Arroz Con Pollo with Chanterelles

Arroz con Pollo with Chanterelles // Not Without Salt

I’m sitting on our faded white couch alone and in silence; hoping that these quiet moments will reenergize in the way an introvert needs them too after much activity. I also wish the coffee was stronger.

Gabe and I taught a food photography workshop this weekend at our friend, Aran’s studio. I’m physically tired but emotionally jazzed. It was one of those pinch me, I’m dreaming weekends where we got to watch over and over again concepts clicking and the photography of our fourteen students go from “it could use a little help” to “holy sh*t, you could frame that!”

What an incredibly satisfying and full feeling. I don’t have much to say but as I sat in the quiet I found myself just wanting to come here, to write and to share more. Maybe it’s out of thanks because it’s this space that taught me how to shoot, that taught me how to teach and that gave me the voice and the platform to do all of that. It was this place that gave me the confidence, the practice and the direction. Really, it was all of you coming to this place, cheering me on, pushing me forward and giving me the space to share, to grow and to learn. I’m feeling so thankful this morning and apparently really sappy.

There hasn’t been a lot of time for cooking these days. I hate that when that happens. It’s become another item to mark off on the to-do list rather than the joy and creative boost it so often is for me. More often than not lately our weeknight dinners have been random bits and pieces that I manage to pull out from the fridge or a last minute decision to go out for tacos or a quick walk up the street to Delancey. Somehow in the midst of the busyness and my stale creativity I did manage to make a one-pot dinner of Arroz con Pollo with a hefty bit of Chanterelle mushrooms because their season is so fleeting and I’m weak for their yellow caps and flavor that somehow tastes of a hike through the woods.

Arroz con Pollo with Chanterelles // Not Without Salt

I adapted the recipe from José Andres after I saw his story in Food & Wine. I added a splash of dry sherry, used chicken thighs rather than a whole cut up chicken, braised the dish in stock (whereas he uses water) and topped the final dish with loads of scallions, cilantro, Cotija and avocado – probably not authentic at all but I love the freshness it added. Had I planned a bit more I would have salted the chicken the day before but I’m terrible at planning ahead especially when life is moving faster than I can keep up with.

The recipe can be found here (while you’re there check out my caramel apples, I’m pretty happy with how they turned out).

Thanks, as always for being in this space. I wish I could sit you all down and look you in the eyes to tell you what it means to me and how it has completely changed my life, but then I really wouldn’t time to cook dinner. Or maybe I can have that moment with a number of you when I’m out and about on book tour next year! Won’t that be fun?!

Arroz con Pollo with Chanterelles // Not Without Salt

I’ll be back shortly with an Olive Oil and Zucchini Cake.


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This + That

You guys let me first get this out; I have no recipe today. It’s sort of ridiculous how guilty I feel about this BUT I’m still really excited about what I DO have: LINKS!

These are special links. Links to places, products and people that I’ve found, tried and loved so much that I wanted to tell you about them. One of the perks of this crazy job is that I get to try a lot of products that people really want me to tell you about but I don’t talk about them much because I don’t want to seem like a sales person, I don’t want to assume that just because I like you’re going to too or sometimes there’s just not a lot of reason to talk about it. But then there are some things that are just too good that I feel wrong keeping it to myself. There are products out there that need to shared and enjoyed by more than just my little family.

The other part of this, in all honesty, is that I just started a small business. The kind where I hope people buy it, like it and want to tell people about it so my empathy for these companies has grown tremendously and I understand that to them; whatever they are making, is more than just the thing itself, it’s a part of them. The creators of these things (I’ll get to it real soon) are so proud of what they are creating, I consider it an honor and joy to have this space to share them with you all.

Earlywood Designs

So first up let’s talk about Earlywood. Brad first sent me his wooden kitchen tools earlier this summer and I have been using them every day ever since. I’m weak for a good wooden spoon. They are what I collect on my travels and his are especially beautiful (the wood, the deep bowl, the smooth lines!) but what I really really love are the wooden spatulas. Wooden spatulas! The design is so simple, so clean and yet it is one of the most functional and practical tools I have in my kitchen right now.

*A winner has been contacted. Thanks for entering!

Guess what?! Brad wants one of you to have a collection of his incredible products for yourself. He is giving away:

1 Medium Classic Ladle

1 Long Server

1 Mini Ironwood cutting board set

1 Trifecta

1 set of 4 Small Spreaders


Just leave a comment below to enter and then after that be sure to check out his site and Facebook page. I’ll select a winner next Wednesday, October 8.


Earlywood Designs
Earlywood Designs

Next up, Quinn Popcorn. I love popcorn, a lot. But what excited me most about trying this product was the story of how it began. A young mom with a five day old baby boy named Quinn decided that it was time to clean up her popcorn. Mom’s are so awesome. It was a long, complicated process and she delved deep into the scary world of the food industry but what came from it is seriously the most amazing microwave butter popcorn I’ve ever had.


Quinn makes already popped and microwave popcorn in flavors like Kale & Sea Salt, Hickory Smoked Cheddar, Vermont Maple and Sea Salt (the favorite among my littles) and Butter & Sea Salt. The crazy thing is is that it’s actually butter in the mix. Somehow they’ve managed to dry hormone free butter, mix it with salt and then make the world’s most amazing popcorn. You just microwave, sprinkle then shake.

I told them in an email that I’m a little upset that they introduced me to their popcorn because now it’s all I want, everyday.

Okay, this post is getting out of hand. There are so many more to mention. I’ll try a be a bit quicker.

This tea has been helping me get to a healthier place. While I’ve still eaten ice cream everyday for the past week I still think it’s doing a good work. But the thing with Bliss Teas is that they taste great so while there’s all these amazing ingredients in them that are great for you I really just love to drink it because it tastes amazing.

Some sweet friends started this amazing line of kid’s t-shirts and sweatshirts with serious style.

Need salt? Of course you do. The Meadow has them all.

Still lamenting the fact that there was so recipe here? Check out this one and this one.

Finally, if you have any interest in hearing me gush about Seattle then check out this interview I did with Global Yodel and Visit Seattle. I really do love my city.

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