You guys let me first get this out; I have no recipe today. It’s sort of ridiculous how guilty I feel about this BUT I’m still really excited about what I DO have: LINKS!

These are special links. Links to places, products and people that I’ve found, tried and loved so much that I wanted to tell you about them. One of the perks of this crazy job is that I get to try a lot of products that people really want me to tell you about but I don’t talk about them much because I don’t want to seem like a sales person, I don’t want to assume that just because I like you’re going to too or sometimes there’s just not a lot of reason to talk about it. But then there are some things that are just too good that I feel wrong keeping it to myself. There are products out there that need to shared and enjoyed by more than just my little family.

The other part of this, in all honesty, is that I just started a small business. The kind where I hope people buy it, like it and want to tell people about it so my empathy for these companies has grown tremendously and I understand that to them; whatever they are making, is more than just the thing itself, it’s a part of them. The creators of these things (I’ll get to it real soon) are so proud of what they are creating, I consider it an honor and joy to have this space to share them with you all.

Earlywood Designs

So first up let’s talk about Earlywood. Brad first sent me his wooden kitchen tools earlier this summer and I have been using them every day ever since. I’m weak for a good wooden spoon. They are what I collect on my travels and his are especially beautiful (the wood, the deep bowl, the smooth lines!) but what I really really love are the wooden spatulas. Wooden spatulas! The design is so simple, so clean and yet it is one of the most functional and practical tools I have in my kitchen right now.

*A winner has been contacted. Thanks for entering!

Guess what?! Brad wants one of you to have a collection of his incredible products for yourself. He is giving away:

1 Medium Classic Ladle

1 Long Server

1 Mini Ironwood cutting board set

1 Trifecta

1 set of 4 Small Spreaders


Just leave a comment below to enter and then after that be sure to check out his site and Facebook page. I’ll select a winner next Wednesday, October 8.


Earlywood Designs
Earlywood Designs

Next up, Quinn Popcorn. I love popcorn, a lot. But what excited me most about trying this product was the story of how it began. A young mom with a five day old baby boy named Quinn decided that it was time to clean up her popcorn. Mom’s are so awesome. It was a long, complicated process and she delved deep into the scary world of the food industry but what came from it is seriously the most amazing microwave butter popcorn I’ve ever had.


Quinn makes already popped and microwave popcorn in flavors like Kale & Sea Salt, Hickory Smoked Cheddar, Vermont Maple and Sea Salt (the favorite among my littles) and Butter & Sea Salt. The crazy thing is is that it’s actually butter in the mix. Somehow they’ve managed to dry hormone free butter, mix it with salt and then make the world’s most amazing popcorn. You just microwave, sprinkle then shake.

I told them in an email that I’m a little upset that they introduced me to their popcorn because now it’s all I want, everyday.

Okay, this post is getting out of hand. There are so many more to mention. I’ll try a be a bit quicker.

This tea has been helping me get to a healthier place. While I’ve still eaten ice cream everyday for the past week I still think it’s doing a good work. But the thing with Bliss Teas is that they taste great so while there’s all these amazing ingredients in them that are great for you I really just love to drink it because it tastes amazing.

Some sweet friends started this amazing line of kid’s t-shirts and sweatshirts with serious style.

Need salt? Of course you do. The Meadow has them all.

Still lamenting the fact that there was so recipe here? Check out this one and this one.

Finally, if you have any interest in hearing me gush about Seattle then check out this interview I did with Global Yodel and Visit Seattle. I really do love my city.


336 Responses to “This + That”

  1. Carole

    These utensils are elegant, beautiful and look like they’d fit beautiful into my hand!

  2. Rachel Tilly

    Thanks for sharing these links! Those wooden spoons look gorgeous–would love to use them in my kitchen! Also, your cookie mix makes the best chocolate cookies ever. Absolutely wonderful.

  3. Sarah D.

    Love the simplicity and beauty in the natural design. A back-to-basics approach that’s so much more!

  4. Yafa

    Gorgeous wooden utensils to ogle, then luscious chocolate chip cookies to tempt, followed by a heaping bowl of popcorn. If I wasn’t hungry before, I am now!

    I just checked out Earlywood’s website and I am hankering for the mini cutting boards and saute spatulas that I could use nearly every day.

