I may not be updating the blog regularly but I did just update my classes page! Check it out and sign up.

If you happen to be in the Bellingham area I’m teaching a class near you tomorrow (Wednesday 2/10) and there is still space.

Thanks all. I will be back to my regular posting self soon.


3 Responses to “New Classes added”

  1. Mary

    What wonderful news. All men should grow up with a sister in the house. I hope you are not feeling too unwell with first trimester upsets. We’ll be here whenever you are ready to post again. Blessings…Mary

  2. Lael

    Oh, I’m so sad I missed this class! I just moved to Bellingham (for a few months?) and have always loved your blog…it first caught my eye a couple years ago because I was (mainly) raised in B’ham. Congratulations on your baby! Focus on your health and that of the little one, and I’ll patiently wait for your new recipes.


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