I don’t remember exactly when Baron started referring to our little bun in the oven as sister baby but it stuck and now that she is finally here I get a huge grin every time the boys see her and say, “hi sister baby”. They then proceed to give her a hug and a kiss – meanwhile I am a puddle of mush from the cuteness overload.

But let’s get back to the real point. She’s here!


Many of you have already read about me gushing over my baby girl or have seen several pictures of her in various sleeping poses. If you haven’t then you probably aren’t following me on Twitter. Please do, but be warned there may – neh – there will be many more adorable photos to come.


Can you believe that hair?! Gabe and Baron went shopping the day after she was born to buy sister baby some hair clips.

I am so thrilled to make this introduction.

Lovely readers and friends of Not Without Salt it is with great pleasure and joy that I introduce you to Ivy Jane Rodriguez.



Sister baby Ivy, this is my dear blogging family. They have followed you through the womb, have supported and encouraged your mom over the past four years. We laugh together, cry together but most importantly we eat together.

Again, it is with much gratitude that I come here today to thank you for your continued support, kind words, encouragement and love – even when the blog sits silent for a few weeks. You are so good to me and my entire family.


I will be back. I always come back. I can’t stay away for long.



56 Responses to “Sister baby is here!”

  1. Dana

    Ack! The toes! The hair! I’m dying over here. To quote a good friend of mine, my ovaries hurt! She is Gabe to a “t” is she not? Can’t wait for a face to face intro.

  2. Lisa

    Love that bow in her hair–such a sweet girl! And say, I have a cute one-month old nephew named Austin Jack just down the road in PDX. In a few years, we should introduce them!

  3. Caitlyn Nicholas

    Beautiful, wonderful, a miracle… sorry I just dissolved into a puddle of cuteness. Congrats from all of us over in Chez Nicholas. Best wishes to you and the family 🙂


  4. Jen Yu

    How utterly beautiful, Ashley. She fits right in with the rest of her beautiful family 🙂 Having just met your three awesome fellas, I have to say she rounds out the family perfectly. Congratulations to you all. I am so very happy for you!

  5. amy dishes

    Pink, pink, pink!! Everything is indeed turning up roses here — love it! Congratulations on the addition of Ivy to your beautiful family!!

  6. shauna

    Oh Ivy Jane, we love you. As much as we love your dear mama, daddy, and brothers (who are not babies). Thanks for coming into the world.

  7. molly

    WOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, you, and three cheers for the impossibly lovely Miss Ivy! Every last toe is a delight.

  8. Anne

    What a beautiful girl. And wow, that hair! Those toes! Oh, it’s a good thing my laptop can withstand my squishing. Congratulations again!

  9. Foodie in Berlin

    Congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous baby girl! Your pictures are making me want to have another one!

  10. Brenda

    Congratulations to you and your loved ones. Ivy is perfect in every way. I want that purple headband with the green flower. Hip Hip Hooray for sister baby. Enjoy that new bundle of love.

  11. Susan

    A beautiful child with a beautiful name. May she know the joy of a creative spirit throughout a long and healthy life.


    Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful! Take time and relax, as you said we are here, waiting for you!

  13. Mary Jo

    Wow a beautiful baby, congrats!!! We wavered between Ivy and what we actually named our daughter. When we were home from the hospital, I needed to remind myself her name wasn’t Ivy…needless to say I LOVE her name 🙂 You’ll have to post on how it is with 3!

  14. Aran

    congratulations ashley and all the boys in the house! she is precious. and all that hair!!! beautiful little girl with a beautiful name.

  15. Lilly

    Hi! I’ve been reading you for a while. Congratulations!!!!! I hope everything goes smoothly. She looks very cute on the pink quilt you made for her!!! Best of luck!


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