tree. The future garden spot. The chicks. The garden almost ready to be planted. My little budding farmer… Read more »


It feels rather Spring-like around our house these days and I am loving it. I think I have come down with a severe case of “nesting” because I seem to have given a sudden boost in motivation to get things done in and around the house. It has been rather exciting and productive but I… Read more »

A Meme about Me

While on vacation I was tagged for a Meme by the very lovely Aran from Cannelle et Vanille. Now that I am back getting settled into my non-vacation life I thought it was time for me to sit down and figure out what exactly is a Meme. This particular meme asks me to divulge 5… Read more »

Sunny and 70 in San Diego

Gabe, Baron and I along with my parents are enjoying a relaxing week on the beach of Mission Bay. I think of it as a sort of last hurrah before baby #2 arrives. Not to say that when he comes our lives are over, but rather life will become all the more hectic. Packing our… Read more »

Skillet Street Food – Seattle, Wa [guest post]

Great Food from an Airstream Trailer Roaming around Seattle Written by Gabe Rodriguez – husband and guest blogger Somewhere along the line I heard about some creative people that had turned an Airstream Trailer (which Ashley and I dream of owning one day, indeed we do… is that weird?) into a roaming and mobile restaurant…. Read more »

Course Confusion

My Valentines dessert took a savory twist. After hours of looming over recipes, photos, blogs and more I finally came up with a concept that could have, in concept, appeared to be more appropriate for a lunch menu than dessert. But in application it was more sweet than savory and more decadent than dinner –… Read more »

Chocolate Overload

I have been devouring fellow baker’s blogs, websites, cookbooks, and magazines searching for the perfect chocolate dessert to serve at tomorrow’s Valentine’s Dinner. What a task this is! Dessert is the final impression. The last taste that these romantic diners will have in their mouths before they go home to do who knows what. It… Read more »

Winter Wedding Cake

I have a love/ hate relationship with wedding cakes. I think it is quite silly to try to create a delicious, moist cake that is vertical and structurally sound. At the same time I absolutely love the challenge. I always tell my clients that taste comes first. I will never serve a dry piece of… Read more »