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tarte flambée


For a time I have let the San Marazano tomatoes remain in the cupboard. Their bright acidic tang blended with the soft heat of garlic and the subtle touch of dried oregano has served our pizza night’s well, but now I turn to creme fraiche. It began with a nudge from a friend who encouraged… Read more »

banh mi with pork meatballs

Pork Meatball Banh Mi

A mere 30 minutes north of our cozy home there is a little shop in a little strip mall in a fairly little town. In this shop they make and sell one of the best sandwiches in and around Seattle. You can be the proud owner of said sandwich for around $3.00. It’s Banh Mi…. Read more »

dating my husband


We got engaged in Rome. I had been living in Italy for 5 months when Gabe flew in to meet me in Rome for the weekend. I knew the ring was coming. Maybe it was because I had designed it before I left for Italy to study art history or maybe it was because the… Read more »

Dating My Husband


Growing up Gabe was tagged as “the picky eater,” often refusing to try new things. If it even resembled a tomato he wouldn’t go near it – unless it was salsa. For some reason salsa tomatoes are acceptable. Our first fight as a young, dating couple revolved around his eating habits. I approached him feeling… Read more »

Swiss Chard and Caramelized Onion Tacos


I fell in love with food around the same time I was falling in love with my husband. I lived in Italy for six months and thought there was something wrong with me. While all the other students were buying leather boots and shopping for the perfect Italian apparel souvenir, all my money was spent… Read more »

Greek Nachos


It happened about a month ago. It was a typical day – casually following Twitter – laughing at the wittiness of those whom I follow and clicking through the links that caught my attention. As it was quite some time ago I don’t remember the exact words that @bittman used to lure me in but… Read more »

Shaky and Stirred


I jumped into the professional food scene feet first. Newly married and months away from graduating I was re-thinking the original plan. That June I graduated with a degree in Studio Arts and needed two quarters of student teaching to receive my Secondary Education Certification. Maybe it was the fact that as soon as I… Read more »