In these crucial days of expecting baby I don’t always have time to blog but Gabe and I both have been trying to update our Twitter. If you are interested in following along with our labor/delivery check out my Twitter (or Gabe’s as he might be updating as I am laboring). You can see the latest updates on the left side of this blog or check out my Twitter homepage by clicking on the updates.

Thanks for caring! We appreciate all your thoughts and well wishes.


4 Responses to “I Twit!”

  1. Sugary Chic

    wow – good luck girl! My due date is June 12 (or June 8 – depending on which Dr you ask) and I am thinking I will be early b/c my first was. Was your first early?

    P.S. WHEN oh WHEN does this nesting busines stop?? I am losing my mind but doing it to myself!! LOL!


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