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Cranberry Pecan Rolls

Last year we started a Thanksgiving morning tradition. We eat a Pomegranate. It just so happened that we had one lying on the counter as Gabe and I were discussing traditions we want to start with our young family. Suddenly a simple and delicious tradition was born. Last night Gabe ran to the store to… Read more »

Meringue Mushrooms

I’ll be honest – I really have no idea what possessed me to make meringue mushrooms. Maybe it was my new found love of foraging? Nah. I think it’s because they are so fun to look at and much sweeter than their real life counterpart. I’ve made these in years past as an adornment to… Read more »


I’m waiting. The recipe that I have to offer you tonight is still in the oven.¬† I thought maybe we could wait together. Sooooo…. what’s new? How have you been since the last time we talked? Was it really just yesterday? Have you seen these dishes? And what about this corn? I know, right?!¬† FROZEN… Read more »

candy gifts – caramels and sticks

In the corner of our living room there are stacks and stacks of December issues of Martha Stewart Living. There is the December ’05 issue with a wreath studded with red glittering birds that hangs on a door painted the color of mint ice cream. December ’01- the cover is marked with an interior shot… Read more »


I am so happy I married someone who knows his way around a computer. Currently he is sitting to my right designing, programming and all-around creating a new website for me. Don’t worry – I’m not doing a complete overhaul of the blog – again. This time we’re working on a photography site – a… Read more »

quince brandy

Christmas came early this year in the form of quince. A friend, who has a friend, who has a tree, was unloading some of her bounty. I was there to happily collect and welcome the fragrant beauties with open arms and plenty of ideas. I am fairly certain that if you were to ask the… Read more »


I arranged for a babysitter before I knew what the evening agenda was. My husband knew and that was all that mattered. The night before our less-than-ordinary evening away, Gabe handed me a glassine envelope thick with papers. In years past these strange and lovely envelopes have included cards for no reason other than to… Read more »

Flavoring coffee

The last and final day of the coffee series. I really am quite sad about this actually. It turns out that not only do I love to drink coffee but I love to talk to you about it too. Although we’re not standing face to face, this world is indeed a crazy place and just… Read more »

a pass

I’d like to cash in my “Get out of Posting Free” card. Those exist right? It’s not that I don’t have things to share. Because I do. And it’s not that I don’t want to spend time with you kind people. Because I do. It’s just that I’m so tired and I’ve sat here for… Read more »

Coffee and bars

We’re getting into the good stuff tonight. Not that I don’t enjoy the drinks we’ve talked about previously. Each drink has its time and place but tonight we’re discussing some of the lesser known yet incredibly delicious drinks. Let’s just say there will be cream, lemon zest and brandy involved. It’s a good night indeed…. Read more »

Guide to espresso drinks, cont’d.

Boy do I need coffee today. It’s grey outside, I stayed up far too late and woke up far too early. On top of that I am going to dinner tonight in a room filled with people I don’t know. Eek. I’m going by myself. Double eek. You see I am much more comfortable talking… Read more »

A Seattleites Guide to coffee

I fit the Seattle stereo-type through and through. I love coffee. In the morning, afternoon, evening and well into the night I enjoy this jitter inducing, sleep-preventing, delicious drug. I love coffee’s smoky complexity. It fascinates me that one roasters bean tastes of citrus and berries while another’s interpretation brings out hints of chocolate and… Read more »

Tired, but i’m here

Oh man. Eek. I’m cutting it close tonight. 11:12pm my computer is telling me. So let me just start with a little disclaimer – this post won’t be an award winner, it won’t be prolific¬† – in fact I have no idea what I am going to say. This here is the nitty gritty of… Read more »

More mushrooms for me

I interrupt the regularly schedule apple post to bring you an excursion in the woods. A heavy on photos light on words sort of a post that marks the – wait – what day is this? 6th post of 31. *gulp* On Wednesday I went mushroom hunting. I really don’t know how I became so… Read more »

