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Roasted Dates with Bittersweet Chocolate

Roasted Salted Dates with Bittersweet Chocolate //

As we sit at the table still cluttered with plates wiped clean of their contents, our bellies full of briny oysters with a piquant mignonette, toast topped with whole sardines and creamy butter and tender spring greens that bend, not crack, when you bite, we turn to dessert. “We have to get the dates!” A… Read more »

Dorie’s Yogurt Cake with Blood Orange Caramel

Yogurt Cake with Blood Orange Caramel //

She had me at “every French person I know knows how to make a yogurt cake.” So, with Dorie’s guidance I bound into the kitchen hoping that a cake will transform me into a perfectly coiffed French woman who drinks thick, black coffee for breakfast, crisp baguette and runny cheese for lunch and steak frites… Read more »