Less than 24 hours in Bruges, Belgium – what do you do?

Eat as much as you possibly can, of course!

My Bruges (don’t ask me how to pronounce it, I practiced for a week which evoked many laughs and odd hacking noises) to-do list was as follows:

1. Drink a Belgian beer

2. Eat fries

3. Eat waffles

4. Eat and buy chocolate

That is a chocolate induced smile right there.

I’m happy to report that even in my limited time in that beautiful country I completed the to-do list and then some.

Upon my return I’ve created a new to-do list:


1. Make waffles as good as the Belgian’s do – particularly the Liege waffle.

2. Make Flemish stew.

3. Find a great source for Belgian beer in Seattle then drink some.

4. Plan my return trip to Belgium.

Of course there is more to this stunning city than the food. Like wandering the brick-paved streets in the middle of the night in silence as you take in the stunning architecture, the way the moon reflects on the frozen canal, and the warming thought of drinking a dark beer in a pub established in 1515 – oh, that’s food too, I’m hopeless.

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57 Responses to “Bruges, Belgium”

  1. ann

    I agree with the few Belgians here… Ghent is even more magical. And indeed way more real. And the place to be for foodies. And yes we eat our fries dipped in mayo. What else is there? 😉

  2. Emily

    Bruges is lovely! Although I have to say that I’m partial to my home here in Brussels! When you return to Bruges, you should make a bike trip out to the countryside nearby and bike to the ocean, it’s absolutely lovely!

    I’ve actually decided that I should learn to master the recipes for both the gaufre de liege and the gaufre de bruxelles. I haven’t been compelled to do it so much since they only cost a few euro, but better to master the recipe now than never!

    I also just learned how to make belgian fries the authentic traditional way, if you want to check out the recipe on my site.

    I’m glad you fell in love with my adopted country and I hope you come back soon!

    PS – I agree with Eva’s comments from above, you definitely have to go to Ghent the next time you’re in Belgium (and Brussels of course!)

  3. Tracy C.

    Bruges, Belgium is one of my all time favorite places…was there for just two nights and three days, I think…by the time we got there, we were close to the end of our 2 1/2 week tour of Europe…we visited 7 different countries in that amount of time and Bruges, Belgium was my favorite of all places that we traveled that time… love your pictures… brought back some lovely memories… since we were there in july, we were able to ride a boat along part of the canal which was very nice…. :)
    Thanks so much for sharing…. :)

  4. Bryce L.

    Great post. Every Saturday morning for the past three years, our neighbors come over and we eat Liege waffles. One week we top it with savories, the next sweet. You should grab your family (and your camera) and drop in and eat.

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      Sweet Harvest – I LOVED Flemish stew. Just tried recreating it at home actually but it wasn’t nearly as good. Still looking for the right recipe.

  5. Lluisa

    So cool to see the city where I attended highschool for 6 years through the eyes of a visitor. Now that I don’t walk in those streets everyday anymore I realize how pretty it is. I see you liked it too. Always willing to give you restaurant (read: Fries Shops (frituur)) recommendations if you’re planning a next trip to Belgium :-)


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