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Brussels Sprout Salad with Red Onion and Pecorino


It is easy to overlook the meager Brussels sprouts for the more traditionally appealing pumpkin pie or mashed potatoes. Those are not difficult to win over fans – wrapped in a flaky crust, layered with spice, whipped with butter and cream – it’s no wonder those dishes get the fame. But today I’m here as… Read more »

Turkey Roulade with Sausage Stuffing


“We pray for the big things and forget to give thanks for the ordinary, small (and yet really not small) gifts.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer My facebook feed is scattered with friends and family who have dedicated an update of thankfulness for everyday in November. The political rants are becoming less and less while the thanks for… Read more »

Pumpkin Graham Bread


It seems we’ve begun a new tradition in our family. That is, if you consider two weeks of loaf cakes on Sunday a tradition. I certainly do and it’s one that I don’t intend to quit. It’s these loaves that mix up in minutes, spend an hour in the oven (giving the right amount of… Read more »

Dating My Husband: travels together


Along a winding road sharing its edge with a muttering river to one side and towering trees at the peak of their lush summer coat on the other, Gabe and I listened to a booming voice read John Steinbeck’s, “Travels with Charley”. Steinbeck’s words fit our scenery as he, along with his dog, Charley, tightly… Read more »

Chopped Apple Cake


Happiness is a Sunday with no plans. An early morning where the first few steps are taken towards the oven in order to pre-heat. And even though Ivy manages to put an entire tub of expensive face product in her hair and the boys spend all afternoon doing everything but cleaning their room, Sunday still… Read more »

Baked Oatmeal with Roasted Pears


  I love it when breakfast sort of disguises itself as dessert. Let’s talk pancakes for a moment. Serve those sweet fluffy, round cakes in the morning with a generous drizzle of maple syrup and you have breakfast . Serve something similar after dinner and it’s dessert. Let’s call them what they are – cake…. Read more »

Dating My Husband: reconnecting


We were driving home late Saturday night from Portland, having just finished our week long road trip in Oregon and relished in the quiet as the kidlets slept in the back of the van. “Did you have fun?” I asked Gabe. Which seems such a simple question and one that I probably should have asked… Read more »

Let’s agree


The cup sat on the edge of the table in such a way that light flooded in from behind highlighting little peaks of the frothed leaf that sat suspended on the latte. I took its picture not because I was overwhelmed by its beauty or because I thought it’d make a compelling image but because… Read more »

Travel: Oregon


Let’s start this post with a bit of a disclaimer (or two). We took a little trip around Oregon recently which was sponsored by Travel Oregon. They didn’t ask me to write this post but I am doing so because I’m far too excited not to share some of these highlights with you. Disclaimer two:… Read more »

Creamy Parsley Pesto


Last year it was sage, this year parsley. In my small, yet efficient garden I allowed two parsley plants to go to seed at the end of last season. While I was trying to keep up with the sage by smashing it into an aromatic pesto and tucking it into aioli, the parsley was dropping… Read more »

Cornmeal cake with blueberries and maple whipped cream


“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” ― Epicurus My tendency is to live from one project to the next, marking my life with goals, successes and the trying process of reaching those goals. Ambition… Read more »

Her Carnival Birthday


It may have been excessive. Perhaps a bit over the top, but that was sort of what I was going for. Billowy balloons marked the entrance. Our guests, young and not so young, were greeted by our Lemonade stand offering a variety of cold beverages that refreshed on one of those perfect, late summer afternoons…. Read more »

Tomato Toast with Parmesan


  Like the last dregs of sweet ice cream dripping down the sides of a freshly pressed waffle cone we are lapping up every last bit of Summer. It’s true that nearly an entire month remains of the season but this week school starts and with the oldest darting off to Kindergarten this year, it… Read more »

Julia’s Chicken Liver Mousse


“Cooking is not a particularly difficult art, and the more you cook and learn about cooking, the more sense it makes. But like any art it requires practice and experience. The most important ingredient you can bring to it is love of cooking for its own sake.” -Julia Child, Mastering the Art of French Cooking… Read more »

fire and feast


I’ve fallen in love with a new way to cook. Well, let me clarify, it’s new to me. Fire. On our recent trip to the San Juan Islands I prepared a feast laced with Moroccan flavors almost entirely over an open flame. Madrona trees with  vibrant red-orange trunks framed the view of the Pacific just… Read more »

portrait of a tomato


With knowledge comes responsibility. I’ve been known to tout the old adage, “ignorance is bliss” but in reality I really should proclaim that my own ignorance is often a reflection of laziness. Once you’ve gained knowledge is hard to sit comfortably without action. Today I’m acting out against slavery. Along with The Giving Table, International… Read more »

White chocolate covered cherries


  It’s nearly impossible to return from the market without baskets and baskets of berries in various forms this time of year. I’m not the only shopper in the family who falls for their brilliant hues and sweet perfume that lures you in from yards away, my husband is easily wooed too – I adore… Read more »

Dating My Husband


“Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.” ― Robert Frost We want you to get a glimpse at our date night. The mess, the chaos and the joy. We start before the kids are in bed. At times they help us prepare the meal knowing what the food is for – a special date… Read more »

Rosemary Lemonade with cherries


Plans for the stand began weeks before school let out. He saw the potential for profit enabling him to buy yet another lightsaber while we saw the opportunity to teach hard work, beginning business skills and a way for us to drink cup after cup of tart lemonade this summer. The moment Baron (6) came… Read more »

Two pies are better than one


They called out for chocolate pie or yet another strawberry pie but I chose the cherries. I may be getting a bit ahead of myself as the cherries were a bit firm and not quite up to their usual sweetness but I couldn’t resist their nearly black exterior and the sign that praised their local… Read more »

Taste to remember


When asked questions about childhood I often draw a blank. I’m mentally paralyzed as I search the dusty corners of my brain seeking to withdraw stories coated in details that reveal more about who I am today. I envy those that can paint vivid images of when they stood, just barely, on their sausage-like legs…. Read more »

Dating my husband: no excuses


It had been a long time. For weeks excuses were made when Thursday nights would come around. Our Google calendar would notify us of “date night” but I would simply sigh and push it away putting some other task in its place. A couple months passed before this evening where we finally sat down to… Read more »

Tent Muffins


“I could set up the tent.” Gabe said, and that is how it began. Suddenly a day that looked like every other was instantly transformed into one that was marked with excitement. A simple sunny day was now one that included a “fort tent” – the perfect setting for adventures that include sword fights, battles… Read more »

Boucan Restaurant, St. Lucia


This post was from a recent trip to St. Lucia. I was sent by HighLine Foods to travel the island sampling and studying the seafood culture. I took my job very seriously by eating as much fish as I could. I enjoyed every moment. You can read more about my trip at the Seafood Spot…. Read more »

simple pasta with fresh herbs


First of all I need to thank you all for the incredible response from my last post. I have read every single comment and email and they have been like a breath of fresh air. I struggled to publish that post but you all have once again proven to be an incredible community that encourages… Read more »