I interrupt the regularly schedule apple post to bring you an excursion in the woods. A heavy on photos light on words sort of a post that marks the – wait – what day is this? 6th post of 31. *gulp*

On Wednesday I went mushroom hunting. I really don’t know how I became so fortunate to once again have the chance to go foraging but I happily accepted the offer, packed my knife, camera, a few snacks to share and away I went.

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You may remember my last jaunt in the woods
– I was giddy, gleeful and knew nothing of mushroom hunting. This trip was not much different except that it was now my second time. I knew, for the most part, what I was getting myself into.

I knew that the company would be delightfully warm and the excitement of the days agenda and our mutual love of all things edible would instantly bond us and guide our conversations.

I knew how to identify the King Bolete (a.k.a. Porcini). How the bulbous stems are reminiscent of Santa’s belly having seen its fair share of Christmas cookies. I remembered not to be alarmed when greeted by dozens of white crawling worms with black heads the size pin tips who were making a feast on MY Porcini. I knew that if we saw the brilliantly red colored Amanita Muscaria that resembles Toad from Mario Bros. – Porcini were likely nearby.

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I knew that the Chanterelles are a striking yellow-orange similar to the fallen leaves that lay on the forest floor surrounding them. And that when I came home and sauteed them with onions, leeks, fennel and celeriac  – I knew the house would smell of the same earthy fragrance that intoxicated me in the woods.

I am years away from becoming an expert – and likely I will never get there – for am I beyond happy to simply get outside in search of a delicious treasure in the midst of great people with a common passion who sure know how to pack a picnic.


8 Responses to “More mushrooms for me”

  1. Nikki

    The last photo is my favorite, and so indicative of what it is to search the land itself for food… what a wonderful day that must have been!

  2. nina

    I have to settle for just a picnic in the woods with my family, but hunting for mushrooms must be an unforgettable experience!!!

  3. candice

    Mushroom hunting sounds like a lot of fun, but I think I’d be too scared of the bugs to actually get anything. 😛 Yes, that mushroom does look like Toad, and I love it, even though it’s poisonous 😉

  4. Aimee

    This post makes me ache for my hometown in coastal BC where we would hunt for morels as youngsters.

    I’m crossing my fingers that our new property will have some mushrooms on it in the spring….I’ve already heard rumours of a clump of the highly prized wood garlic.

  5. Anne

    Ashley, your mushroom adventures sound incomparably awesome! You are so lucky. Did they make you wear a blindfold this time?? 🙂 Thank you for sharing the pictures of these mushrooms. I love the “before” and “after” ones of the mushrooms hiding under the dirt. So cool.

  6. Wizzythestick

    Gosh this sounds like so much fun. There are tons of mushrooms that I see in my garden and when I go hiking. Pity I don’t know a thing about mushrooms unlike you I don’t know of anyone who can tell me if they are edible or not.

  7. Amy Baron

    Emily really really wants to go mushroom hunting ever since I told her about your last excursion. I keep telling her “someday honey, someday”.

  8. Johanna

    How exciting! I love foraging for mushrooms with my family. I’m swooning over these photos and your lovely forest picnic. Must have been wonderful.


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