For the past couple of days I have walked around with a spring step and my head in the clouds. The Times Online selected Artisan Sweets as one of the top 50 food blogs in the world. I am so incredibly honored to be in the midst of blogs that I have admired and gleaned from for quite some time.

Thank you so much for this recognition. What an honor.

Check out the list here.


Many thanks and praise belong to my dear husband as many of the photographs are his and the ones that I take…. well, he has taught me everything I know. I love you babe and couldn’t do this without your support!


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  1. MG

    Ugh, not only top 50, but higher than halfway…#16!! Whewww wheewwww! I checked out many of the blogs, and yours was far superior, in my unofficial official opinion…yes, the photos help, but your writing is light, witty, and interesting. Nice combo.


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