These early Fall days scream for a visit to an apple orchard. With the air as crisp as a Zestar and the slight warmth of the fleeting summer sun comforting like a mug of fresh pressed Honeycrisp cider.

Last week we made our first visit of the season to Bellewood Acres located just north of Bellingham, WA. I know Disneyland claims to be the happiest place on earth but Bellewood Acres is my happy place.

With Mt. Baker casting its shadow over the apple trees and both cows and horses as the farm’s neighbors, the setting is simply surreal. The best way to tour the massive orchards is to hop in one of the multiple golf carts available to visitors. With a maximum speed of two miles an hour you can be assured that you will get a leisurely tour of all the varieties of apples that Bellewood grows.
This year I was so thrilled to find even more incredible products available that are made on the farm. John and Dorie, the farm’s owners, have added a cider reduction and apple cider vinegar to the farm store shelves. The cider reduction is both tart and crisp like a fresh apple while having an intense caramel flavor from reducing the sugars in the cider. Both products are made from their cider that they press on the farm. And if you have yet to sample their cider make a point to do it this year. One sip of the Honeycrisp cider and you would swear you were eating the actual apple underneath the tree on which it was grown in the warmth of the summer sun with little white bunnies hopping about – yes, it really is that magical.
3914711650_4c7c48cc8d_b Another item not to be missed is the Honey Roasted Peanut Butter. I could live off of freshly sliced apples dunked in their peanut butter. And then for dessert I would have either a caramel apple that has a jacket of slightly salty and roasted peanuts OR dip more apple slices in their caramel sauce that is reminiscent of Dulce de Leche – which you all know by now that I love that stuff.

Online you can find Bellewood Acres at or become their fan on Facebook. If you are lucky enough to live in the area they are located just south of Lynden right off the Guide Meridian on the Ten Mile Road. They are open everyday from 10-6 from now until December 31st.
John and Dorie are extremely passionate about their apples and the proof is in the taste. Throughout my many visits to their farm over the years I have gotten to know John and Dorie and my life is richer because of them. Their love for each other is as sweet as the caramel coating their apples.

I do hope many of you get the opportunity to visit Bellewood Acres. It is a Fall trip not to be missed.
Do you have field trip that is a must for you during these precious Fall months?

3913926245_ee33309829_bPhotos taken by my husband and myself.


18 Responses to “Field Trip – Bellewood Acres”

  1. Elizabeth

    Oh wow, love the photos. I live right near an apple orchard that makes cider (the alcoholic kind) and it is a treat to go there. They have a self guided walking tour complete with little fairy villages and stories of yonder year. Great post Ashley!

  2. Romy

    Here in Switzerland visiting apple orchards isn’t such a big thing, but when I lived in New England it was so fun to participate in fall apple festivals! Thanks for this lovely post!

  3. Jennifer Bulthuis

    I just got home from Bellewood about an hour ago. They started bottling their apple cider while I was there and I happened to get the very first jug. I cannot WAIT to have some this afternoon! (I am so glad they also sell the juice and peanut butter at Haggen.)

    [sidenote: I was given your blog through Boone – my husband and I went to TWU with him and Jacqi. Anyway, lovely blog. I will enjoy reading it.]

  4. Dorie Belisle

    Ashley, thanks for much for bringing your family out to the farm and for helping to tell our story. We love having visitors to the farm and we appreciate all you do for us and for the community. Sincerely, Dorie

  5. Rita

    OMG, I always wonder about this place whenever we drive up to BC ( I live in Seattle). I will try to make a trip there this year, I didn’tknow you could do such a thing. Thanks! Lovely pics.

  6. sammyw

    looks like a wonderful time! my hubs and i just returned from apple picking at jubilee farm in carnation, wa. lovely little place with a ginormous selection of fruits, veggies and pick your own flowers. don’t you just love the northwest…


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