The door on my balcony sits wide open allowing the cool, unfamiliar breeze to come in and out of my hotel room as it pleases. Outside I hear the large waves crashing and lapping on the shore and that same breeze rustling the leaves of the palm trees that line the paths. Next to me sits a plate of cookies coated in almonds, honey and flavors I’m not yet familiar with.

This isn’t some kind of dream in which I get rudely woken from by three excited children, I am actually in Morocco. I haven’t even been here a full day and already I’m eager to share some photos with you. I’m not quite certain I’ll be able to update daily but you can be certain that there will be plenty of photos and many more cookies.

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The mosque in Casablanca


Breakfast tagine of eggs and lamb.


Moroccan mint tea, perfectly sweet and floral

*I was graciously sent here by the Moroccan tourism board. All photos and words are my own.


60 Responses to “Morocco, day 1”

  1. Imen

    Ashley these photos are stunning. Enjoy Morrocco! I hear @habituallychic is along as well…..sounds like the Moroccan Tourism Board knows who to invite! Will be following along…..Thanks for sharing xx

  2. lyann

    I can’t wait to visit Morocco! It was never on my travel radar until I tried the food in London. Now I am hooked. The pictures are gorgeous!

  3. Janice

    Oh Morocco….I’ve been wanting to go so badly, for so long. I stumbled on these posts of your journey there and was instantly captivated…I can never get enough of the visuals from this country….your pics are gorgeous! And I am a definite fan of preserved lemons.


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