Grilled Leg of Lamb

Grilled Leg of Lamb // Not Without Salt Grilled Leg of Lamb // Not Without Salt


Let’s keep this quick today because 1. you have a video to watch and 2. you need to start marinating your leg of lamb.

Now I realize leg of lamb may not be the most traditional BBQ choice but that’s what I love about it. It’s unexpected. Lamb is also a healthy choice but for me I choose it because it is just tastes so good, especially when it’s marinated in toasted spices, fragrant herbs and creamy yogurt.

If you’ve been following along over the last week then you already have the recipes for your side dishes. This lamb sits on a plate beautifully with the Couscous with Fresh Cherries and the Grilled Vegetables with Mint Yogurt.


I hope you all have a fun, safe, and delicious 4th of July!


lamb3 Grilled Leg of Lamb // Not Without Salt



* Thank you Lean on Lamb for sponsoring this recipe and the Lamb Burger (which I made again last night and LOVED). As always, the words, recipe, images, and in this case, video, are mine.

And thanks, brother, for making the video with me.  

Grilled Leg of Lamb

adapted from Bon Appetit


2 1/2 tablespoons coriander seeds

1 tablespoon caraway seeds

1 tablespoon cumin seeds

1 teaspoon smoked paprika

2 tablespoons dried mint

2 cups whole milk greek yogurt, divided

6 garlic cloves, minced, divided

5 lemons

1/4 cup olive oil

1/4 cup water

salt and pepper



For the spice mix: Toast the coriander, caraway, and cumin seeds in a dry pan over medium-high heat until fragrant, about 2 to 3 minutes.

Remove the seeds from the pan and let cool for about 5 minutes.

Grind the spices in a spice grinder then add them to a small bowl and combine with the smoked paprika and dried mint.


For the lamb: Butterfly the leg of lamb and open it up like a book. Generously season with salt and pepper.

Combine 1 cup yogurt with 3 minced garlic cloves and 3 tablespoons spice mix.

Slather the lamb with the marinade, cover then refrigerate overnight.


For the yogurt sauce: In a medium bowl combine the remaining 1 cup yogurt, 3 minced garlic cloves and 3 tablespoons spice mix along with the juice from 1 lemon, 1 teaspoon kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, 1/4 cup olive oil and 1/4 cup water. Whisk well to combine. Cover and refrigerate. This can be made the day before, in fact the flavor improves after a rest in the fridge.


Grill the lamb: Let the lamb sit out at room temperature for about an hour.

Prepare the grill.

Over medium-high heat, grill the lamb for 10 to 15 minutes per side or until 145°F for medium rare.



Yogurt Sauce


1 cup yogurt

3 tbl spice mix (it’s what is left over)

3 garlic cloves, minced

2 tbl lemon juice

1/4 cup olive oil

1 teaspoon kosher salt

Freshly ground black pepper


Combine everything in a bowl. Taste and adjust seasoning to your liking. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

The flavor is best if you make this the day before serving.

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Grilled Vegetables with Mint Yogurt Sauce


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From the moment I sat down at my friend’s table and tried her mint yogurt sauce, I’ve had a container of it in my own fridge. She will be glad to know that I have finally written down a recipe for myself so I can now stop texting her many times asking, “Okay, one last time, I promise. What did you put in that yogurt again?”

It’s remarkably simple, really. One would think I would have remembered the ingredients the first time I asked since it’s only yogurt, rice wine vinegar, dried mint, garlic, cayenne and salt. You guys, I’m telling you, it’s the dried mint. I hadn’t used it before except when brewing a cup of mint tea and now I am finding myself tucking it into everything.

Dried mint is deeper, darker than fresh. The flavor is not as bright and zippy and mouth cooling as you expect from mint. It still is refreshing but it is also woody and somehow heartier. All I know is that it turned yogurt into a sauce that I have not been able to stop making since the moment I had it. The flavor grows with dried mint so this sauce does well after a rest in the refrigerator.

I started this month in need of inspiration. Feeling a bit ho-hum about food, I wanted something to ignite my passion so it would send me flying into the kitchen again. Of course I also started the month attempting to pack up my kitchen and put it in boxes so that made cooking a bit more difficult. But now we are getting settled and I’m feeling eager to bound into the kitchen. I’ve spent the last month filling my fridge with seasonal produce, plucking fresh berries from my adopted garden and stretching myself to try new things. Caraway on my avocado toast? Yes. Grilled corn finished in a smoked paprika spiced butter? Absolutely. Caramelized Fennel with dried orange peel?! Oh my word, yes. I’m dreaming in food again. Literally, last night I dreamt of my next book idea and I am so excited to starting putting thoughts to paper and see where it will lead.

Grilled Vegetables with Mint Yogurt // Not Without Salt IMG_8852

So much of this inspiration is thanks to my partnership with Frontier Co-op. I’ll be honest I get squirmy and weird when I come here with a sponsored post, afraid of my work being seen as not my own because there is someone else gently nudging the post. But, I needed this nudge. I’m thrilled with what I created as I found myself reaching for the spice cabinet more often than normal and always happy that I did. I hope you all were inspired along with me. I’ve been posting my creations on Instagram all month so you can go check that out there and also check out the #SpiceUpSummer hashtag for more ideas.


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*This post was sponsored by Frontier Co-Op but as always, the recipe, words and photos are mine.


Grilled Vegetables with Mint yogurt


Serves 6 to 8 as a side


16 ounces Labneh (or full-fat Greek Yogurt)

1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar

2 tablespoons dried mint

1 garlic clove, minced

Pinch cayenne or red chili pepper flakes

Pinch salt

2 eggplant, cut into 1/4-inch thick slices

2 zucchini, cut into 1/4-inch thick slices

3 red peppers, cut into 1-inch strips

1 bunch scallions, cleaned

2 fennel bulbs, tough core removed and cut into wedges

olive oil

salt & pepper

Yogurt: Combine the Labneh with the rice wine vinegar, dried mint, garlic, cayenne and a pinch of salt. Taste and adjust seasoning.

The flavor improves dramatically after a few hours or even overnight, in the fridge.

Vegetables: Generously coat the vegetables in olive oil and salt and pepper. Grill until charred in parts and tender.

Feel free to use whatever vegetables are in season and available.

Serve warm or room temperature with plenty of the mint yogurt.


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