It would be a massive understatement to say that we are feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that has been going on lately. Everything is good – nothing to complain about – though somehow I manage to.

If your a Twitter friend you are probably well aware that we have been “in transition”, a.k.a. homeless for the last 7 months. We sold our home, found another and we are finally home again. The relief and excitement I feel just writing that sentence is enough to make me forget, if only for a moment, that I am completely surrounded by boxes. We’re home at last.

Last weekend, when I should have been unpacking boxes I instead was frolicking about in San Francisco meeting and hanging out with some of the coolest food bloggers in existence.

I have no photos to prove my presence at the conference (although I do have a few incriminating video clips that I will keep in my aresenol) but there are a number of people who have recapped the weekend beautifully. So while I frantically continue to create some order in my life take some time to admire the work and words of others.

Jen from Use Real Butter – I was so honored to be a part of a dinner that Jen organized. Meeting people in real life that you’ve built a relationship online is such an incredible experience. Their friendship is somehow both new and old. So wonderful to meet you Jen.

Ree from The Pioneer Woman – She is just as lovable and endearing as you could ever imagine.

Notes from Advanced Photography Seminar. This, my friends, is an extremely valuable link – but don’t thank me. Lara Ferroni and Matt Armendariz gave an incredibly useful and inspiring talk on photography at the Blogher Food conference. It was geared for the more advanced photographer and gave information regarding where to buy the prettiest props you ever did see, what to do if someone wants to use your photo, and what Matt and Lara’s studios and workflow looks like – two photographers that I admire so much.

Recap from BakingBites – whom I sadly didn’t get a chance to meet.

Thoughts on BlogHerFood by Dianne Jacob – author of the extremely useful book and blog, Will Write For Food.

A couple more thoughts. First of all I owe all of you a sincere apology. Your dear, sweet comments mean the world to me and although I don’t have the time to respond to them all I read and appreciate every. single. one. Keep them coming and I am hoping that soon (very soon) I’ll be at a place where I can be a better blogger. Thank you for sticking with me. Come eat cookies with me sometime so I can say thank you in person.

I am an extremely visual person. So if you are like me you will appreciate this video that illustrates the tornado-like disaster we are living in. I’m slowly digging my way out of it and enjoying the process of putting my dishes in their new home. It’s been months since I’ve seen them.

One more thing. Seeking advice from parents of toddlers. Look what he can do.

How do I deal with this? Does this mean it’s time for a big boy bed?

Just another example of all our craziness. I love it. How could you not – did you see that face?! Notice how he is unsure if he should perform his trick at first as he knows it does not make mommy happy.

Alright. That’s all for now. I’ll be back soon with scones and adventures of a rookie Mushroom Hunter.


28 Responses to “Look what he can do”

  1. Sonja Nelson

    Kids love to climb. My son started crawling out of the crib at 15 months. Here is a link to crib tent. They also make a tent for the play pen. We travel a lot, so I also bought a play pen that had a canopy net and left it at my parents. Always an option. Both of my kids slept in the crib with the tent. As they got older, wiser and sneakier I had to safety pin the zipper closed. It was a much better alternative to having them wandering around the house in the middle of the night

  2. Dana

    Ashley, those are so priceless. The videos and the children! Do you have a bigger crib? Do you have space for one? Do you want one? We have an extra. It’s not beautiful but I don’t think he could get out of it. Let me know.

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      Dana & Sonja – Thanks so much for your advice. We are trying to find a child safety lock to match our handles for the door. We are thinking we might use this as the time to teach him how to use a big boy bed. This was the age our older child switched beds but he wasn’t as “adventurous”.
      Dana, we might take you up on your kind offer if our plan fails.

  3. Jill Anderson

    Fabulous Videos Ashley. Thank you so much for sharing. I watched them with my 4 1/2 yr old son and we both laughed. Here’s wishing you success in getting settled into your new home quickly.

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      Jill – Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you got a good laugh at it. I do, every time I watch it. Makes it hard to teach him that he’s not suppose to climb out of his crib when his mommy can’t even speak because she’s laughing so hard. Thanks for the well wishes.

  4. Tartelette

    Loved finally meeting you Ashley! You look like a porcelain doll and at the same time you kick major ass! I bet those two little boys missed you terribly!

