I don’t know who is more excited for their birthday party this weekend, me or the boys. All of us are counting down the sleeps.

You can be sure I will give you a full report post party but I wanted to share a few things with you before the big day.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I can. not. believe my baby is 5 and then a mere two weeks later my other baby turns 3. Not to mention the melt down I had when I realized sister baby is 8 months. Can you believe it?!

You may also remember me proclaiming my adoration for navy, mustard (deep golden yellow), and gray. Well yes, they are coming to the party too.

These numbers were made with hundreds of small tissue paper squares that were wrapped around the eraser of a pencil until they looked like a small flower blossom. They were then glued to a cardboard frame.


These handsome boys will be atop chocolate and vanilla cupcakes that are filled with caramel pudding and topped with vanilla bean buttercream.



My husband is to thank for these adorable flags. He designed it in photoshop then printed the boys onto adhesive label paper. I then carefully wrapped them around lollipop sticks. With plenty of extra stickers you can be sure there will be these sweet faces all over the party.

Speaking of cupcakes …


… these are their hats.

Fondant circles in white with fondant legos. I’m doing some mini cupcakes as well.

Their friends will be going home with these beauties …


… boxes of treasure …


… loaded with a pirate finger puppet, coins, tattoos, stamps, an x-ray gummy fish, and candy necklace.

I wanted the party to be reflective of what my boys are excited about these days. Legos and pirates appear throughout. I already anticipate the joy we’ll feel as we stumble upon the images from the party years later. We’ll remember the days of pirates and legos and the uninhibited excitement from the little things like juice boxes and giant gumballs. As I said, we are all really excited.

And she wanted to say hello too.


Have a wonderful weekend!!


26 Responses to “happy weekend”

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      Thanks Michelle. Gabe and I were just saying it’s a good thing they are so darn cute. Makes getting up at 5:00 am on Saturday that much easier. 🙂

  1. Rebecca Marie

    Those tissue paper numbers are so cute! I would love to use them for my wedding with our initials. Could you post a link for a tutorial on how to make them?

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      Rebecca – I can’t seem to find a clear tutorial. I may have to do one myself. 🙂 Real quickly, I started with a sturdy cardboard base that I found at a local party and costume store. Then I cut hundreds of tissue paper squares – they don’t have to be exactly. Roughly 1-2 inches depending on how fluffy you want it. I used a technique similar to this (except with squares, although you could do circles. I had a shallow bowl filled with elmer’s glue. I dabbed the bottom of the “blossom” into the glue then, with the pencil eraser still holding the tissue paper, I attached it to the cardboard. Continue that process placing the next one right next to the first. Squish them together so that no cardboard shows.
      I hope that helps. I’m happy to answer any questions you have. If I come across a link I’ll email you.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Dana

    First, can I come to the party? Second, you are putting all of us “regular” moms to shame. Third, I need to squeeze that baby.

  3. Thea

    Oh my goodness, that looks fun! I can’t believe that Baron’s 5, either. And I totally wish I could eat one of those cupcakes.

  4. Amanda@Easy Peasy Organic

    congrats on 3 beautiful kids! i hope you have/had a lovely party 😉

    Love those cupcake toppers … and the flags! Now, if only *I* had a hubbie who knew his way around photoshop. Alas.

  5. Crystal Malek

    Beautiful babies! Yes, the time sadly zooms by too fast. My baby turned 1 last month! Hope you post some party pics! I need some ideas for my boy about to turn 7, Eek!!

  6. Lynn

    Oh happy birthday to Baron & enjoy that Lego pirate party! My boys are 17 & 21 now and the oldest one just moved out on his own last month. A bittersweet milestone but now I enjoy those Sunday family dinners when he comes back even more. And the boys have been known to go on a lego building spree even at this age. I do miss those “kidlet snuggles” but there is something wonderful to experience at all of the different ages and stages. The trick is being present to notice. You understand that. Have a wonderful celebration!

  7. Megan Malone

    The photo sticker flags are a wonderful idea! I might be borrowing that idea in the near future when my little girl turns one, she is just about the same age as your little girl, she’ll be one 9.22.11. So hard to believe how fast she is growing. Enjoy the birthday parties!!! You have great ideas!!

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      Megan – Way. too. fast! I’d be so happy if you used the flag idea. That really added a cute personal touch. The boys loved seeing their faces on the cupcakes.

  8. Terumi

    This looks so fun! I love the creative decorations-especially the numbers!


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