Peaches in Moscato // Not Without Salt



I realize the time for peaches has passed for many us, but think about blood oranges in place of peaches, or even slices of tender pears that smell of honey. The point is fruit loves to soak in a cup of Muscat. Particularly when the fruit has first sat in a touch of honey and cinnamon.

The idea here is simple. Take the best ripe fruit you can find  – what’s hanging low on the branches right now. Toss thick slices of that fruit with a bit of sweetness, some spice  then top with chilled, bubbly Moscato. A few bright leaves of mint floating on the surface makes it feel like dessert – or is it a cocktail? It’s hard to tell but not hard to finish.

As a contributor for S.Pellegrino’s Practice the Art of Fine Food program I created this recipe and post along with many others that can be found on their Facebook page here.
Peaches in Moscato // Not Without Salt

Peaches in Moscato // Not Without Salt Peaches in Moscato // Not Without Salt

Peaches in Moscato

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  1. Lauren

    Your pictures are beautiful! You’ve managed to capture the fresh, vibrant flavor of perfectly ripe peaches. Any tips for a beginning food blogger on how to create gorgeous shots every time?


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