It was a great success. That was evident in the smiles, the cheers, and my complete exhaustion. Totally worth it.

So as promised, here is our lego/pirate party.

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Lego juice boxes made with construction paper. Muslin hand-painted table cloth.


The pinata is homemade (I’m sure you could have guessed that by the smudges and crinkles). Easiest pinata ever. I took a box (square, rectangle – whatever you have) and attached paper cups that I had cut down to about 2 inches tall. I hot glued those to the box. Then I spray painted it royal blue. It took about three coats to cover the amazon logo. Once it was dry and no longer smelled of spray paint, we loaded it with candy and taped it up. My husband put a hole in the top of the box and inserted a hanger with the top loop poking through. I attached it to the rope and pinched the hanger loop closed. It worked like a charm.

The pennant banners are a no-sew project. The week before I had the boys go crazy on a large sheet of muslin with blue, yellow and gray paints. Once that was dry I cut out the triangles and hot glued that to twine. I loved seeing their art hanging over the party. The muslin also made a nice table cloth for the beverage area. (See photo above)

5729407304_c26cf44e57_b (1) 5728857875_dfd17d2229_b

Snickerdoodle popcorn (melted butter mixed with a little bit of sugar and cinnamon, add salt too, of course), chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with caramel pudding and vanilla bean buttercream, little cupcake liners filled with banana gumballs and little sugary candy balls – I don’t know what they were but I liked the color.

don’t stop, there’s more!


Dinner was delightfully simple. Banh mi, peanut butter and jelly for the kids who didn’t want to venture into Vietnamese food, fresh vegetables in take out boxes with a creamy herb dip, and fresh fruit in wafer cones.


Bouncy house, pinata, room to run, and candy. Sounds like a party to me. And yes, that is my daughter trying to walk. Please make her STOP.

5729408112_d36b05eeb4_b (1)

photo by gabe


How sweet is that face?! Sheer delight over the impending bite. Oh my goodness I love that boy.


photo by gabe

And this one too. Eeeek! those cheeks.

The giant balloons were from PartyRoom

The tissue paper (used for streamers and other miscellaneous pops of color) were from Petals & Pulp.

The paper straws were from HeyYoYo

The colored candy, cupcake liners and striped bags (that held the popcorn) were from Baker’s Bling

Most of the party favors were found on Amazon. Everything else I found at Display and Costume and Home Cake Decorating Supply.

Phew. It was such a joy to be able to create this party for my boys. They had such a wonderful time with their (11!!) cousins and felt very loved. But I must say I’m a bit relieved that birthday season is over (for a few months, until Ivy’s).

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34 Responses to “lego/pirate party”

  1. MG Atwood

    Arrrghhhh! A Jolly Roger good time was had by all. Such creative juices, sprinkled with mama’s love, I love me some home made party!!

  2. veronica

    Wow, you sure throw a good birthday party! I especially love the pinata and the juice boxes. This looks like a birthday success!

  3. Clara

    Amazing, Ashley, just amazing! Your boys are so lucky to have such an incredible mom.

  4. NicoleD

    Your creativity blows my mind again and again! I recently printed your banh mi recipe and hope to make it soon. All of your treats look fantastic!

  5. Kasey

    Wow. Out of control amazing. I want a party like this for MY birthday in 2 weeks! Agree w/ Nicole – I want to make your banh mi, too.

  6. Crystal Malek

    Love it!! Ingenious pinata idea. So simple! I’m going to steal that for my son’s birthday coming up. Where did you have the party? It’s so hot here in the summer and I’d love to get a bouncy indoors. Looks like it was such a success! Now, rest up before your baby’s big day in a few months!

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      Great question Crystal. I meant to answer that in the post. The party was at my parent’s house. I served the food in their actual house and the sweets and bouncy house were in their “garage” which is more like a giant gym. It was perfect.

  7. bianca

    My goodness, your boys are very lucky to have you as a mother- what a wonderful birthday party. I kinda wish I was 5, so I could have been invited.

  8. sara

    wow wow wow. so many details, ashley! It’s gorgeous and fun and creative and just wow. I want you as a mom please? I’m sure that whole process is just as fun for you as it is, them. Bravo.

  9. mindy t

    Ok so you are just the best mama ever. My son will turn 4 in three weeks and I NEED that cupcake recipes for his party! :o)

  10. ursula

    oh my gosh! What a party! I can’t believe how much effort has gone into it! You must be the best mum.

  11. aly

    Soo many wonderful ideas! so creative, without being super fussy! i love that your boys helped out so much.

  12. caryn

    it’s so nice to see how you pulled off a very successful shared bday party for the boys. my boys’ bdays are exactly 2 weeks (and 3 years) apart, and at Christmas. thanks for the inspiration that a shared party is within reach – we could do with a little party condensing in the month of december! i think you’ve pushed me over the edge to try it… happy birthday to your cuties!

  13. Vanessa

    What a beautiful spread for 2 handsome boys! Everything looks fanatastic! My not-so-little-one will be turning 4 in November and I haven’t stopped thinking about what to do for his party! Now you’ve added even more ideas and inspiration to my list of possibilities! It’s trluy wonderful to see the pure enjoyment on their faces; job well done, Mom and Dad!

  14. molly

    Gah! Love it, all of it. Especially the fruit in ice cones — brilliant!!

    How efficient of you to have two boys, together 🙂 And how lucky of them to have such a splendid mama 🙂

  15. Angela

    This looks amazing! I am in awe of all that talented work you do!

  16. Lynn

    What wonderful and creative ideas for a Lego party! I do not dare show this to my 8 year old Lego maniac, or I’ll be on the line to reproduce it. I especially love the Lego pinata!


    we just made your banh mi and it was… AMAZING!!! thank you for sharing such great ideas with food:)

  18. Keely

    I absolutely love your party! it is a refreshing look from the typical lego theme. KUDOS!