How did I let a week go past without a post? Believe me, I’ve so wanted to be here but I am deep into a project that is demanding all. of. me. The end is in sight and everyone around me who has experienced my crazy, stressed-out, frantic fits is as excited as I am for it to be done. Soon.

Until then I’m stepping in to say a quick hello with a few more shots from my film camera. Would you look at that?! Two weeks in a row!! Does that make it a bonafide series?

These are a few of my favorite eldest son, Baron. He just turned 5.


Gabe took this one as we were leaving on a date. Baron and I enjoyed dinner at Delancey then an evening at the theater watching Mary Poppins soar through the air. Well, I watched her soar through the air while Baron slept in my arms. Next time we will see a matinee.

I’d like for you to take a moment to notice his hair. He would like for you too as well. He did it himself. A mixture of hairspray and water then using the palms of your hands smoosh and pat it forward – that’s Baron’s secret to a perfectly handsome head of hair.


Oh man, do I have a good looking date or what?!


Oh and hey, if you are into this Film Friday thing I’d love for you to share. Post to your blog, send me a link, upload to my the NWS Facebook page (I’m pretty sure that’s possible) or email them to me. Let’s make this a party for all to participate in!

Happy Weekend everyone!


15 Responses to “film friday”

  1. Angharad

    Your son is literally the most adorable and beautiful child I have seen in a long while. He is going to be a killer heart breaker. Oh my.

  2. danielle

    whew! i’ll say! he’s already a heart breaker, but when he grows up your going to be beating the girls back with a broom. love his pea-coat and bow tie!

  3. Amanda

    Such nice shots! I’m a complete novice at photography, but I am looking into getting myself a film camera soon (always liked the physical presence of it so much more)…so I might be joining you!

  4. MG Atwood

    Can I get on his date Card? The first thing I saw when I opened this page was his hair! He looks amazing, and to think he did it himself…what a guy!

  5. Jo

    The best date a woman can have! 🙂 I’d know, I have a boy but he’s only 3.5, but still we manage to have fun when we go out, though maybe the restaurant kinda date will need to wait another coupla years. But im looking forward to it, seeing how much fun you and Baron had! 🙂

  6. Catherine

    Super cute! Very impressive hair-styling for a 5-yr old 🙂
    The pics came out so nice too… I’m guessing that is a very nice camera!?

  7. Rachel Del Grosso

    I just discovered your site a few days ago and I have to say that I am in love with it. I love your film fridays and I might just try to join in, even though I think it would need to be a monthly thing because film isn’t cheap!


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