Husband and Sherry Thanksgiving 2005

My pity party morning began with a super yummy, gooey cinnamon roll. I washed that down with orange juice and donuts. Next on the menu I am planning on indulging in a super juicy, laden-ed with-special sauce- cheese burger, crinkle fries and possibly a milkshake.

Why all the festivities you ask? Well, I should be in sunny L.A. right now with my husband enjoying the very momentous occasion of Sherry Yard’s wedding but instead he is there photographing the event while I eat, nap and wonder if every ache and pain I feel is the contraction that will send me to the hospital to deliver baby #2.

So, as happy as I am that Gabe gets to enjoy watching Sherry get married and all the hoopla and wonderment that goes with that I still can stay back in rainy Washington and wallow for a little bit. But I will say that pity is a lot easier to swallow when it’s surrounded with sugar, cheese and anything in the ice cream family.

With all sincerity I wish Sherry and Edward the best of luck today and I could not be happier for the both of them. I am so thrilled that they have found each other and I just know that he is going to make her life all the more sweet! I love you Sherry!!


9 Responses to “Having a Pity Party!”

  1. MG

    I feel your pain. Mark went hunting 2 weeks before Luke was due. I was pissed at him like only a hormonally charged woman can be! Your treats sound fab. Wish I could have been there with you.

  2. Carrie

    You, Ashley, are allowed a pitty party. Not only is it hard to miss out on a good friends big life moment, it is hard to be so close to the pig event yourself. I will pity party for you. I can be quite good at that 🙂

  3. mary

    Advice on having more than 1 kid- I have 3. I’ll never forget the nurse who came into my room at night after baby#2 came- she whispered advice like, ” Always buckle the big kid into the car first while the infant seat rests on the ground”. I have found the a bigger child, with intense emotions, needs to be dealt with first. A baby can wait to eat for a few minutes. You will have to make peace with a little crying in your home. It happens. Refrain from punching the folks who love to point out “oh my, you have your hands full.”
    Grocery shopping- put the bigger kid into the cart and the little one in a sling or Bjorn. Sometimes the checkers even take pity on you and help you unload your cart into the belt. Of course, all this planning is moot if you grocery shop in the evening while your husband is in charge of kiddos. Bring some wine and call it a night out.
    You will feel like superwoman when you realize you can actually do all this- you will wonder why you ever thought 1 kid was a lot of work. It’s 2 that’s tough! No wait, 2 is easy, 3 is tough……?

  4. artisansweets

    Carrie – Happy Mother’s Day to you too!!
    Mary – thanks for the great advice!! 3 kids – I can’t even imagine!! Happy Mother’s Day to you!!!
    MG – Gabe is back safe with me so now all I am waiting for is this darn baby to come!!!!

  5. MG

    cook up some wet noodles and give him a whack for me! 🙂 It won’t be long now…I”m in Slovenia….I’ll be checking on baby progress when I can.


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