    All that wooden-ware is a fabulous gift. Thank you for sharing this offer.

  5. Rose

    Thanks for all of the links, especially Earlywood! I’m checking out every single one, and now I’m getting all of my Christmas shopping done very early.

    Best wishes on your business!

  6. Rae

    While I do miss not having a recipe, those wooden utensils are amazing. They would make my efforts to banish plastic from my kitchen so much easier.

  7. Erin

    Those utensils look incredible!

    Looking at that popcorn makes me want to buy a microwave too!

  8. Sara

    I am obsessed with wooden spoons. Right now I am hiding a recent purchase in my office, lest my boyfriend think I’ve gone insane…

  9. Kaity

    Ohhhh Earlywood! I’m in love! Those are some seriously gorgeous pieces – I just love beautiful colors in wood.

  10. Linda Zimmerman

    beautiful wooden utensils make cooking and baking so much more fun. thanks for the post even without your recipe

  11. Sis Adger

    Oh my, I get weak in the knees for wooden utensils and dishes, too. Love those – I had checked out that website before, can’t remember who but someone else with a cooking blog mentioned them. Would adore a set, so keeping my fingers crossed! lol

    And just so you’ll know, I love posts that point to other products and foods my favorite bloggers love. So you are good. Do it again sometime!

  12. Sarah

    My husband is a wood spoon fanatic. His parents and grandparents all have beautiful old wooden spoons in their kitchens, and we have a few of our own. He has been known to sand them gently when need be, and oil them when they become dried out. I tease him, but actually think its sweet that he has such a fondness for wooden utensils. They are so lovely perched in a vase next to the stove. It would be so nice to upgrade our discount store wooden utensils for these beautiful, handmade versions.

  13. Rachael H.

    The wooden utensils are so lovely. They’ll make any kitchen chore more enjoyable! And that popcorn looks delightful.

  14. Lisa Carlson

    The wooden spoons look beautiful and so organic. Love them and would love to get some.

  15. PatMH

    I absolutely love the Earlywood wooden utensils. No kitchen is complete without a set of wood utensils. Wood speaks of enduring quality. In my opinion, even the simplest wood utensils are world’s better than the plastic, nylon and silicone ones propagating in kitchens everywhere today. To be honest, I don’t totally trust plastic, nylon or silicone coming into contact with the food I prepare and eat. Years ago I heard of how plastic “out-gasses” and if someone is sensitive to chemical fumes it they should avoid it. So many things are wrapped in, stored it, cooked in and even served on plastic nowadays. How on earth can one avoid it?! It’s truly sad. But wood utensils are a good beginning. I say, Right On! I hope they sell like hotcakes – and I would dearly love to win one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  16. Kerri

    My boyfriend has a collection of wooden spatulas that his grandfather made with Arbutus wood from their property, he loves them so much we don’t even use them! They are so beautiful, but it would be wonderful to have a few that were practical as well! Gorgeous post.

  17. Kristen H.

    I would love to own this set! You can tell the love and care that was put into them. Beautiful!

  18. Jayme Gibbs

    Thanks so much for linking to our Shop! πŸ™‚ You are the sweetest… and make a darn good batch of cookies πŸ™‚ (among everything else you are wonderful at Ashley.)

  19. Steve

    Great idea. I love supporting small businesses–and now I’m hungry for popcorn. πŸ™‚

  20. Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I love wooden anything. My mamma passed away and she had this wooden spatula I use every day.It is really wearing and I’m afraid to lose it — I’ve been looking for some good wooden cooking tools.

  21. Iris R.

    Great links! The popcorn makes me wish I had a microwave…but I guess I’ll have to stick with my own stove-popping.

    Gorgeous wooden utensils too! I think those will be really lovely gifts, so I’ll have to get some soon for Christmas.

  22. Steven Trevalkee

    Thanx for Earlywood link.
    These look uber-good, not just for looks, but high function.
    I really appreciate my silicone “spoonula”, AND–
    nothing beats the feel of a realy good wood kitchen utensil.

  23. emily b

    I’ve been looking for handmade wooden utensils for a long time now – what wonderful work Brad does at Earlywood! I also just moved to Seattle and am so excited to read about your recommendations – I joke that I moved here from the East Coast for the food, but then I realized it not even really a joke. Congratulations on your new shop too!

