Baby boy #2 has finally come and we couldn’t be happier. We just arrived home from the hospital this afternoon. So far he is eating great and sleeping wonderfully as well, although he only has one night under his belt so I won’t get too cocky yet. Thanks to everyone for your support, prayers and well wishes. I will be posting very soon but in the mean time check out the beautiful photos from my husband.


10 Responses to “Roman has arrived!”

  1. Carrie

    YAY!!!!!!! I am just so happy for you I could cry! Congratulations to all of you! Just remember to rest when you can. I had a tendancy to forget to do that a lot. I am super woman ya know 🙂 Again, I am so happy for you all.


  2. Aran

    I just checked the photos… gorgeous baby, seriously… That’s the most perfect baby I have ever seen. And holy cow was he big! Almost a 10 pounder and 21.5 inches long?? My hat off to you Ashley!

  3. adelphos24

    Congratulations! There’s no feeling like becoming a little person’s parent. My daughter is 7 weeks old, and 9lbs. 6oz. I can’t even imagine a 10lb newborn! Wow!


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