Thanks to all of you who kept an eye on this lonely blog over the past couple of weeks. I was computer-less for about a week but I am now once again up and running with a shiny new (to me) MacBook Pro.

So computer (don’t have a name for it yet) and I are sitting at my dining room table doing a little puff pastry research as I will be teaching a class on the subject tomorrow! WHOO WHOO.

I can’t not even begin to tell you how much I adore puff pastry. Last week I made the magical dough and I found myself sitting in front of my oven with the little oven light on watching with child-like excitement as the little pastry layers slowly revealed themselves. My niece sat with me for a little while and watched until her dad offered to put on Toy Story. “I think I would rather see Toy Story than watching the puff pastry in the oven.” She said. She’s crazy. I mean Toy Story is a great movie, but COME ON! It’s puff freakin’ pastry…. it is magic!

I will be creating an multi-coursed meal in which every course will include puff pastry. Appetizer, main and of course dessert. It is sure to be a beautiful, buttery meal.

As always I will post my notes and recipes (once I have them done 🙂


5 Responses to “Puff the magic Pastry”

  1. Anita

    Congrats on the new macbook pro! I got one myself this year and now I can’t live without it! Looking forward to your posts on puff pastry!

  2. Kendra

    Too fun. I’m glad I’m not the only one who would rather watch my oven door than the TV. And puff pastry makes my heart go a’twitter. Can’t wait to read about your class! I’m new to your blog and didn’t know you teach. I do, too! Just on the east coast. I’ve really enjoyed your blog so far, and I’m excited to be a reader! Take care, and enjoy your puff pastry!

  3. MG

    Wish I could have been at your class. Maybe one day when Lucy isn’t coaching, and Ty and I aren’t “one” I can make the trek to Bellingham.

  4. cheryl

    Oh how I wish I could take your class. I have decide that you, Gabe & the boys should vacation in Savannah next year so we can play in my kitchen 🙂

  5. artisansweets

    Cheryl – You name the time and place and we will do our best to get there. Are you okay with having to crazy little boys running amok in your kitchen?

    MG – Bring TY! Gabe can hang out with all the boys!!

    Kendra & Anita – Thanks for visiting and commenting!!!


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