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Hamburger Buns

My husband and I recently came into a hefty supply of grass-fed, artisan finished beef thanks to my Uncle who just started the Yakima River Beef Co. (they ship ) As I was thinking about what to have for dinner “Sloppy Joes” came to mind. I have no idea why… it’s usually not the first… Read more »

A beautiful espresso post

Check out David Lebovitz’s tales of his time at Illy. A beautiful, honoring and educational post dedicated to the art of extracting the perfect shot…. something I am still working on.

Theo Chocolate

Gabe and I had the privilege of touring the newest chocolate factory in the country… Theo, located in Seattle, WA. It was a perfect day to tour a chocolate factory, gray and chilly (let’s be honest… when is a day ever not perfect for a tour of a chocolate factory?) The building, which is right… Read more »

Books I’m reading

Making Artisan Chocolates by Andrew Garrison Shotts Chocolates and Confections: Formula, Theory, and Technique for the Artisan Confectioner Chocolate: A Bittersweet Saga of Light and Dark by Mort Rosenblum Essence of Chocolate by Robert Steinberg and John Scharffenberger In what little time I do have to sit down and enjoy a good read I pick… Read more »

A complex relationship

Chocolate and I have known each other for quite awhile now. In the beginning our relationship was shallow, as I did not take the time to get to know this incredible ingredient in the way in which it deserves to be known. I have always loved chocolate. To me it wasn’t dessert if it didn’t… Read more »

for thea…

Photo courtesy of Gabriel Boone Photography  This post could not have come at a better time. My dear friend Thea sent me an email this morning asking for an “uber-amazing” carrot cake recipe. Well Thea have I got a recipe for you (and everyone else interested in a killer recipe). In my previous post with… Read more »

hey sports fans!

This pig skin looks good enough to eat! The interior is  a deep, dark chocolate cake moistened with a coffee syrup and layered with rich and silky chocolate buttercream. That’s enough to get me excited about football!! The cake itself is covered in chocolate marshmallow fondant that I made and the lacing is white fondant…. Read more »

Time to Vote!!

The voting for Seattle Bride Magazine Best of 2007 has begun! If you live in the Seattle area or are familiar with my work and feel so inclined, then you are invited to cast your vote online through February 15. This vote also includes best caterer, dj, florist, dress design, venue, and much more. Here… Read more »

SHF #27: Chocolate by Brand

I may be jumping the gun a bit but here is my entry for Sugar High Friday #27 which is this month hosted by David Lebovitz. In the foreground are dark chocolate truffles brushed with edible gold. Behind sits a large chocolate ball filled with more chocolate truffles. The chocolate of choice; Valrhona 70% Guanaja…. Read more »

A Better Description

About a month ago I posted about the time my husband and I traveled to Yoncalla, OR to pay John, the Chocolate Alchemist a visit. Well, my post pales in comparison to what I found here about another guy who attempted making chocolate at home. His photos and descriptions summarize the procedure very well and… Read more »

Many Thanks!

I am completely humbled by the kindness and wisdom I found among the many comments from my last post. It’s a remarkable thing to feel such closeness and warmth via the Internet. Because of this still very young blog I have met some amazing people, explored some delicious food, asked some hard questions and have… Read more »

A Business Owner’s Dilema

Ashley E. Rodriguez: Artisan Sweets is approaching one year of business and with that comes a lot of reflection and analysis as to how things will change in the year to come and even… will there be another year to come? Well… let’s be serious…there will be more to come. I am excited for all… Read more »

It’s Ours!

So… an update from my last post….. the Rancilio Silvia is now a proud member of our family. Here’s the story. If you read my blog (or talk to me at all) you would know that my husband and I have been researching and entertaining the possibility of purchasing an espresso machine. Now we aren’t… Read more »

I would like you to meet…

…the possible new member of our family. If all goes well she will be with us on Friday. We just happened to find her on Craigslist in our home town!! It’s like it was meant to be (if it all works out!) I will tell you all about her when/if we get it. You can… Read more »

Once upon a time I made Chocolate…

… and it was an interesting educational experience. Some how I came across this site. As is pretty typical of how I operate… I got super excited and decided that Gabe and I had to meet this guy. So a couple weeks later we hopped in the car drove 7 hours to Yoncalla, OR to… Read more »

Thanksgiving: A Foodies Feast

The holidays… all around a wonderful time of year but for me it is extra special because food and eager eaters are in abundance. Traditionally my mom has done the majority of the cooking. But this year I have been nominated to be in charge. The items you would find on our holiday table are… Read more »

Pretty Pink Fairy Princess Cake

You can’t get more girly than this cake. Photos courtesy of GNR Photography  I created this Fairy cake for my three year old cousin’s birthday party. Pink marshmallow fondant covers the cake, edible pearls create a quilted look and gumpaste flowers decorate the top of the cake. The fairy is a finger puppet that I… Read more »

Fall Wedding Favor

Here is an image of a chocolate wedding favor I created. It is a dark chocolate sphere filled with handmade chocolates and brushed with an edible gold. It sits on a nest of golden spun sugar. The wedding was held at Semiahmoo resort in Blaine, Washington and the event was designed by Steven Moore Designs…. Read more »

Feeding sweets to the people

I recently participated in an event entitled Grape & Gourmet. Local restaurants and food vendors provided 1 – 2 oz. portions of their food to over 600 attendees with all the proceeds going to a local Rotary which helps many local charities. I served a Hazelnut shortbread cookie dipped in chocolate along with a very… Read more »

I’m in a magazine

My business was mentioned in the November issue of Northwest Business Monthly. If you read the brief blurb let me correct two things… my business name is Ashley E. Rodriguez ; Artisan Sweets (not Artesian Sweets) and my email is It was a phone interview so I understand how things could have gotten mixed… Read more »

Harvest Fruit Tart

A chocolate shell holds a spiced chocolate ganache. Poached Seckel pears, Hardy kiwis, persimmon, pomegranate, plum, figs, and asian pears adorn this seasonal beauty. This tart was served with a honey and spice Mascarpone cream. A perfect dessert to showcase the season’s finest offerings.

Bittersweet Chocolate and Roasted Pear Tarts

A buttery shortbread crust flecked with vanilla beans holds a creamy bittersweet chocolate ganache. The ganache is combined with Calvados and then a layer of pears sets atop the ganache. The pears were roasted with vanilla beans and butter. Finally a shiny chocolate glaze is poured on as the final layer. Garnished with bronzed lustre… Read more »

Sugar Pie Pumpkin Pie

A couple weeks ago Gabe, Baron and I, along with many other family members, spent a Saturday afternoon touring a few of our local farms. It was absolutely heavenly. I don’t think I could describe a more perfect day than this was. Crisp fall air warmed by the smell of hot apple cider and the… Read more »

Classic Blueberry Muffins

On a quest for a little adventure my sister-in-law and I decided to drive to the orginal Cascadian Farms. We went out in search of the last blueberries of the season. So with her two kids and my one we piled into her car and set out with very vague directions. Turns out it was… Read more »

Not a follower

I have a habit, whether it be good or bad I have not decided. I simply can not follow a recipe. How as a baker can this be? Well, a couple reasons… 1. I have a foundational knowledge of the science of baking and can slightly tweak recipes with an understanding that most likely the… Read more »