I grew up in raspberry country. Otherwise known as Western Washington. The fields were perfectly stacked with rows of raspberry bushes creating a dizzying pattern as I stared out the window of our old station wagon (complete with exterior wood paneling).

Growing up around here it was expected that once you hit a certain age you would be spending your Summers under the hot sun in the raspberry fields, endlessly picking. And for my brothers and I there were no exceptions, especially considering our Aunt and Uncle owned a small raspberry farm.

I made $5 that Summer.

This was due to the fact that my cousin, who lived on the farm, would often take me away from my picking duties so I could come play with her some place other than the raspberry fields. But mostly it was because I could not stand to pick the perfectly tart and sweet berries that scream all that is good with Summer and put them in my bucket. I thought it such a shame for them to land *plunk* against the white plastic pail rather than in my mouth so that their red juices could stain my too-young-to-wear-lipstick lips.


Flash forward twenty years to where I now revel in the delight of picking berries but still can’t resist popping a few into my mouth.

Knowing that the bounty would inevitably be small I still thought it would be fun to take my 3 year old and 1 year old berry picking a couple of weeks ago. That day we were hunting strawberries. After about 10 minutes of picking the boys were showing signs of being ready to go (i.e. screaming, whining, kicking dirt, etc.)

We headed into the barn to pay for our nearly 30 berries and that’s when I spotted them – the season’s first raspberries. My inner 8 year old self squealed with joy and grabbed a flat without hesitation. (I also walked away with 3 flats of jam berries that are now canned and waiting for me to relive the Summer’s harvest in the dead of Winter).

The raspberries that didn’t end up in my mouth joined the meager bounty of freshly picked strawberries in a bowl mixed with fresh mint, Greek yogurt and honey. Becoming the best fruit salad I have ever tasted.


Simply toss several pints of both raspberries and sliced strawberries into a bowl. Add just enough Greek yogurt to give the berries a sleek, white coat. Add finely sliced fresh mint and drizzle with honey until you deem sweet enough.

The success of this salad depends on the quality of the berries. Choose wisely and resist the urge to eat them all before they end up in this dish. Your discipline will be well rewarded.

A few from my fellow Raspberry Fans:

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16 Responses to “Summer Berry Salad”

  1. Jen

    This post is adorable. Although not a field of raspberries, my Gran had a patch in her backyard. We used to pick a bunch for a quick sprinkle of sugar w/fellow strawberries. Isn’t it fantastic when these memories are rekindled simply by the sight of these red gems? Your recipe is a lovely treat.

  2. Brandi Bailey

    Hahahaha… I the cousin that cost you money that summer!?!! If so, I don’t recall having to beg you to play! 😉 Good times!! And very funny and strange memories!!!! 😀

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      You are that cousin. Yeah it didn’t take much to convince to play rather than work.
      I knew I would forget so many businesses. Share the links and I would be happy to add them!

  3. Brandi Bailey

    Haha…..I wondered! Yeah, playing is much more fun than work but it doesn’t make the big bucks unfortunately. Luckily though, we all have jobs we enjoy and it doesn’t feel much like work sometimes! 🙂 I was just giving you a hard time about the businesses! I think it’s cool you did that and there’s no WAY you could get them all! I was looking for Excel Pacifics website and I can’t find it! I can’t remember if you listed that one or not…Justin’s detail company is and the restaurants is 🙂 I really was just kidding though! You don’t have to add them!! Only if you want to! <3 ya!

  4. Dan

    The last image looks amazing. Can I post the recipe on my blog indicating your site as the source?

  5. Samantha

    Your site is absolutely beautiful. And this salad looks amazing. I’m craving Summer and just know I need to create this treat in my own kitchen over the weekend. Thanks for the inspiration and beautiful pictures!

  6. Liz

    How long does this keep? Can I make it the night before an afternoon shower or should I make it in the morning? I’ve made fruit salads in the past and let them sit overnight so the sugar can draw out the sweetness in the berries, but I’m not sure how it’ll do with the yogurt. Thanks!


    A beautiful combination of ingredients! I should eat more lentils,
    this salad would be a great way to add them to my diet.


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