  24. Alexandra

    What a lovely giveaway! I’ve heard amazing things about Quinn’s so I *really* need to get my butt in gear and pick some up for our next stay at home movie night!

  25. Emily

    I love the wooden utensils made by Earlywood. I just had a baby and noticed that Earlywood makes baby and toddler spoons! I love to cook and would love to win the set of tools being given away so that my baby girl and I can cook together with them πŸ™‚

  26. Elizabeth

    love his work! I’m on the lookout to replenish my wooden spoons. They have had it. I also plan on taking care of them with a homemade wood butter when I acquire more!

  27. Molly F.C.

    Love wooden utensils for cooking. They’re my favorite go to tool in the kitchen.

  28. Rebecca

    Those are beautiful! Such seemingly simple tools, but what a difference it can make when they are made with love.

  29. Kathleen

    WOOD! My dad is a woodworker but he mostly makes furniture. If I don’t win I might need to convince him to try spoons. Gorgeous.

  30. Keely W

    A wooden spatula?! I’m sold! Even if I don’t win I need one of those. It’ll lift cookies and flip grilled cheese? So need that!

  31. Sylvia

    Brad’s utensils are really lovely. The link to your small business doesn’t work….just get a 404 message. But I’m curious, and will check back later to see if it has been fixed and take a look.

  32. Meredith

    Thank you for the links! Loving the Earlywood site and just bookmarked it – the spreaders (and maybe a ladle) are going to have a home in my kitchen soon!

  33. Carolyn

    Those are beautiful spoons. I love that they have a deep bowl. My wooden spoons are almost flat and are not good for serving utensils. These would make beautiful serving utensils.

  34. Steve

    Love wood utensils and mine are showing a lot of “love”. It would be great to get replacements. Will have to start my Christmas list if I don’t win….

  35. Shelly

    I love wooden utensils! But I’ve never tried a wooden spatula–might have to get one of those.

  36. Stephanie K

    The Earlywood products are so beautiful, and I’m really interested in trying the teas you recommended. Thanks for the list!

  37. Angela Cook

    I think some ofhe Earlywood gorgeousness needs to make it’s way to Ausstralia and into my kitchen.

  38. Melissa

    I love the wooden utensils – and would love to share them with my bro-in-law who would love them too!

  39. kelli

    you should never feel bad when you tell us about these kind of makers and goods. it is a great thing!
    I search out bloggers who recommend things for me to try from people and companies I have not heard of.
    when I was looking to buy a new chef knife I read a lot of my favorite blogs to find the best small scale producers. for the sharpest workhorse of a chefs knife (that I could afford) it’s a Schmidt brother’s knife and I LOVE it!
    it helps the little guys get the word out.
    if you were telling us bout Annie’s mac and cheese, well that’s different. they are good but don’t need help getting their product out there.
    tell us more about small producers of very cool things that you like.
    we, and they, will thank you!
    and may I say, how lucky that you get cool free stuff! NO FAIR!:)

  40. Phoebe Tully

    Who doesn’t love a link post? Those gorgeous utensils remind me of the interview I recently did with stylist/photographer Kara Rosenlund for The Kitchenet. She has SO MANY wooden spoons, but her favourite was a beautiful old bentwood one.

  41. Heather

    The Earlywood ladle looks amazing. I would love to have some pieces in the kitchen that aren’t plastic!

  42. Kris

    The cookies have woken a barely hidden craving! Of course, the spatula is lovely as well, but more immediately I need to go bake. πŸ™‚

  43. Lauren Sullivan

    I love wooden spoons so much. I’m moved by the deep wood as well. I am so excited to see you do a post on Earlywood!! I bought my mom, step mom, and grandma spoons and spatulas for them for xmas 2 years ago. Now whenever I go home I love using them. I must pick up some for myself! They are amazing, and all different sizes. Yay!

  44. Lindsay

    Well, those spoons are just adorable! And I will definitely check out the popcorn and tea. (Oh let’s be honest, I’ll be clicking on all of it!)

