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Seattle folks – not only do we get killer farmer’s markets, lush green foliage and buses that can traverse both land and sea (actually I think a lot of towns have these but our Duck’s really know how to quack) but now we also have an incredible opportunity to drink great coffee, listen to fantastic music (thanks to David Wilcox), eat some chocolate and sugar (provided by yours truly) while supporting a cause that is to great to walk away from.

This Saturday (May 30) Storyville brings Coffee House LIVE to downtown Seattle (there is still time to come – tickets are limited so purchase SOON!) This will be a unique concert experience with fewer than 100 people and the musicians so close you can touch them or maybe even see little spit flecks leave their mouths as they sing their hearts out – but that’s kind of gross – so let’s just say they’re close.

As you know I love Storyville coffee but the reason I jumped at the opportunity to help out with this event is because of the cause.

The International Justice Mission seeks to end slavery around the world (yes, it still exists – now more than ever). They risk their lives so that they can secure justice for victims of slavery, oppression and sexual exploitation. IJM diligently works with local officials to ensure freedom and aftercare for the victims while also putting an end to cycle by bringing down the perpetrators.

They have the tough job. Our job is easy. We can support the IJM and help to bring an end to slavery just by showing up to this concert.

Please leave a comment or shoot me an email at artisansweets at gmail dot com if would like more information.



2 Responses to “Rockin’ for a cause”

  1. Julie Hubert

    We’ll be there Ashley! Thank you for supporting this awesome cause and Storyville. It will be good to meet you!

  2. Phoo-D

    Hi Ashley. It was great to meet you at the IFBC. I’m thrilled to see that you support IJM. I have been a firm believer in the importance of the organization’s activities and have been proud to support them over the past 10 years. It is a very worth cause.


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