My business was mentioned in the November issue of Northwest Business Monthly.

If you read the brief blurb let me correct two things… my business name is Ashley E. Rodriguez ; Artisan Sweets (not Artesian Sweets) and my email is It was a phone interview so I understand how things could have gotten mixed up.

The article is about planning Holiday parties and for those who are interested I am currently taking orders for the upcoming holidays!


5 Responses to “I’m in a magazine”

  1. jenjen

    Congratulations on getting a mention! Too bad they didn’t get it completely right but I am sure that it will help in someway.

  2. Ivonne

    That’s just fantastic, Ashley! I love your site and I just love what you make! I’m going to add your link on my blog!

  3. Carmi

    That’s what fact-checkers are for…and it’s kind of unfortunate that the magazine that interviewed you doesn’t seem to employ them.

    As a journalist, I see stuff like this and I cringe.

    But then I see your work and I have to smile: your images are exquisite. I’ll be back for more.


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