  45. Taylor

    the wooden utensils are beautiful!!!!!!I would love to have a set…..going to the web page now

  46. Bill Martin

    I run a Yahoo group foodie email list. We do everything except encourage meals made with canned mushroom soup and corn flakes! We use iSi, we are learning more everyday cooking sous vide, we publish recipes that are tried and true, we recommend and teach others about iSi, sous vide, pressure cooking, BBQ done RIGHT. I came to your website via one of our members on the group: BillsKitchen, and one our moderators.
    I would love to review the wood utensils and do a recommendation to our 181 members. Plus I unabashedly would love to work with these lovely kitchen tools.

  47. Sheila Conboy

    Those are the most beautiful wooden kitchen tools imaginable!

    Must have.

    Thanks for the great gift idea!!

  48. mindy

    I just had breakfast, but those gorgeous cookies are making me hungry! and those earlywood pieces are just so sublime.

  49. Krista E.

    You can see the love in the craftsmanship of those wooden utensils. They are works of art indeed.

  50. kelly stillman

    the @earlywooddesigns spoons and other little treasures are to die for! hope it’s my lucky day!! πŸ™‚

  51. cheri

    I know what you mean about loving wooden utensils, they just feel so right in a kitchen. I need to replace mine so will peruse his website in search of some beauties. Thanks for sharing this.

  52. clarice

    Great list of links. Wish I had read it before I went to Seattle the other day. Crossing my fingers on the beautiful wooden utensils. Clarice

  53. Lisa

    I use wooden utensils all the time in the kitchen and would love these. Thank you for your wonderful blog.

  54. janita

    Need those wooden tools! Just saw them the other day and now again. Is it a sign?
    Quinn popcorn is sold by my local coop and is very yummy!

  55. Judith

    I actually really like the occasional link roundup post. And those wooden tools are seriously gorgeous!

  56. jonquil

    A wooden spatula! How awesome is that πŸ™‚ I use wooden utensils when I’m making jams & etc.

  57. Marlene

    Oh how much I love utensils that are wooden and so beautiful looking! I love everything wood!

  58. Charlotte

    All (almost all) wooden utensils are lovely, but these actually look like ones that you would use. Bonus!

  59. Christy

    Brad’s wooden creations are gorgeous. To honor them, a haiku:

    honoring the grain
    wood transformed for a purpose:
    elegant service

  60. Joanna R

    Thanks for sharing! It’s always good to get info on small businesses that should be supported!

  61. pat

    Love, love the wood utensils. I only use wood anyway, but these are way beyond anything I have in beauty, plus the spreaders look wonderful! Also grateful for a healthy popcorn suggestion!

  62. Madi Cap

    These wooden utensils are so beautiful! I feel like my kitchen should really have one of each, now.

  63. Dave

    Of course I’m entering for the wood stuff! I just got an olivewood cutting board while I was touring in Germany. Gotta add to the collection now!

  64. Joanne Jamis Cain

    Congratulations on your new business!
    I want, I want, I want those wooden utensils! I’m a Greek American and I PROMISE- I will put them to AMAZING use! xo Joanne

  65. Christy

    The photos are a lint but dark on this post but I know I still want these utensils! And why oh why did you tell me about this popcorn? I will be addicted!

  66. Wendy

    I know exactly what you mean about the weakness for wooden utensils. These seem particularly beautiful – thanks for letting us know about them!

  67. Amelia

    Oh my, oh my. Those wooden utensils are BEYOND gorgeous. There truly is no better kitchen utensil than one made out of wood, I think. I have been v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y trying to transition from the inexpensive silicone, plastic, and metal utensils that long outlasted the ‘college days’ to items just like Earlywood.

  68. Heather M

    What a lovely way to pay it forward! Wooden utensils just feel so good in your hand…

  69. Jesse

    I appreciate your love of a good wooden spoon. They can easily seem to become a part of someone. When my grandma passed away, my uncle and I immediately made sure that no one accidentally donated my grandmother’s favorite wooden spoon and her garlic press. She had at drawers full of spoons but she reached for the same wooden spoon every time. Now my uncle does too.

  70. Amity

    Ahh I would love some new kitchen toys! Especially ones as drop dead stunning as those.
    Keep up the lovely blogging, I’m a long-time fan xx

  71. Goldenpudding

    I’m not sure if this offer is available internationally, but if so I would love to enter the giveaway! Such beautiful spoons, they look like they would feel wonderful in your hand.

  72. abby

    Such a lovely round-up. Don’t feel guilty πŸ™‚ Just joyful. You’ve been working hard!

