I have the best intentions: To be here, every week or twice if I’m feeling particularly optimistic, with a new recipe, a few words and beautiful photos. But then reality hits and I have to learn repeatedly that the days are always shorter than they seem and I’m really not super woman.

Instead of leaving this place empty for another week I wanted to direct you to a few recipes that I think you need to know about. You see, I’ve recently started my very own column on Food52. So if you don’t see me here then you can find me there. Already we’ve talked about fried chicken for sandwiches, the best burgers (it involves butter, obviously), chicken salad with pickled grapes and celery leaves, and chocolate quick puff pastry. You know, the really important things in life.


The column is called Modern Comfort. It’s where I update the recipes I really want to eat with a few little tricks, twists and tips.

Also, you’ll be happy to hear that the cookie mix is back in stock and ready to be baked. The book, however, is out of stock (in many places) again. Because you all are the absolute best blog readers a lady can ask for the book has been doing quite well and is already on its 4th printing! Thank you for your support and spreading the word. It really means the world to me.

Now go make some fried chicken or chocolate-laced puff pastry!

IMG_6978 IMG_7021




Click here to find all the recipes!

16 Responses to “Catching Up”

  1. Elissa Watts

    I have definitely purchased four copies as gifts so far….sorry. 😉 Come do a book signing at Balgove Larder in Scotland! Pretty please. Xx

  2. Abby

    Oh, I adore your Food52 column, Ashley! That chocolate puff pastry looks absolutely incredible. <3

  3. Julie

    I requested this fried chicken for mother’s day, and it was outstanding!!! Love your book, and now your column!


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