The sun is upon us in the Evergreen state – for now at least.

For those of us who live in the lush green land of the Pacific Northwest you have to understand that sunshine is a big deal. When it’s out, we’re out – and that is one of the (many) reasons why I love this area.

My brief stint in Southern California taught me how easy it is to take advantage of the sun. When it appeared nearly everyday I found myself putting off outdoor activities because I was nearly certain that it would greet me the next day with its warmth.

Oh man how things differ around here. After the gray season that lasts oh a good nine months – we get giddy when the meteorologist utters the words, “chance of sun”.  And for the last 15 days the “chance of sun” has been very high. In fact we have even begun to complain about the heat. We are a silly bunch.

Rain is in the forecast and there is a bit of relief to hear that. As much as we love the sun when it shines there is something that comforts us when we see the all to familiar wet stuff. While all of L.A. ceased to exist when it rained I happily donned an overcoat and let the rain fall on my face feeling reminiscent and missing home.

One of the best ways to enjoy the days without rain are picnics. My little family and I have had many throughout the last couple of weeks but while chasing the kids across the beach and showing Baron the joys of a teeter totter – I haven’t taken the time to snap many photos or write down recipes. Lucky for us many others have and they deserve to be showcased. Also I have added the links to a couple of really cool picnic toting products that we have been using (or coveting).

Vietnamese Picnic from ReadyMade

A poetic description of friends and picnics by Tea & Cookies

A picnic with Potato Salad from Gluten-Free Girl

Another use for cucumbers and a great picnic side-kick by Mango & Tomato

Very cool/practical lunchboxes – I’ve been using the Klip it-Chill it and I love it

Pork Roasted in a Baguette from Once upon a Plate – Oh are you kidding me?! I want this to come on my next picnic.

Ice Cream on a picnic?! – I needs to get me one of these!!

Built bags are the best.


2 Responses to “A Picnic Primer”

  1. Alana

    Thank you for the link to the Built bags! I just bought one to replace a tattered old Godiva bag I’ve been using to carry my lunch for months. The new one looks like it will work much better.


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