  73. Bruce

    I really like the occasional link roundup. And the wooden tools are seriously beautiful and look functional! Nice web site, Brad, and the woods that you use are amazing

  74. Kate

    I adore wooden utensils, and these are gorgeous! And thanks for the links – I always love the ones you post πŸ™‚

  75. Neena

    I love this post and am a fan of supporting small businesses! I checked out all the links you featured and I’m so impressed with the quality and care of these products!

  76. Robin

    What beautiful wooden utensils. I dream of having only wood or metal utensils, no plastic.

  77. Sally

    Gorgeous. Having beautiful, hand-crafted items like these in the kitchen is what helps give a kitchen soul. Just lovely.

  78. krystal

    My friend bought me an earlywood cutting board for Christmas last year. I’d love some wooden tools to go with it!

  79. Ramona

    Those spoons – NEED!!!
    β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ \(β— oβ— \) (/β— _β— )/ \(Β΄ ˘ `)/ β™ͺ β™« β™ͺ

  80. Kristina N.

    I’ve been hearing a lot about Earlywood. I sent my husband over to the site so hopefully I’ll start a collection soon πŸ™‚

  81. S. O'Brien

    I love using my wooden kitchen tools. Early Wood tools would make a beautiful addition to my collection.

  82. Libby

    I collect wooden spoons from travels, too! I’m intrigued by the Earlywood spatulas – they’re so simple and sleek. I’ve added one to my wishlist. Thanks for sharing the things you like! I always appreciate a recommendation.

  83. bill

    I’m also a sucker for well-designed and beautiful wooden kitchen implements … all the more so when they are free πŸ™‚

  84. Abbe

    I love wooden utensils β€” the heft in the hand feels right and there’s a certain “quiet” about them in action. The Earlywood tools are beautiful, and enough to make me salivate!

  85. sita

    I have been ogling Earlywood’s utensils for quite some time and hope to get to try them out soon!

  86. Mary Beth Foster

    I’m with you! A good wooden spoon is a thing of beauty – and practicality! These are beautiful, and I’d love to win a set!!

  87. Deirdre

    I host all my siblings, their SO and my parents (in addition to my own family of 4) every Christmas and these beautiful utensils would look beautiful on our dining table. Thanks for the chance to win.

  88. Melissa

    These are functional and beautiful tools. Thanks for the information to his page.

  89. Mia

    Great links!! I’m a sucker for wood everything too, and these spoons and spatulas are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  90. Caro H

    I found this post and Brad’s website inspiring and went to find my one and only favorite wooden spoon… i know what people are getting for Christmas this year! your cookie mix and a wooden spatula!!

  91. Sarah

    I love a link roundup when it’s full of products genuinely adored. This set of wooden spoons is a perfect example! I think they make a perfect hostess gift, and I’m always looking for one of those. I’d love to win one, but if I don’t, I might have to splurge and buy a few!

  92. Krista

    The spoons are gorgeous. And the idea of a wooden spatula that nice would pretty much require a batch of cookies stat!

  93. Jane Elspeth

    The Earlywood tools look functional and beautiful. I am not sure what the wood is? The spoons remind me of vintage European spoons (I have some small French olive spoons that i love). The spatulas are a super interesting shape and I can see why you like them. They would match my funky antique walnut kitchen table ….it has knots and cracks on the top and the color matches these :-). I think the spatulas would be great for stirring stuff like polenta too, anything that you don’t want to stick..the shape would be good for scraping the bottom of deep pots.

  94. Amanda

    I am also a sucker for wooden spoons. They make cooking more enjoyable! Thanks for the chance to win those beauties.

  95. Jane Elspeth

    Wow, I just checked out Earlywood FB page and site! They’re made in Red Lodge MT.. I grew up in MT :-). I posted earlier but comment seems to have disappeared. The spoons remind me of vintage French olive spoons I have…gorgeous designs and woods.

  96. Jamie

    Wow, that’s one gorgeous set of wooden utensils. They put my current ones to shame but I’m throwing my hat in the pot anyway. = )

  97. Beth

    amazing craftsmanship! I too love wooden utensils. Most of the time I love cooking, but when I walk into the kitchen, not feeling like making dinner on a crazy-busy weeknight, using good simple utensils makes me feel connected to generations of cooking and makes me feel good about making a meal.

