You might want to read this article first from the New York Times.
(read it soon as after a week it will cost you to access their database).

I have had many people ask me about my opinion on Culinary Schools. I often hesitate to give it because of my insecurities for not having that formal education. I am proud of my accomplishments not having that education – trust me I’ve worked hard to be where I’m at. But regardless of where you go to school this is a VERY hard industry. If you don’t have the passion and determination then don’t waste your time.

Thanks to Shuna from Eggbeater for bringing it to my attention.


2 Responses to “Culinary School?”

  1. shuna fish lydon

    You’re welcome!

    My new plan– flood the internet with alternative information about culinary education, so that those Googling for info aren’t just given the paid advertising from these big money machines.

    I think culinary school can be helpful, I just want the schools that cost the big bucks to give out honest information about how much money their graduates will actually make!


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