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There will be cookies


I wanted to be the mom who had warm cookies waiting on the counter when they got home from school. They would bound through the door and race into the kitchen being lured in by the chocolate and caramelized sugar perfume. I would just be finishing wiping up the last of the flour from the… Read more »

Rhubarb Cake


As the last of the plates were cleared grandma disappeared from the table. A moment later she returned carrying with her an aged tin box containing over 50 years of collected recipes. The lid no longer able to close as hundreds of  handwritten recipe cards and yellowed newspaper recipes packed tightly inside. For the next… Read more »

Brown Butter Donut Holes


Because there are some mornings that call for donut holes. Like a morning when friends come over to learn more about coffee knowing that we, or more accurately, my husband, knows a thing or two about it and that we have eight, or so, brewing methods. Or when the sun appears for the first time… Read more »

Mascarpone Ice Cream Affogato


  I had always thought that at some point in life you get it. That there comes a time when life just sort of magically clicks and you make sense, the world makes sense, people make sense. I don’t know exactly when I thought this would happen but I do know that by the time… Read more »

Caramel Walnut Tart


*that is not my kitchen in the video. I wish it was, however. Before saying hi to the cows casually grazing in the field, or giving the ponies much attention, before gathering a few garden scraps for the sake of making the chickens happy or giving much of a hello to my parents, I headed… Read more »

grapefruit salad with sweet milk granita


In the weeks leading up to my trip to Morocco it was the tagines and fragrant spices that I anticipated. Thoughts of fatty, braised chunks of lamb studded with apricots and warming harissa made the days before I left move at a pace that would make a snail appear as a sprinter. As one can… Read more »

Nutmeg pot de creme


In so many ways I’m like a child. The very things that cause me to raise my voice or think less-than-pleasant thoughts toward them, I myself do. Sleeping in past 7:00 am, using a fork, sitting still for longer than thirty seconds, managing to keep a straight face while saying the word “underwear” – these… Read more »

Random Acts of Cookies – revisited


It’s happened several times since that day I decided to bake my way out of self-pity. Things happen, or they don’t, and suddenly I’m swimming in thoughts of doubt and self-loathing. Such a completely unnecessary and useless place to be. Rather than take residence in that spot I reach for the butter. The process is… Read more »

Roasted apples


The first taste of apple when its season hits is almost as paramount as a first kiss. There is a longing that builds throughout the Spring and Summer months and, in my opinion, there is no better taste than that first one. It’s a ritual that merits the suspension of time. This year it was… Read more »

Video: Gradient Cake


I couldn’t decide on the perfect cake to celebrate my little girl turning one. So I did what any normal person would do – I made three cakes. It’s possible I regretted this decision as I frantically frosted while the list of things yet to do grew longer and longer as time went on. But… Read more »

Cardamom Honey Caramel Pears


or apples. Apparently it hit me. Last week I was urging Summer to stay and for the cool days of Fall to be a distant reality.  Then I started to see Gravensteins pop up along country roads in farm stands that are only attended by a black box with the words, “honor system” painted on… Read more »

she’s one + a giveaway


Contest closed. The winner was selected via Comment #47, Alanna! Congratulations. Thanks for entering. This was fun. Let’s do it again sometime. She came into our lives a year ago today. Because of her there has been more pink, more ruffles, more rosy cheeked dolls, more kisses, more love, and more joy. Because of… Read more »

Homemade Mascarpone and broiled peaches


More time has passed than I had planned when I made a passing promise to give you a lesson in homemade Mascarpone. We used it together when making this Asparagus Tart. And if you had been holding out on that tart until the publication of this post , I am so very sorry. Because now… Read more »

Film Friday: random acts of cookies


On a particular morning, not unlike many before, I started to head down a dangerous path in my own head. You know the one – questions arise of the purpose of your path, and why you are not where you think you should be, and a wave of self-doubt starts to build. Usually I wander… Read more »

Homemade Butter Finger Candy


I started making homemade pasta when I was eight. My parents kindly complimenting my bowls of mush while eating soppy noodles with much oohing and ahhing. I’ve since improved my pasta making skills. The moment I realized I could make my own butter I was out of my seat and shaking a jar of cream…. Read more »

Tequila Peach Pie


I asked her to teach me her secret to making pie. Grandma was after all the bringer of pie to all family functions so of course I thought to learn from her. I wasn’t a foreigner in the often intimidating land of pie making as my mother frequently gifted us children with pie. The process… Read more »

this year’s strawberry shortcake

5882543300_dae72a96a4_b (1)

That title just doesn’t even begin to do this recipe justice but if I were to list all the things it has going for it, you would be missing precious seconds that you weren’t preparing and eating this dessert. You start with sweet strawberries that are ruby red through and through. Then you have hefty… Read more »

Poppy seed cake, mascarpone frosting, strawberries

5759874230_9fd81ce54a_b (1)

Mmind is in a perpetual state of rapid spinning lately. Many projects to tend to, classes to teach, children getting older, dishes to be done, and as always, changes for the family. I guess that is life – the constant striving for balance and struggle to stay afloat in the midst of the continual ebb… Read more »

cocoa brownie with salted peanut butter frosting

Cocoa brownies with salted peanut butter frosting. In one more sleep my baby turns 5. Five. . . I don’t even know what to say. In my head I’m still a squirrley little teenager trying to figure this life out, all that it has to offer and how I’m suppose to navigate my way through…. Read more »

Coffee Pudding

What’s better than coffee – black as sin with brushes of hot steam tickling your nose and teasing you with its black currant and tobacco notes before your lips ever touch the edge of your favorite mug? Not much. May I dare suggest a slightly thickened version of your favorite beverage that rivals a hot… Read more »

Homemade Rainbow Chip Cake


It’s become tradition. Each year for Gabe’s birthday I make him a boxed cake. Rainbow chip. It’s his favorite. A couple years ago I made the horrible mistake of buying Funfetti. Not the same. The following year we went to several different grocery stores until we found Rainbow Chip. Well worth the effort. The lure… Read more »

Dating My Husband


Growing up Gabe was tagged as “the picky eater,” often refusing to try new things. If it even resembled a tomato he wouldn’t go near it – unless it was salsa. For some reason salsa tomatoes are acceptable. Our first fight as a young, dating couple revolved around his eating habits. I approached him feeling… Read more »

Homemade truffles


Tradition tells us to leave Santa a tall glass of milk with a heaping plate of cookies. While there is nothing wrong with cookies I just have to wonder if maybe Santa is bored. I can’t help but think that he rolls his eyes while reluctantly reaching for yet another chocolate chip cookie leaving only… Read more »

quick puff pastry


You all must know by now how much I love butter. Particularly in its puff pastry form. I’ve written about quick puff pastry before but as often as I make this recipe I thought it deserved another spot on the blog – a more in depth tutorial-like spot. Making classic puff pastry should be on… Read more »

Pumpkin Rice Pudding

No one was more happy to smell the scent of cinnamon wafting up from a steaming sauce pan than my oldest brother. Peering over my mom’s shoulder he would stop for a moment to watch the rice dance about in the bubbling milk. For us it was milk rice and it was dinner. I liked… Read more »

Homemade Twix Bars


If you don’t want gaggles of children beating down your door on Halloween night then look no further. If you’d rather not be the most popular house on the block then continue on your Internet search. If you aren’t a fan of a cookie crust so tender it shatters in your mouth, or a creamy… Read more »