Happiness is a Sunday with no plans. An early morning where the first few steps are taken towards the oven in order to pre-heat. And even though Ivy manages to put an entire tub of expensive face product in her hair and the boys spend all afternoon doing everything but cleaning their room, Sunday still delights.

I linger in the kitchen, make plans to read a new book, and mix together a few ingredients to make a simple apple “bread” from a recipe card tucked inside my great-grandmother’s recipe box.

Soon we’ll gather around the table for an early dinner which, unlike weekday dinners, took longer than 20 minutes to prepare. We’ll then head to church then come home to do more of the same. All these things help to ease us into the weekdays. Today we linger. Today we’ll move a bit more slowly and grasp the fading moments of the weekend. Monday brings routine, early mornings and work but we won’t think about that yet. For now Sunday is here, dinner is almost ready and there are a few more slices of grandma’s apple bread. I do so hope your Sunday was as restful as ours.

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Chopped Apple Cake

My great grandmother referred to this as apple bread. I love that about her. I also love that nearly ninety percent of her recipes in her box are for baked goods. This cake is wonderfully simple and takes no more time to make than it does your oven to pre-heat. In the future I plan to experiment with some other flours and sugar but this morning I wanted this cake just as grandma enjoyed it.

1 ½ cups flour
¾ teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon kosher salt
½ teaspoon cinnamon
¼ teaspoon nutmeg
¾ cup sugar
¾ cup oil (I used canola and walnut)
2 eggs
½ teaspoon vanilla
2 cups peeled and chopped apples (about 2 medium)


Pre-heat your oven to 350*F. Butter a loaf pan and set aside.

Combine the flour, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar in a medium bowl. Add the oil, eggs and vanilla and stir until combined. Fold in the apples. Scrape batter into the prepared loaf pan and baked until a toothpick inserted into the middle of the loaf comes out clean, about 60 – 70 minutes.

Let cool 10 minutes before unmolding on to a wire rack. Let cool until just warm then slice.


78 Responses to “Chopped Apple Cake”

  1. susan

    I was so excited to make this as a Christmas gift. Luckily I tested it first. I bakes mine for 90 mins and its still very oily. ? I triple checked and I used the 3/4c called for… suggestions? The top layer though is divine.

  2. Michele

    This is the third time I’ve made this and every time, it’s a hit! I usually bake for a Church event once a month. I’ve been making this with 1/2 cup of Splenda instead of sugar (our Pastor is diabetic) and it’s still delicious! No one can tell it’s sugar free :) Thanks for a keeper recipe!! Love this!!

  3. Heather

    I love apple bread and I recreated this recently with a few minor, but successful tweaks. I swapped olive oil for canola and added a little buckwheat flour. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Erika

    I made this for morning tea this morning and I was a huge hit! I will definitely be making this again!

  5. Judi

    Thank you so much! I have been searching online for an apple loaf cake and yours is perfect. Your great grandma definitely knew what she was doing. This is exactly the kind of homey loaf I was wanting, for the beginning of October.

  6. arielle

    just made this this morning, and it was wonderful! thanks so much for sharing. it was such a good thanksgiving breakfast!

    love, arielle

  7. Judi

    Since my previous comment in Sept 2014, I’ve made this cake for almost everybody I know, and everyone loves it. Even though it is perfect as is, I just made it with fresh cherries–I had a few handsful about to be overripe and didn’t want to waste them. Pitted the cherries and sliced them in half, and added a small handful of golden raisins soaked in a couple of spoons of calvados. The result was great! The cinnamon/nutmeg combination is nice with cherries. Thanks again.


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