Grilled Greens with Anchovy Vinaigrette // Not Without Salt

Over the past few months I’ve been working with S.Pellegrino to develop and photograph dozens of recipes. You guys, it has been so hard not sharing these recipes with you immediately, so you can imagine my excitement now that the program has officially launched and I can finally share the recipes and photos from this project. I grilled some bananas, wrapped goat cheese in buttery pastry, rolled up pork with prosciutto and dried plums and made a caramel sauce using fresh blackberries that really should win me a trophy. It’s been a pretty delicious season.

On the blog I’ll be highlighting some of my favorites but there are many more recipes appearing on their Facebook page daily over the next few months.

For example, this salad. Before you put that grill away for the season I’m urging you to make this salad. It is a sort of Caesar-like salad that’s heavy on anchovy – which I realize is not the most loved flavor – but if you do love it then get on this salad. A hearty head of romaine handles the heat of the grill. Some of the leaves gently wither in the heat while most retain their crisp bite picking up the smoky flavor that we all love about grilled food. Fresh or oven-roasted tomatoes thrown on top would be a welcomed addition. The dressing is pungent, fishy, but delightfully so (says the girl who is just starting to like fish) and addicting. I wouldn’t be opposed to large shavings of Parmesan either or large, golden-crisp garlic croutons. For the days when the grill has been covered and tucked into storage a grill pan does the job too.

Click here for the full recipe.






As a contributor for S.Pellegrino’s Practice the Art of Fine Food program I created this recipe and post along with many others that can be found on their Facebook page here.


Grilled Greens Salad with Anchovy Vinaigrette

Find the recipe here.

24 Responses to “Grilled Greens Salad with Anchovy Vinaigrette”

  1. J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

    Looks amazing! People think they don’t like anchovies but secretly they are the most flavorful additions to sauces and dressings. I just don’t tell people they’re there.

      • Angie

        Could you share some tips on procuring the best anchovies for those of us looking to embark on this deep salty flavor quest you have invited us on?

  2. Carina

    Absolute wonderful photographs – I can smell the freshness of this salad and I too like anchovies!!! Carina 🙂

  3. Linda

    I love anchovies. They really do add that little something extra to a dish, sauce, dressing… Salad looks delicious!

  4. connie

    Unfortuately, the link goes to the Pelligrino page, and it’s a different recipe. Wish I chould have this one!

  5. Chef Brian

    Fantastic site, the quality of the ingredients are simple and fresh. The images are outstanding. Thanks for a great and refreshing site. Keep it going!


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