Winter White Salad

I know I may be jumping the gun a bit by posting a “Winter” recipe as it seems Summer has just recently said its final goodbye. But as the wind currently wisps outside my windows and the rain pelts down on the fragile jewel-toned foliage I just know the trees that were barely clinging to… Read more »

Applejack Rabbit circa 1965

It’s day four and I’m ready for a drink. How about you? I guess I should have made this a bit more clear in yesterday’s post but we are talking about apples here – in all their splendor. We’ve turned apples into candy (or paste), we’re about to drink some, soon they’ll be in a… Read more »

Thank you, sara

Yesterday I received this in the mail. And this is how it made me feel. In fact that dopey grin will most likely cover my face for at least a week after this unexpected gift from a dear friend – whom I’ve never met. Inside this box was a tightly wrapped loaf of apple bread…. Read more »

NaBloWriMo – yes. I’m crazy.

So I think I’m going to do it. NaBloWriMo that is. I know you are probably as shocked as I am. “She’s going to write a new post everyday for a month? She barely manages to squeak out one a week.” First of all – don’t be so rude. Secondly, I’m crazy. Crazy and wanting… Read more »

Food: A-Z

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there are a lot of killer photography tutorials floating around the food blog world these days. If you haven’t seen them check out: Wrightfood: Food Photography Set-up Post One Food Photography Set-up Post Two Compact Camera Food Photography White On Rice Couple: Photography Tips And I’m sure there… Read more »

Mushroom Hunting

I have recently become aware of a sub-culture that exists in the ever growing world of food lovers. The people that exist in this culture are passionate, determined, generous, adventurous, tough, gentle and secretive. They are at times self-less and giving and conversely elusive and greedy. For the mushroom hunter, finding the perfect specimen is… Read more »

Look what he can do

It would be a massive understatement to say that we are feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that has been going on lately. Everything is good – nothing to complain about – though somehow I manage to. If your a Twitter friend you are probably well aware that we have been “in transition”, a.k.a. homeless… Read more »

Field Trip – Bellewood Acres

These early Fall days scream for a visit to an apple orchard. With the air as crisp as a Zestar and the slight warmth of the fleeting summer sun comforting like a mug of fresh pressed Honeycrisp cider. Last week we made our first visit of the season to Bellewood Acres located just north of… Read more »

Creamed Corn

I’ve left this blog sit in silence for longer than I intended. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I sat on the couch with computer on my lap hoping for the words to float from my head to the screen. And they could very well have if there were any words… Read more »

Stuffed Bread

Sometimes the most delicious dishes don’t have the most appetizing names, like brown butter for example. If you had never had brown butter but just knew about it from its deceptively “blah” name you would have no idea that brown butter is quite simply one of the most amazing smells/tastes known to man. Rather than… Read more »

Rendering Lard

Kitchen projects excite me. While many think I may be a bit “off my rocker” as they say, for driving an hour to a farm more than a little off the beaten path to pick up 10 pounds of pig fat, then coming home to render the fat – which in turn casts a pig… Read more »

Oven-Fried Onion Rings …

… and a killer pickled garlic scape tartar sauce – if I do say so myself. I’m not one to shy away from fried foods. What I do tend to avoid are large stinky messes. Fried foods are notorious for producing an enormous mess. The bubbly caldron of hot oil leaves a lingering smell which… Read more »


Sometimes I take pictures with the intention of turning them into paintings. Sadly I haven’t produced a painting since my two little boys arrived but when I do get around to cracking the seal on the ol’ tubes of acrylic I have a mighty supply of subjects to chose from. My love for apricots began… Read more »

Hibiscus Marshmallows

I have been inundating the blog with sweets lately (well, at least my last post had bacon). I guess that is a testament as to what I have been eating lately. For example, currently I am sitting in bed with a large pan of brownies, a half pint of raspberries and a fork. It’s no… Read more »