In reality I am not the advanced gardener of my dreams. The vision of me wading through overgrown rows of sun warmed produce with a wicker basket in one hand while the other plucks craggy and beautifully imperfect heirloom tomatoes from their fragrant vines, is just that – a vision. I have to believe that someday it will happen but until then I’ll live in my carefully painted dreams of the jungle-like garden overflowing with rainbow colored chard, enough sugar snap peas to last an entire afternoon of snacking, and Β berries by the buckets, able to fill dozens of pies and tarts.


In this present time I can, however, produce enough herbs that leave me feeling anxious as to what I am to do with them all. Currently my sage is large enough to swallow one of the children whole and whatever the sage doesn’t devour I have no doubt the parsley will. In an effort to make room for something other than herbs in the garden I’ve formed numerous bouquets with the flowering parts, made pesto in various forms, and created this enticing bubbly soda that satisfies and refreshes as the best summer beverages should.

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Honey Herb Soda


I’ve used honey as the sweetener here giving me all the more reason to drink this by the pitcher. Make this floral and fizzy brew all the more fancy with the addition of herb ice. Simply put pretty little herb leaves and flowers into ice trays, fill with water, freeze and serve.

1/2 cup honey

1 cup water

a few sprigs herbs such as thyme, mint, rosemary, basil, lemon verbena, tarragon, etc. You can mix and match as you please.


In a small sauce pan bring the honey and water to a boil. Reduce to medium-high and simmer rapidly for three minutes. Turn off the heat and add the herbs. Steep and let cool.

From this point you can remove the herbs, cover and refrigerate and keep for at least two weeks.

To make a glass of your herb soda add a couple of tablespoons of the honey herb syrup to a large glass. Add 1-2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice then top with soda water. Taste and adjust sweetness/lemon to your taste. Add your fancy ice and straw. If you have one of those big floppy summer hats, now would be a completely appropriate time to wear it.


48 Responses to “Honey Herb soda”

  1. Sis

    I’ve been drinking your cucumber/basil/mint drink from last summer quite frequently these days – gonna try this one as well. Thanks for posting it!

  2. Kelly

    I love the idea of herbs and honey transformed into a crisp and refreshing soda. Just looking at your pictures I practically feel refreshed. Those ice cubes are especially gorgeous.

  3. la domestique

    The herb-cicles are fab and I will definitely be making some honey herb soda- thanks for a wonderful idea! Glad to hear I’m not the only one with a monster sage plant in the garden!

  4. Deanna

    Have you seen the book The Edible Front Yard? I just bought it and I’ve already learned so much from it. I can’t wait to make this, my herbs are going crazy too. I have a ton of thyme and lemon grass that need to be used.

  5. Snippets of Thyme

    This looks so refreshing. I hear you about the gardening. I love my herb pots but it probably won’t go farther than that for my brownish tinged thumb!

  6. bianca

    This looks amazing; perfectly refreshing for hot summer days. You are definitely adding to my summer drink repertoire!

  7. Camille

    I’m imagining this with some purple basil or purple sage. (our sage plant could devour children as well, so I’m looking to use a whole bunch of it, or I’ll have to pull it out.) I wonder if that would make it he beautiful lavender color of my vision or just brownish.

  8. Channeling Contessa

    What is it with sage? My mom does a garden and the amount of herbs it produces is incredible, especially the sage. We live in New York, just north of the city, and despite cold temps and snow the sage (and thyme) is still good come Thanksgiving. It’s so nice to load up our stuffing with the fruits of summer.

  9. Anne Marie


    Your dreams will come true! If you are able to do so much with your fabulous herb garden I can only imagine what you would do with a large plot of your own. I mentioned this before, regarding the mountains of muddy laundry that we have over here, but this is my first year doing a garden with my little kids and it has been so lovely. I cannot help sneaking a mention or an ingredient from our garden in almost every post. Also, do you like lemon verbena? (I couldn’t tell if it was in one of the cubes.) That is another great perennial that I use a lot for teas and sodas.

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      @Anne Marie – Thanks for the encouragement. Someday when we have a bigger yard I will become a gardening fanatic. I’m taking a class next week on creating an edible yard in preparation. All I need is the space!

  10. lesley graham

    so beautiful! it’s always nice to have a new and fresh use for herbs. i can’t seem to keep rosemary alive and everyone always talks about how easy it is to grow?!

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      @Lesley – My rosemary died over the winter but around my neighborhood there are giant bushes everywhere. Someday I dream of having a giant rosemary bush in my yard but first they must survive through the cold months. Maybe it’s a different variety.

  11. A Plum By Any Other Name

    What a beautiful idea! I’ve taken to having a cocktail while I grill out on my patio this summer and this leaves me inspired, wondering what I should mix in it! Hmmm … maybe bourbon? Or dark rum? A perfect post to take with me into the weekend!

  12. amanda

    really love your blog. both my sister and i follow regularly, though this is my first time commenting. I made this syrup last night for a beach day this afternoon, and it’s wonderful. so simple, adaptable, and perfect. I added a handful of frozen cranberries and a handful of tarragon while it was simmering, then let it sit overnight and strained it this morning. Can’t wait to have it with some gin and soda. Thanks so much for your ongoing inspiration πŸ™‚

  13. Becca

    have you tried fried sage leaves as a garnish? (not for a drink, but for practically anything else…)

  14. Camille

    My almost-four-year-old son has taken to calling this “delicious drink.” The first time we made it, I used frozen blueberries instead of fancy ice cubes, and now it’s a tradition. Thanks!

  15. Molly McCampbell

    I saw you on TV and decided to check out your site. I’m so happy I did! I love the honey herb soda and I’m so excited to start trying more of the yummy food you post, love this blog!


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