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Italian Scrambled Eggs

Italy //

In front of me there’s thick spaghetti noodles tossed with crispy pancetta, big flecks of cracked pepper sitting on a grassy pool of fava pureé. To my right there’s pecorino custard, next to that frilly waves of just shaved prosciutto, and guanciale simmered with tomatoes and a tannic red wine. “I’m at church.” He says… Read more »

Salt and Vinegar Potato Hash

Salt and Vinegar Potato Hash //

My favorite weekends are the ones with no plans. The Saturday mornings where you linger in bed until the desire for coffee outweighs the desire to stay curled up under the weight of the blankets. Now that the kids are a bit older we have that sort of luxury; to linger in bed, slowly sip a… Read more »