Stone Fruit in Red Wine //

Summer has been busy with all the right things. Beach bonfires, grilled hamburgers, three week adventures across the pond, island excursions, attempting to establish a bit of a garden, sticky marshmallow coated fingers, red tinged sun kissed skin and very few hours in front of the computer or standing at the stove. 

I always say this about whatever season we’re in; this is my favorite season to cook. Summer requires very little cooking, it’s more about the assembling. Which is perfect when you’d rather be reading a book or attempting not to fall off your new paddle board. Lately we’ve been eating big slices of melon in hues of oranges, reds and pinks with a flurry of vanilla salt dusted over top. To accompany whatever happens to be on the grill for the evening I’ve made a bean salad (last week alone I made it three times) with just a few cans of beans (in whatever varieties you prefer), a bit of celery and/or fennel for crunch, cherry tomatoes if you have them, a piquant vinaigrette with a hint of sweet and more handfuls of herbs than you think reasonable.

And for dessert the simplest of things; stone fruit (really any kind will do) with a bit of sugar or honey, soaked in red wine.

Stone Fruit in Red Wine //

Stone Fruit in Red Wine //

I’ve served, many times, fruit in white wine – sparkling or sweet but it wasn’t until our recent trip to Italy that I experienced fruit in red wine. I was delighted, down right giddy actually when one bite led to all of us at the table eating directly from the serving dish. We all marveled at the simplicity of two ingredients transforming into something entirely different; complex and decadent. This dish surpassed the one next to it – pears stuffed with quince jam and wrapped in puff pastry – that we had spent quite a bit of time making during our cooking class. The red wine soaked peaches (in this case) were a delightful surprise to the menu and coming home they keep showing up again and again.

My first go of it I overcomplicated what should be kept simple. There’s no need to simmer the wine with cinnamon stick and star anise with a bit of sugar – although you can do that. My preferred method now is to simply add a few pieces of what ever stone fruit you happen to have – nectarines, peaches, plums, cherries – sprinkle on a bit of sugar or drizzle of honey, top with wine (I’ve not met a variety that didn’t match the fruit and sugar nicely) then let it sit in the fridge for maybe 30 minutes if you’ve got that sort of time. 

Serve it to start a meal or end one. If I’m feeling a bit of an over-achiever I may serve a plate of crisp Italian cookies like biscotti alongside. They are perfect for soaking up those last few sips of wine. 

Stone Fruit in Red Wine //


Stone Fruit in Red Wine

Serves 4

1 nectarine, peach (or a couple plums, handful of cherries), sliced into 1/4-inch pieces

2 tablespoons sugar

red wine

There’s really no need for a recipe here, a method perhaps.

Tuck a few slices of stone fruit into a wine glass or coupe. Sprinkle on sugar or a drizzle of honey in its place.

Top with red wine. Enough to cover the fruit.

Refrigerate for 30 minutes, or until the wine has soaked through the fruit. Less or more time is fine too.

20 Responses to “Stone Fruit in Red Wine”

  1. Allyson

    Summer assembly meals are both excellent and terrifying. I have to fight the impulse to complicate things and just trust the ingredients. I’d never think of such a simple and pure dessert as peaches in red wine, and now I’m going to have to try it. You know, to practice impulse control.

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      I have to fight that same thing all the time. But in the summer there is just so much fun to be had so assembly meals are often the go to.

  2. Taste of France

    This is something we do quite often. It works with pretty much any fruit that’s in season, though crunchier ones, like apples and pears typically get poached in the wine.

  3. Kacie

    Ooooooh. NEVER would have thought of red. I’m a big fan or peaches in rose, but I’ve never done red! Will be doing as soon as possible!

    Gorgeous work, as always!


  4. Kacie

    Oooh, I NEVER would have thought to use red wine. I’m a big fan of peaches in rose with a lil’ sugar. Can’t wait to try this!
    Lovely work as always.


  5. Heather J. Ybanez

    Yeah I love red wine and I used to take it with apples or black grapes, but I never tried vanilla salt in that. Going to buy it and try, 🙂

  6. Sabrina

    Love this, white wine gives me a headache, red only please, so thank you for giving me another red wine excuse/option!

  7. Julie

    Just tried this…amazingly delicious! I’m working a local farmer’s market this summer and was just despairing what to do with the 20 or so peaches I have left this week…at least one has gone to good use today. 😉

  8. Moon

    amazingly delicious! I’m working a local farmer’s market this summer and was just despairing what to do with the 20 or so peaches I have left this week…at least one has gone to good use today

  9. carry

    H, I wish I were a wine lover, but no matter what brands/flavors I try, I just can’t seem to hop on board. Guess I’m just not set out to enjoy it. Give me a beer or a pineapple/coconut beverage & that’s a whole different story. Hahah!

  10. Lalit Sharma

    Wow that’s awesome idea. I just love and can’t wait to do this. Thank you very much for sharing. Keep posting.

  11. Lalit Sharma

    Summer gathering dinners are both fantastic and alarming. I need to battle the motivation to convolute things and simply trust the fixings. I’d never consider such a straightforward and unadulterated pastry as peaches in red wine, and now I will need to attempt it. You know, to rehearse drive control.