We were so young when we married. Wise enough to choose to spend the rest of our lives together but yet too young to know who we were. While that route may not be for everyone I am so glad that Gabe and I have grown up together.

I wasn’t into food when we met (which seems unimaginable to us now). In fact I was pursuing a career in medicine – a very short lived pursuit that eventually turned into an art degree with a teaching certification. Gabe was studying communication, looking ridiculously handsome in his navy peacoat, taking photos whenever he had the chance and not drinking coffee.

Twelve years later he’s drinking coffee, brewing it with over a half dozen methods, roasting his own beans and staying up till nearly dawn to clean and repair our burr grinder. He’s changed (although he still is quite handsome, more so I’d say).

In marriage it’s not an agreement to do life with the person they are on your wedding day, it’s a decision to marry who they are then, who they are now and who they will be. It is a commitment to love them through their growth and support their changes. Even if you marry at 40 you’re not going to be the same person at 60. Life has a way of shaping, refining and changing us. The hope is that you find someone who will continue to be at your side through it all.

My once coffee-loathing husband anticipated the opportunity for us to steal a moment alone on the beach during our recent vacation. He envisioned us lingering over a great cup of coffee while the gentle waves lapped at our feet.


So with the proper equipment in hand and a mug of boiling water we set out towards the still beach once the kids had been quieted. I marveled at the scene. Who is this man who will now go through such lengths to have us enjoy great coffee in such a desolate (and quite romantic, mind you) setting? He’s my husband, whom I love more than when he didn’t drink coffee.

I realize coffee is a petty change in the vast ocean of changes that have occurred in either of us through these years but for me it stands in as a sort of symbol for the other ones – the much greater ones. As with the other changes I’ve loved watching this passion for coffee evolve. I’ve cherished the moments that I can support him in this growing interest and if it one day fades or grows even further, I’ll love him still. Probably more so, as hard as that is to imagine.

If any of you are interested here is a list of equipment needed if you too would like great coffee on the beach, in the woods – or anywhere for that matter.
Brewing system: Mypressi Twist – great espresso from a hand held machine. It uses Co2 cartridges.

Beans: Coava Kyochere – Portland, OR (I’ve mentioned Coava before – we’re fans)

Water carrying vessel and drinking cup : Stanley Outdoor Mug With Clip Grip

Grinder: Hario Coffee Hand Grinder Skerton
Thanks so much to Boone for joining us on our coffee date for the sake of taking many of these stunning images of the two of us.

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77 Responses to “Dating My Husband: {Good} Coffee on the Beach”

  1. brianne

    This is so beautiful! My fiance currently doesn’t drink coffee so this gives me hope for his acquired taste 😉 Also, totally adding that espresso maker to our registry.

  2. Sarah

    This reminds me so much of my fiance and me (whose name is also Gabe!). The man didn’t even own a coffee maker when I met him. Now, he grinds his own beans daily. I only hope that we can have such a wonderful and loving relationship someday as you and your love do!

  3. Migle

    “In marriage it’s not an agreement to do life with the person they are on your wedding day, it’s a decision to marry who they are then, who they are now and who they will be. ”
    These are the most incredible words that I have ever read! And your love story sounds as one’s dream that fully came true :)

  4. Gray

    too caaaaayoot!

    I married my high school sweetheart 4 yrs. ago when we were both 24. We’ve known each other since we were 12. It’s pretty boss.


  5. Tiff

    What a beautiful post, both through text & photos. I feel that many relationships fall apart because someone expects their partner to stay the same throughout their relationship, forgetting that people change & you just have to figure out if they’re changing for the better or for the worst. The photos are absolutely beautiful. Such a romantic night out!! Very jealous.

  6. Jessica Zigenis

    This post really touched my heart. My husband and I got married at 20 and will be celebrating our 5 yr. anniversary in February. I’ve often told people the same thing about how the path isn’t for everyone because you really do change so much in your early twenties, but I still wouldn’t change a thing, because for better or worse, no matter who we become, we are in it for the forever kind of love. Cheers to you guys and to loving our spouses for who they are now and who they will be tomorrow!

  7. aiye lobite

    wow so lovely. i’ve always been longing for this moment with my husband.good for you two…wish we could have one like this..on our anniversary….along with our 3 kids…like it?how was that?

  8. Laura Bear

    What a lovely written post and such beautiful imagery. I somehow am just finding your blog, but I am loving every second!

  9. Zoe Ching

    This. Is. My. Dream.
    What a beautiful way to spend an afternoon together. I grew up in San Francisco, next to the windy and foggy ocean – just beautiful. Amazing that he brought all the equipment to brew coffee – I would be head over heels if someone did this for us on a date :) Now living in Portland, OR I think a coast trip is a must before it gets a bit too chilly.

    Warmly, Zoe
    @toastytalk |


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