  98. Alison

    Beautiful wooden spoons and cutting boards from Earlywood! Love the idea of wooden spatulas too.

  99. Danielle

    I cannot get over how beautiful those spoons are! They would make such lovely gifts.

  100. Mary P.

    Love the links, and those spoons…!
    I want ’em all. πŸ˜‰ Quality products are worth the cost,
    And Brad’s are quality!

  101. Hanna

    These handmade kitchen tools are absolutely beautiful! As a college student, it would be wonderful to have something quality like this that would last me a very long time. I spend a lot of time cooking in my kitchen and would use these tools often.

  102. Ellen

    I’ve actually been looking for some gorgeous wooden utensils to display in our new kitchen, and these are perfection!

  103. Aaron

    Great giveaway, love the site; I love using wooden cooking tools, and this set looks awesome

  104. Diana

    Absolutely beautiful !!! I love the way the ladles are shaped …. not only practical but really attractive…. I’d hang them up just for display alone .. πŸ™‚

  105. Lacey

    Would love love love to have a set of these spoons! If I don’t win, they are going on my holiday wish list πŸ™‚

  106. Emery

    Those are GORGEOUS! And absolutely beautiful. Just moved into my first apartment and have been trying to gather all the kitchen essentials one needs to become a great entertainer and cook! I would love to add them in my very first kitchen πŸ™‚

  107. Erin

    Looooove these and would be so excited to add one to our kitchen…fingers crossed! Love your sure and blog too

  108. Lisa

    I’m not even that upset about the lack of a recipie because those were some great websites!! Thanks for the share πŸ™‚

  109. Carrie

    I’m also a sucker for a good wooden spatula! Tried your cookie mix this weekend, too. Delicious and beautiful, simple packaging.

  110. John

    I just saw the Earlywood collection on The Grommet today for the first time and was intrigued by them. It’s nice to see a review/endorsement from another person as well.

  111. Erin

    Wooden spoons are the best! And, mmmmmpopcorn! Looking forward to your lovely words about Seattle (my city too!)

  112. Kristine sanders

    There is something intrinsically beautiful about handmade, wooden items. More than tools I think , rather finely honed instruments. It would be a joy to create with these works of art.

  113. Foodie Next Door

    I love this wooden utensil collection. Almost too beautiful to use.
    And the popcorn sounds like a must have.

    • Brad at Earlywood

      Foodie Next Door,
      I get that all the time. People say they’re too beautiful to use… then they take them home and use them and the next thing they say is that they use them nonstop!

  114. Jennifer

    Beautiful craftsmanship. Would love to have these wooden spoons working in my kitchen.

  115. Ksenia @ At the Immigrant's Table

    Those spoons look incredible. A wooden spoon has always been an indispensable part of my kitchen, having grown up in a Russian home that treasured ornate wooden utensils a lot more than any other material. Thank you for sharing these!

  116. Weezie

    Oh my goodness, I want me some Earlywood SO BAD. I’ve been creeping on it ever since dig this chick did a post on it. Swooooon.

  117. Toni in NC

    Those Earlywood utensils look fabulous. Any chance Earlywood makes a risotto spoon? And those great sounding popcorn flavors are making me hungry.

    • Brad at Earlywood

      We don’t have a risotto specific spoon out yet, but I have about 10 other utensils and 5 cutting board designs that I’m going to release as soon as I have the time. Sign up for the Earlywood Newsletter on my site if you want to be the first to know!

  118. shelley krueger

    I love wooden kitchen implements over all others. Thanks for showing them.

  119. Blue Stoehr

    Love this website. So great for my kitchen and my friends who love to cook. I know what’s gonna be under my Christmas tree this year!

  120. Bethany Kocher

    Those wooden kitchen tools look amazing… I spent last night coating my existing collection with spoon butter (beeswax and virgin coconut oil).

  121. Stephanie Hanley

    Mmm… now I have to clean drool off my keyboard from the beautiful and tasty products. The wooden utensil set is amazing!

  122. Hannah Scott

    Okay THIS is great. I love seeing what you are currently into and loving and sleeping with under your pillow (almost?) because you love it that much. This is fantastic. Keep them coming!!

  123. Alison

    I would love to make a home for those beautiful wooden tools! P.S. Those salted chocolate chip cookies (?) look amazing!

