Making Butter from gabe rodriguez on Vimeo.


I love butter. I am not ashamed to discuss the shear volume of the pale yellow brick of milk fat that our small family of four consumes. And why should I be? After all butter is rich is Vitamins A, D and K. The cholesterol found in butterfat is integral to children’s brain and nervous system development. The saturated fats present in butter have strong anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties. And you know what else? You can make it yourself – very easily.

The taste is superior to most you’ll find in the grocery stores (especially if you leave the cream out to sour for a bit). On top of that you get a great arm workout in the process.


For more scientific information on making butter at home check out this video.


Click here for Butter & Radishes

Thanks to my super talented husband for helping me create this highly educational video.


14 Responses to “Like Butter”

  1. StuffCooksWant

    My kids just made butter in school for Pioneer Day. Whipping cream in a baby food jar along with two pennies (cleaned) and shake shake shake. They LOVED the taste and ate all of it!

  2. Wolf

    I’ve made butter in my food processor before. It was so darned cool to watch. And extremely easy.}:P

  3. Rachelle

    So cute, you guys! I love the video and elegant simplicity of the radishes, bread, and butter. The photos are lovely as always of course! Ethan and I will have to try our hands at homemade butter one of these days. I love those radishes at the farmer’s market right now that are different shades of red and pink. Can’t recall the proper name. Great post!

  4. MG

    This made me smile….the headless woman and her shaking machine. Music was great…wish I could taste it!

  5. Ashley Rodriguez

    James – you can thank Gabe for the music choice. Thanks for commenting you can now remove your lurker status.
    Wolf – Food processor! That’s a great way. I’ve seen it done but haven’t done it myself.
    Rachelle – Thanks for commenting. I think you are thinking of breakfast radishes.

  6. Gabe

    These are the types of posts that are so helpful for me. Simplicity is a dish I don’t serve too often and that quirky little video made me realize simple things are sometimes the best. Thanks for the video. I would encourage more.

  7. CoCo

    Yuuuum! I love making butter but mine always goes bad so fast cause we use raw cream. I think I might try it again and I shake it this time in a mason jar rather than using my mixer. Thanks for the video!

  8. susan

    hi there! loved the butter video! i made butter recently too and man was it good. all my life i never knew how easy it was to make butter!

  9. Patrick

    HOLY CRAP!!!! Your “hella” cool as we say in CA, well Northern CA. This site is so awesome! Im gonna cry with joy…Im so glad I found it sniffle sniffle….

  10. Jana

    Hey Ashley,
    Since we are talking about butter… #1 I’m going to follow Gabe’s video and make some. #2 Where do you buy butter? It’s so expensive. I’m interested in knowing where you get your stock?



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