One year of sweets.

One year of writing.

One year of meeting amazing fellow bloggers, bakers and cooks.

I have learned so much from all of you and have had so much fun sharing recipes and my baking successes and flops.

What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a makeover?  I hope you enjoy the clean, simple and new look to Artisan Sweets.
To many more happy blogging years.  I look forward to the future.


16 Responses to “happy birthday blog”

  1. brilynn

    Happy Blog Birthday!

    And that’s a wonderful monkey cake! I tried making one once but it didn’t turn out nearly that well!

  2. Mary Gene Atwood

    Happy Birthday. It’s in the air…celebrations all around. Never eat chocolate without thinking of you!

  3. Tartelette

    I have had much time to comment lately but I read you everytime you update and I feel forever grateful for the advice you gave me a year ago. Happy Blog Birthday and I raise my truffle to many more!

  4. gbaron

    Congrats, Sweets! Like the delicious things you make, your blog is always a tasty treat. Although I still am a little upset that you get more traffic! Keep it up!

  5. artisansweets

    Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes!! It’s so encouraging to hear from you all. Although wedding season has come to an end it still has been crazy for other reasons. I will post soon! Thanks again!!


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