I recently participated in an event entitled Grape & Gourmet. Local restaurants and food vendors provided 1 – 2 oz. portions of their food to over 600 attendees with all the proceeds going to a local Rotary which helps many local charities.
I served a Hazelnut shortbread cookie dipped in chocolate along with a very intense dark drinking chocolate, consisting of dark chocolate, whole milk, cream and unsweetened cocoa powder. Rich, creamy and very intense. To some I called it Hot Chocolate but it was in no way the typical American Hot Chocolate. Most tasters were pleasantly surprised by the intense not-so-sweet taste and it was a true joy to watch the smiles appear on the faces of those who merely tasted a sip of this intense beverage.

I get so much pleasure seeing others enjoy food so intensely. I want others to taste and feel what I do when I bite into (or sip) something so absolutely divine. I love creating the food and watching simple ingredients turn into something truly remarkable but it is really the most satisfying to watch others receive such enjoyment.

So to my friends, family and customers….. please know that it is my joy to serve you. I create my sweets with great passion and love for what I do (along with the best ingredients 🙂 ) And to the rest of you…. please enjoy this site and savor the photos!

Thanks again to all who take the time to check out this blog. I really appreciate the support and encouragement that my husband and I have received from many of you!

It’s a very sweet life we live.


5 Responses to “Feeding sweets to the people”

  1. csbaron

    I am saddened that I live so far away that is impossible to taste all of your treats. You better have some ready when I come for Thanksgiving.

  2. Kristen

    Hi Ashley–thanks for visiting my blog. I popped in to look at yours real quick and you are one talented young lady! I will be back. 🙂

  3. gbaron

    sorry i missed grape and gourmet too. But, I’m so glad I am close by and so lucky to get to sample your goodies. What makes me even happier is the joy you get from bringing those smiles and that delight to others.

  4. Mary Gene Atwood

    Your’re on the cusp of hitting the “big time” Your presentation is exquisite, and I only wish I could comment on the taste! 🙁
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and give Baron a kiss from Tutu. I’m sure he misses me.


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