Isn’t there some sort of sporting event this weekend? I’m pretty sure there is and it’s a big one.
I kid. Of course I know it’s the Superbowl. I watch it every year. Wait. Scratch that. I watch the commercials every year. I eat all the delicious and bad-for-me party food while the game is going on.


One such food items I will be devouring on Sunday is this Maple Bacon party mix. Salty, sweet, spicy and bacon. Pretty much sums it up.


“This snack is so yummy that I can’t stop eating it.” says my four year old. I made two batches for us today and somehow they are both gone. Around 4:00 pm Gabe and I both realized that we had eaten nothing but this mix all day. I don’t recommend that – you must balance it with buffalo wings and cheese dip, among other things.

Enjoy the commercials and food – I mean the game.

Maple Bacon Party Mix

2 cups corn chex

2 cups rice chex

2 cups wheat chex

1 cup peanuts, salted and roasted

6 strips bacon, cooked extra crispy and chopped

4 T. butter, melted

4 T. maple syrup

1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon cayenne (depending on how spicy you like it)

1-1 1/2 teaspoons Maldon (any salt will do but if you are using table salt reduce the quantity)

Combine the cereals, peanuts, and cayenne in a large, microwavable-safe bowl. In a small bowl combine the butter and maple syrup. Add the butter mixture to the cereal and stir very well. Microwave on high for three minutes stirring every minute to prevent the sugars to scorch.

Add the bacon and salt. Stir. Let cool. Serve.


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41 Responses to “Maple Bacon Party Mix”

  1. caryn

    oh wow – my mouth is watering. i never would have thought to add bacon to the staple cereal snack mix – what a great combo. it does sound like something that would be gobbled up as soon as it’s made!

  2. vegetarianirvana

    Hi Ashley
    I’ve been a fan of your site for a while. I am a vegetarian and my mouth is watering! My daughter and I have a pact to open your blog only in each others company, because we don’t want the other to be the first to read your posts. Love all your craft projects and family stories. Loved your salt post! I keep salt shakers in all 3 levels of our house! Thanks for this great treat that your blog is.

  3. A Plum By Any Other Name

    Pretty slick idea. It’s breakfast, no wait it’s a snack … just goes to show that cereal and bacon can be eaten any time of the day. πŸ˜‰ Happy eating this Sunday!

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      Plum – Seriously, I’m thinking about making my own version of cereal with this. Just the chex with butter and maple syrup is pretty amazing.

  4. Emily Teeter

    Yummy! I will definitely be making this for my dad this weekend… he calls bacon ‘natures perfect food’, so I am sure he will love this treat!

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      Brooke – I would heat the cereals, nuts, cayenne, butter, and syrup in a medium sauce pan. Stir constantly so the bottom doesn’t scorch. Heat for about 5 minutes. Let cool. It should be nice and crisp.

  5. MG Atwood

    I wondered what you were cooking up when Gabe posted his taste testing of maple bacon. We all know everything tastes better with bacon, and this recipe is most intriguing…will have to give it a try!

  6. foodie and the chef

    This looks crazy-good. I spent a lot of my childhood in the U.S. but I don’t think my Sydney friends would understand. I might just have to make a batch, lock myself away in my room with T.V. for company and relish in this alone. You’re genius. πŸ™‚

  7. Amy Baron

    O my!!! Can you please please bring this to our next family gathering! Please!!

  8. mixette

    I am skipping the superbowl, but definitely not the superbowl *snacks*. As long as the power stays on in Texas (we’re having rolling blackouts – I think the TVs being set up in Dallas are draining the whole state) this will be made!

  9. Molly

    I just finished making this, and it. is. incredible. I forgot to buy butter (Who the heck forgets to buy butter???) so I used the drippings from the bacon instead. So good.

  10. Paula

    I can`t stop looking at this! It`s absolutely divine and I want to try this…

    Have a great time,

  11. Deena

    I am surprised you added bacon on your mix… doesn’t it make your mix greasy? Well how about I go checks the grocery tomorrow for the ingredients and find out myself. Thank you for sharing I am sure it is a great snack while we are watching at home.

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      Deena – I had no issue with the greasiness. If you are concerned simply place your bacon on paper towels once they’ve finished cooking to soak up any excess grease.
      Watch out for this tasty snack – it’s hard to quit. πŸ™‚

  12. Janice Curran

    Ashley, we so enjoyed reading about your adventure with Gabe’s Rainbow Chip Cake that we are going to make it this weekend! I look forward to sinking teeth into this flavor filled confection along with a freshly brewed cup of Kona Coffee… I know this will be near perfection on earth.

    Tristan is trying something new this year that I wanted to tell you about. His 4 H leader has involved him in tapping maple trees. He is learning how to “sugar”, as they are calling it. They have about 250 gals of sap. Soon, they will begin to boil it on a wood fire in the boiling pots. We will all go down to observe and participate in this event…sleeping bags are encouraged! I have frozen red raspberries from last year, and I will take them along so we can have raspberry pancakes sopped with buttery, fresh maple syrup! Wish you were here!

    I am so pleased that Tristan is interested in this, and that he loves cooking! What an art for this young man to acquire! I pray he falls in love with it and it becomes a tridition in his life! Too many of the natural arts of this world have gone by the wayside of modernization. Some things are just better done the old way!

    We are thinking of you and your family as spring is upon us! We Wish you and Gabe the happiest birthdays, and happiest year, yet. (I used to celebrate mine for a whole month! I think we should have atleast two a year. They just don’t come around enough!!)

    Your biggest fans in Ohio!
    Janice and Tristan Curran

  13. Erin

    I am stuffing my face with this amazing concoction at this very moment. We sprinkled a little bit of brown sugar on top for just a little bit extra sweetness. It’s so good that I might have to eat the entire bowl and hide in the corner immediately after!

  14. Leslie

    I just made these. They are oh so good and very addictive!

    Thanks for the great recipe.

  15. Annalisa

    Ok, so a very last minute question about this recipe. I just made it tonight for a party tomorrow night and now I’m wondering about how to store it. Is it ok to leave the cooked bacon at room temp? Or should I refrigerate it? And then would the butter solidify and make it weird… Oh, and I used the bacon grease as a sub for some of the butter. Thanks for the recipe–it’s really yummy!=)

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      @Annalisa – If you google it you get different answers. I say it’s fine but if you are serving it to a young crowd or the elderly I would refrigerate the bacon then add it to the mix just before serving. You can refrigerate the whole mix, just keep it air tight. Test before serving and if the texture is off, just re-toast in the oven.

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