Great Food from an Airstream Trailer Roaming around Seattle

Written by Gabe Rodriguez – husband and guest blogger


Somewhere along the line I heard about some creative people that had turned an Airstream Trailer (which Ashley and I dream of owning one day, indeed we do… is that weird?) into a roaming and mobile restaurant. And thus I hunted down Skillet in Ballard on Thursday in between meetings in Seattle. It’s like a taco truck on steroids… or at least one that a foodie got a hold of and added a burger featuring grilled kobe, cambazola, bacon jam(YES, bacon jam!!!), arugula, on a brioche bun served with handcut fries. DELICIOUS. I was so excited to eat this meal but wanted to take some quick pics. I put the made-to-order food down and quickly shot 15-20 frames. I grabbed my tray and went to sit in my car, listen to some decemberist (music for the modern pirate) and got down to business with my burger. A few bites in I realized that I didn’t even add any condiments (and I love mustard). It was at this point that I realized, “hey, I have bacon jam. I don’t need no stinkin mustard!”

I realize this blog is mostly for the use of sweet treats but if you’re in the SODO area on Tuesdays, SOLU area on Wednesdays, or anywhere close to Ballard on Thursdays you simply must stop off and grab a bite at Skillet. It’s the shiny silver Airstream Trailer parked with friendly people hanging around. -gabe


skillet_005 skillet_011

skillet_012 copy


12 Responses to “Skillet Street Food – Seattle, Wa [guest post]”

  1. Aran

    Wow… that sounds like such a great idea and that burger looks so good. I’d love to try the bacon jam too. I wish I lived in Seattle just for that!

  2. Aran

    Hi Ashley! I’m tagging you for a meme. I got tagged this weekend so I have to post 5 facts about me and tag 5 more bloggers. Is that ok with you?

  3. Jemima

    I love skillet! They say they are adding a stop on Capitol Hill next month. It’s like a dream come true!

  4. Ron Merlin

    I love this post. I had no clue about this….And I checked out their menu…..incredible…….I work in SODO at Starbucks and turns out, on Tuesdays, the Skillet Street folks are ONE block from where I work. I’m ALL over that burger next week along with my department of twenty folks.

    Bacon Jam? Bacon Jam? Are you kidding me? lol

    Check out my (newby) food blog if you’d like:



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