  124. Nadia

    I am just starting to learn to cook and those spoons definitely look like something I need in my small but ever-expanding kitchen.


  125. Heidi Devereaux

    The spoons are almost too beautiful to use! They really are works of art!

  126. Barb

    I have a problem, okay, I will admit it to you. I have an addiction. That’s correct! … I am a kitchen gadget-aholic … whoo … it is so good to get that off my chest!!! haha … love your blog

  127. Olivia Woll

    How amazing is it that spoons can be beautiful! These are some gorgeous pieces which make the wood look perfect and wholesome πŸ™‚

  128. Olivia Woll

    How amazing it is that spoons can be beautiful! These pieces are so simplistic and lovely and the wood is made to look so smooth and ideal. Not sure if I would put these in the kitchen or frame them!

  129. Brad at Earlywood

    I just read all 286 comments! Talk about inspiration to keep going with Earlywood and keep making utensils that will be passed on from generation to generation. To think that an Earlywood utensil could be used for 50 years, then be one of the most important items passed on from one generation to the next makes me proud to be doing what I’m doing. Thank you for all the great comments and I wish you could all win!

  130. Susan Pietrocarlo

    I have been longing for these Earlywood utensils ever since I saw them on line- gorgeous and utilitarian. Thank you for presenting this fab giveaway. I love your site. Please never stop blogging!

  131. Amanda T.

    I love hearing about quality products, and reputable companies! The popcorn and the wooden utensils both piqued my interest. Thank you for sharing!

  132. Keina

    Yes please! That wood is absolutely beautiful! I’d love to cook with any of those pieces πŸ™‚

  133. Karen

    I love finding amazing small businesses! Those spoons and spatulas are absolutely beautiful!

  134. felicia | Dish by Dish

    Hi Ashley, I love your honesty in this post – thank you for being truthful and open and sharing what you love and why. Those wooden spoons would find a beautiful and cosy home in my tiny 2-square meter kitchen (i can already imagine them being friends with my other cutlery). And that popcorn sounds too good! Movie night at home? Definitely!

    Sending love!

  135. Stephanie

    Beautiful wooden utensils. I’d be thrilled to find a home for them in Cambridge (UK). Loved the post and all the links. All the best!

  136. Gabriela

    What a wonderful antidote to metal! Thank you for your beautiful, thoughtful posts.

  137. Lori B. Law

    Just ordered the Trifecta from Earlywood. We bought a get-away place out near Joshua Tree, and are trying our best to stock the kitchen entirely with American Made products. It’s amazing how much is out there if you look! Thanks mucho for bringing these handmade beauties to our attention!!

  138. Kate

    These spatulas are beautiful! I can imagine making tons of Fall treats with these πŸ™‚

  139. Alex O

    I absolutely love the wooden kitchen tools you’ve featured above – they are very sleek and would make incredible host/hostess gifts. This was such a great post, I need to get my hands on that popcorn! Love your site, keep up the awesome work.

  140. ashley

    i love all of his beautiful wood pieces!! wood spoons/cutting boards/serving utensils are what i collect when i travel too. love it!

  141. Kaja Skare

    As a college student I would LOVE to win these spoons (and I definitely need them on my budget..) I’m in love with all your posts, and wish I had much more time to bake!!

  142. Brian @ A Thought For Food

    I, too, have a weakness for wooden kitchen utensils… and these look like the kind that I would use every day and that would make the experience of cooking and serving food even more special.

    Also… popcorn. I’m obsessed. It’s one of my favorite snack foods. But only warm popcorn. I don’t do the cold kind you buy at the store. But I might change that for Quinn’s Popcorn. πŸ™‚

  143. Lizzie

    Nice wooden utensils. I’d love to give them a home. I use my bamboo spatulas every day.

  144. Donna

    There’s something special about stirring a pot of chili or stew with a wooden tool! Thank you for sharing this site as it’s so hard to find good quality wooden utensils.

  145. Susan Barnes

    Your website always amazes me of all what I learn from it. Thank you very much for sharing all your knowledge.

    Susan Barnes

  146. Samantha

    I absolutely love the Earlywood Design pieces! The rustic look is exactly what i’m trying to achieve in my kichen. Thanks for introducing me to his Brad’s beautiful work!


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