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      Helen – When are you moving here?! Thanks for your kind words. I don’t know if they missed me but man oh man it was so good to hug and squeeze them upon returning. Meeting you was such a surreal experience. I feel like we started together and now look where you are. You are a talent. A wonderful, humble talent.

  5. Mary Gene

    OK, who is that giant full grown child climbing out of the play pen??? YIKES! You missed out my dear, had you invited me up, all your boxes would be empty..I am a she devil when it comes to unpacking..can’t rest until it is done. 🙂

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      Mary Gene – You have a standing invite – especially if you come to help me unpack boxes. And that full grown child is my little baby who is growing up way too fast. I can’t keep up with him!

  6. Christine

    Ash! I love it! I’ve been living out of boxes all summer and we just got settled in our new home a few weeks ago. Such an exhilirating experience to be “settled” again after 2.5 years trying to find the perfect home. Thanks for sharing your craziness and helping me to know that I’m not the only one. I was checking your blog for some inspirational recipies that I will never find time to cook, but reading about cooking somehow makes me feel grounded and domestic, so this was a pleasant surprise to find that even my foodie-hero has chaos in her life too! 🙂 I’d love to see you sometime … when the dust settles.

  7. Elissa Joy Watts

    Hey Ashley,
    It’s Aimee & Jono’s friend from the Great White North here. They introduced me to your blog, and I just wanted to congratulate you on a job AMAZINGLY done. I love it. all of it.

    I want to be at that conference in 5 years. We can carpool! 🙂

  8. Sara@Sprouted Kitchen

    so cute! i loved the face of a tiny bit of guilt? However, not enough to stop climbing. Wishing you the best with the process, know that your readers will still be here while you need this time to transition ~

  9. Phoo-D

    Congratulations on finally getting into your new home! What a long journey for you all. The expression on his face is absolutely priceless! I have no parenting solutions, but think he is totally adorable!

  10. Jessica

    Hi! Have you thought about entering Brighter Planet’s Mastering the Art of Sustainable Cooking Contest? They’re looking for stories from people who make delicious and low-impact meals, and I thought you might like to enter something. They also have a section on ‘getting in touch with your hunter/gatherer roots”…maybe you can contribute your upcoming mushroom hunter experience?
    Check it out here:

  11. art and lemons

    I wish I had gotten the chance to meet you at BlogHer Food last weekend. I had to leave between sessions to take care of my very fussy teething 16 month old. Love the videos, your boys are too cute. My son tries to swing his leg over the edge of his pack’n’play, only a matter of time until he too makes the great escape!

  12. Aran

    oh ashley… the boys are just too adorable and yes, i think it might be time for a big boy bed. they grow so fast… hope the boxes are slowly being put away and the madness subsiding!

  13. Sarah

    Our 17mo old daughter just started attempting the bail-out-of-the-crib move and since she’s shares a room with our older child, I felt it wise to do a preemptive move…
    Enter Phil and Ted’s most excellent Traveller cot. HA! Plus it’s sooo much more sturdy than our other packnplays. It’s been super sweet and they both love to play in it, once side zips down like a tent.
    FYI – Costco sells it brand new for less!! 🙂

  14. Julie

    Aw… makes me miss mine when he was in diapers! They are little escape artists, aren’t they? Mine was in a big boy bed before 2. Now he’s 4. Sniff.

  15. Elizabeth

    Great videos, adorable really. Totally remins me of my little guy (20 months) and how he was when we first moved into our new house, last month. We actually switched our crib to a day bed (it’s a 3 in 1 convertible crib), right after we moved in, maybe the second night. He was totally fine and I don’t worry too much about him now. He actually calls me into the room before he climbs down…:)

  16. Mary Gene

    I’m still giggling..Mark’s mom tells the story of the playpen in the front yard. That was where she put Mark’s older brother so she could do what she wanted. One day she looked out the window and he had thrown his ball out of the playpen, crawled out, got the ball, threw the ball back in and climbed back inside…that’s when she caught on that maybe that wasn’t the best way to “watch” the baby. Hey, he’s in his 60’s lived through it!

  17. erin

    that face is absolutely precious. i think all moms have seen that face. i love how he gets his pacifier and blankie before he exits the playpen.


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