*side note* This is part of a series in which I post images I’ve taken throughout the week using my Canon A1 (fancy talk for a film camera circa the 80’s)

Here are a few other Film Fridays to peruse at your leisure.




All images were shot using Kodak Portra 400.

ok, continue. When in Seattle you must…


… have dinner at Delancey.

If we happen to not be there that night, which might not be likely considering we live right around the corner and frequent it quite often – we will let you sit at our corner table. If we are there, please join us. We are happy to share our pizza but you should be aware of the dining arrangements.

Baron cozies up to the window in the corner seat. Gabe, Ivy and I sit on the end while Roman, if he sits at all, takes the other window seat. In order to ensure a somewhat chaos-free dining experience we carry with us no less than two iPhones and one iPad. Now I know at some point we must bite the bullet and teach our children how to properly behave in restaurants without the aid of technological devices but not yet, please not yet.


A little tip on ordering… everything is great. You know of course that the pizza is amazing but don’t just skim over the salads and starters. Some of my favorite tastes while dining at Delancey have come from this part of the menu. Also, never skip dessert and never, ever walk out with out a little to-go bag with a salted chocolate chip cookie tucked inside.

When in Seattle you must also picnic. What’s that? Oh dear, it’s raining?! That’s odd.

No problem we can still picnic at Picnic. They have everything a good picnic requires. Lillet? Check. Pork Rillettes? Check. Dinah’s Cheese with Ballard Bee honey? Check. Roasted beets with smokey blue cheese and hazelnuts? Check.

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If by some chance you are in Seattle when it’s not raining than I urge you to gather all your goods and take your picnic to the zoo which is conveniently located about ½ mile away from Picnic.

You should also note that picnicking in the midst of friends, new and old, makes everything much, much better.


Shauna giving Lu a  sweet candid kiss. We mothers simply can NOT resist kissing the tops of our children’s heads.


30 Responses to “Film Friday: when in Seattle, you must…”

  1. Snippets of thyme

    That is so cool to start recognizing photos of other bloggers in bloggers photos. I helps me feel connected in this seemingly infinite blogging world. My kids are teens and in the stage of “c’mon guys, you need to master the art of conversation…talk…please??” But, they sure do love eating out!

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      @Riley – Isn’t it fun when this vast blogging world starts to feel more manageable and family-like? I have so many people I can’t wait to meet someday, you being one of them.

  2. Caitlin

    I love this series, but ah! The one time I visited Seattle, we made sure to hit up Delancey – so I know what I’m missing when you & others talk about it. I wish it was closer…

  3. Sis

    Loved this, I’ll be sure to try those places if ever I’m there!

    But my favorite is the head kiss. My children are 20, 18, and 15 and still get top-of-the-head kisses sometimes. 🙂

  4. alicia

    i’m a seattle native and i’d never heard of picnic. thanks for the tip! i’ll be checking it out soon. 🙂

  5. sarah

    I love Delancey and Picnic too. We were in Seattle in March, and had my birthday dinner there. What a lovely spot. Picnic has fantastic wine!
    Beautiful blog!

  6. KarenP

    I’m soooo jealous that you live around the corner from Delancey! If only NYC and Seattle were a little closer to one another….

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      @Alex – It’s a hard one to get a table at. We head over around 4:50 on a Weds., Thurs., or Sunday. Most often at those times there is no wait. Keep trying!

  7. Lucia

    I love pic-nics and I’m just about to plan one as a surprise for my boyfriend. Seattle is far away for Northern Italy, but pic-nics are always great, all around the world.

  8. Corey @ Learning Patience

    YUM!! That salad looks delicious! Going to pass on this suggestion to our good friends that live nearby–thanks a bunch! Glad to have found your blog – SO many delicious recipes to start trying!!

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      @Corey – It is just that. It’s the Jersey salad and I see no sign of it leaving the menu any time soon. I’m almost certain your friends will love that and everything else on that menu. Glad you found me!

  9. Laura (Pinot and Prose)

    What is it about Lillet??? I automatically feel a kinship with you and everyone who has mentioned it in the comments. Maybe because Lillet is more than a beverage but it’s indicative of a certain lifestyle, a joie de vivre?

    Lovely photos, as usual! I’ll be in Oregon in a few weeks and I’m so tempted to make the road trip up to Seattle for some of that Delancey deliciousness!

  10. Anne Marie

    “Now I know at some point we must bite the bullet and teach our children how to properly behave in restaurants without the aid of technological devices but not yet, please not yet.”

    I chuckled to myself on this one. My husband and I are those sort of quacks who pretty much only let our kids watch television if we are desperate for a bit of uninterrupted time (i.e. doing the dishes together–how sexy). Nonetheless, if we go out to eat, we pull out all the stops. I even have a small lunchbox full of crayons, coloring pages, stickers, and even two little cars. Usually my husband’s IPhone wins though.

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      @Anne Marie – Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, right?! I know this season will pass but our love of eating out is still made possible thanks to the iPhone.

  11. caroline

    I love the seattle recommendations. I wish my visit to seattle two weeks ago was longer so I could try all the delicious food the city has to offer. I bookmarked picnic to try (after reading their menu like a novel) and delancey has been on my list for a while. thanks~

  12. Caro Horsfall

    First… Lillet is amazing. I have created many things with it beyond cocktails, or drinking it in its’ solo form, to salad dressing and sherbet for adult kids. Secondly… Please tell me how I can take a photography lesson with you?


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